Canja hoton hotonku
Canja hoton hotonku
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A danish tsohon matafiyin duniya. Yanzu sun zauna a Italiya. Zane-zane yana faranta min rai kuma nakan ji daɗin gida lokacin da nake riƙe da fensir ko burushi a hannuna. Ni kaina na koya kuma ina zane tun ina yara. 10 shekaru da suka wuce na ɗauki zane kuma ban taɓa tsayawa ba.

Wannan matsayin asusun mai amfanin yana da amincewa

Wannan mai amfani bai ƙara wani bayanin zuwa ga bayanin martaba ba tukuna.


I am woman hear me roar...and on top of that ( as if something could top being a woman) I am also a mainly self-taught danish artist, based in the beautiful north Italian city of Reggio Emilia where I live in the historic centre with my husband...yes I bagged myself an Italian .

From early on I was very imaginative and always good at developing long storylines in my head while playing with my Barbies, my Legos, my My little Ponys, (Yes I am a child of the 80s)and ofcourse, also during the many hours I spend drawing.

I would dissapear into a world of my own, a place of colors and music, emotions and warmth. Aka my happy place.

Drawing followed me as a faithful compagnion and friend throughout the years and along the way we added new friends. Lets see..there was acting...she just hung around for a while. Then came makeup artist...same same..African dance, she was fun but alas, also just for a season. Then finally years later design showed up and another lifelong love and friend was found. Shortly after followed painting and we have all been happy together ever since!

So I paint mostly on canvas with acrylic but also play around with mixed media drawings. 

The mid-century period of art and design inspires me alot and as I also managed to get a textile design education in Florence, I tend to play with patterns in my art. I like the feeling of putting together a puzzle that even I dont fully know the finished result of, until the last brush stroke. 

When it comes to colors, it is very much the same. I enjoy trying to figure out new ways to put them together and see what it does to the overall expression of a piece. I love taking a B&W sketch on a blank canvas and see how it comes to life in a whole new way depending on what colors are chosen. All that, mixed with the right music,(and the occasional true crime podcast) makes one big pot of happy art bubble for yours truely, just like when I was a kid, except now I put little pieces of my colorful inner world on a canvas or piece of paper to share with all of you good people and not just to send Barbie of to divorce court with Ken or, you know, the beach...whatever.

At the moment I am working on making a website. Until then you can find me on instagram at mariabeggi.

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Reggio emilia
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