The 25th of May 2018 | These terms are valid until further notice.

Our privacy policy is available in English. If you are using the language switcher, then please be aware, that text is being machine-translated.

Compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

First of all, see where you can find your privacy settings:

Log-In your account, go to your PROFILE >> find the following button, which opens a sub-menu >>

Edit Profile ButtonGo to My Account

Privacy Setting > Choose who publicly or within the ARTMO network can see your data, your wall posts, etc.

You can choose, at any given time, to delete your account with immediate effect. We will not store any of your data nor will we have your account saved any longer. It will be entirely deleted including all historical data and photos (using WordPress data eraser in compliance with the GDPR).

We are constantly monitoring the ARTMO site in order to identify any data breaches and vicious and brute force attacks.

On our front-end we use the virus and firewall WORDFENCE.

For example, if you have more than six failed log-in attempts you will be blocked from logging in again for at least one hour.

However, there are many more security routines running constantly. 

On our back-end we have another two-levels of security:

  • Any data uploaded, whether it is a message you send, a photo you upload or anything which will be stored on our server is scanned by our host company 1&1 in real time in order to identify security risks.
  • The trusted firewall and virus scanner SiteLock is running on our server back-end.

Personal data includes any information related to you as a natural person.

When signing up for an account your are providing the following data as a minimum requirement:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Date of Birth (required by law ~ publicly invisible)

In addition you can choose to have more detailed information in your profile, such as name, country, city, social-account links, text, photos, etc.

All data is being stored on our server, located in Germany, associated with your account.

You can download your social activity data at any time.

You can delete your account. If you do so, all your data stored on our server will be automatically fully deleted and therefore cannot be restored.

When you visit our website, then you might see random advertising in different places of our site.

We use the service from Google AdSense and Google Analytics.

Firstly clarifying, any data processed by those advertising services are NOT complete personal data, since no data like your name, email address, or your complete IP address is being processed.

If you did not set up your privacy and advertising settings in your browser, then your web browser may automatically send certain information to Google. This includes the URL of the ARTMO page that you are visiting and your IP address. We may also set cookies on your browser or read cookies that are already there. Google advertising services also shares information with Google, such as the domain of our homepage, the URL (pages and sub-pages) visiting on our website and a unique identifier for advertising.

Nevertheless, a back-tracking directly to your IP address is impossible, trusted by Google, since the last two digits of your IP address are not being registered by Google nor by us.

However, the nearest server-point, from where you are accessing ARTMO, will be registered by Google analytics and automatically processing user-data for the purpose of generating user statistics for us, i.e. site-visitor's country, city, session time, etc.

With these two tools we are able to live-monitoring visitors on our site, but, again, with incomplete IP addresses. Therefore, we cannot back-link or backtrack to you or your device. We will never know who actually visited ARTMO or who has clicked on an advertising.

For more information how this advertising services are working you may go to Google directly. We trust, that Google with all its app settings is complying with the applicable law.