African Jolly Boy

Michael BelloAbeokutaNigeria

Nigeria2019Oil and melt on canvas

152.4 x 121.92 cm

Title: African jolly boy (boy and butterfly) Medium: oil, acrylic and melt on canvas Size: 4feet x 3feet Purpose: This painting is executed in oil, acrylic and melt on canvas, its targeted at driving us away from the ugly african stories of high rate of deaths, malnutrition and the average poverty-stricken child but to see a more optimistic and brighter side of the african child. Irrespective of color, tribe, nationality, gender, the child should have direct or indirect play access to nature and its habitat, this aids their growing up, adding value to their growth, making their day to day activities colorful and interesting. The butterfly signifies the gentle and harmless nature of little kids and they expect there immediate environment to be so too, tender, loving, warm, accommodating and loving. The average African child has little or no access to beautiful and colorful toys to play with and its only by nature’s grace and chance the african child will come across a butterfly before actually getting grown up to do things alone. Life is beautiful! #africanart #africanwoman #africanamerican #michaelbello #saatchi #artgalleries #artbuyers #artbusiness #artdealer #artcollectors #artforsale #contemporarypainting #contemporaryartist #un #unescoworldheritage #unesco #unicef #paris #usa #canada #oiloncanvas #artistofinstagram #instaart #painting #exhibitions #artbasel #artbiennale #africanartgallery #artfinder #artlovers

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I'm Michael Bello, a freelance visual artist (painter) I've had several duo and group exhibitions, had my first solo exhibition last year December where I exhibited 30 paintings of diverse media ranging from oil, acrylic, plastic melt and rubber coat, ink and collection of plastic wastes for installation arts.  


I'm a full time artist, started professionally in 2008, I've executed over a hundred commissioned portrait paintings (oil, gouache, ink, acrylic), drawings and mixed medias (plastics, beads, stones, sand, fabric, threads). I've had several duo and group exhibitions, had my first solo exhibition last year December where I exhibited 30 paintings of diverse media ranging from oil, acrylic, plastic melt and rubber coat, ink and collection of plastic wastes for installation arts.  


I am completely captivated and inspired by my dreams, events in remote areas (villages) evened by figures, societal happenings, (but mostly dream about my finished works even before execution) and this birthed "3 sides to my coin of execution" spiritual (mystery), enlightening (informative) and African (use of stylized African motifs) which greatly reflected in my first solo exhibition last year themed "WITHIN AND BEYOND". I love to use my brush and paints to creatively romance brilliant and sharp colors for aesthetic vibrancy and in some cases make stylized African motifs on some of my paintings which also expressively creates painterly effects.


From time to time I vary my subject matter with abstract art, landscape, installation arts, but people (figurative expressions) remain my passion and true obsession.


I look forward to having international exhibition opportunities and commission works.

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