Piotr WozniakPrzerąbPoland

2018Wax, acrylic paint, offset, board

70 x 100 cm • Framed: 76.5 x 106.5 cm

As specimen who subjected Earth to ourselves, we are getting closer to the point of no return. Are we becoming, in some perverse way, similar to God by sending down the plagues to ourselves? Information about the explosion of death brought by totalitarianism, human-induced cataclysms and epidemics are flooding us through mass media, causes contradistinction good from evil impossible to tell. Or maybe this impossibility is the result of lack of the question about the gist of evil? The vanitas motif in my artwork is to remind about inevitable evanescence and death. Nowadays perception of death became unduly simplified. The omnipresence of intrusive media chasing after bombshell leads us to insensitivity, we are becoming more and more resistant to the view of brutal crimes, bloody deaths and corpses. Simultaneously galloping digitalization, that marshals us using algorithms and blears the boundaries between real and virtual world, is dehumanizing our race. Imperfections following from the fragility of every human being combined with contemporary echoes of the biblical plagues, diseases and mortality will bring doom to humanity.

WOOCS 2.1.9

$ 1,133

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There is poetry in every object. Each assemblage has its own internal meaning. Items that belong to
different worlds have been combined together and their long-lasting meeting whispers its stories.
The act of creation is a voyage of discovery in which we do not know what the final product will
be like or if and why it even exists at all. It is like unearthing artefacts of forgotten civilizations. The
goal is to build the passage running through the borderland of reality and phantasmagory to the
very deep of human psyche.

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