Chinese Kiss

Igor GorМоскваRussia

Russia2021acrylic on canvas with collage elements

80 x 60 cm

The painting "Chinese Kiss" is part of the series"Kisses of the World". A kiss is intimacy. Intimacy is a certain atmosphere of a person, in which many threads of his unique destiny are intertwined. A kiss is like an instant immersion in this atmosphere of another person, contact with his sacred part... with my soul. It is delivered in a roll or on a stretcher (at the request of the buyer) anywhere in the world. The picture is painted in acrylic, using felt-tip pens, collage elements, scratching and other techniques.

WOOCS 2.1.9

$ 951

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I have been painting since 1989. By education, I am a fashion designer, but in 1992 I received private training directly in abstract painting from one of the best abstract artists in Moscow at that time (Yuri Mironov) I exhibited a lot in the 90s (when there was no Internet yet), my works were acquired by private collectors and art lovers from different countries. From the early 2000s, I switched to computer graphics and spent ten years working in graphic design. Only the pandemic ( in 2020) brought me back to my easel. It turned out to be great! My style has been enriched with new impressions. -- Currently, my work is actively going abroad (USA, UK, Italy, etc.).) --- Why do I draw? I've been looking for my visual "language"for a long time. Now that it already has several dozen basic elements, I am working on a "visual text" or "visual music", making up various compositions from the found elements, "chords", "pieces", "texts"... "read"which can only be open subconscious, free from "direct logic". Therefore, my painting is symbolic, paradoxical, mystical, philosophical. What do I look for in the composition of each painting? Coming up with another "visual story" from my elements, of course, I look again and again ... harmony. As a pianist, I constantly train my skill, my eye, my brain, to find harmony on the canvas among all these lines, spots of color that randomly appear at my own will. There's something demiurgic about it! Since I am a multi-faceted artist, I also like to express in words what I feel from my paintings. Text is part of my art. In the distant past, when I was still engaged in offline exhibitions, music and performances were added to visual and verbal content ... video art. I had different groups of improvisational music, we played right at the exhibitions. Now the Internet has taken over all of us... Now my paintings are available all over the world! Enjoy it!

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