Gianluca Fascetto CinigianoItaly

Italy2019Oil , gessoed wood panel

30 x 30 cm

...tra i molti dubbi che ho, questa è una delle mie poche certezze: la Bibbia non parla di Dio. Quando parla di Jahwè, intende un individuo che fa parte di un gruppo di individui chiamato Elohim, guidato da uno che si chiamava Elion. Questi individui hanno avuto una relazione con l'umanità, ma una relazione speciale, nel senso che sono in qualche modo fabbricati. Jahwè era uno di questi, tra l'altro anche uno dei meno importanti. In breve, emerge una realtà che è confermato dai libri sacri di altri popoli, di tutti i continenti della Terra, che in sostanza ci dicono esattamente le stesse cose, ovviamente con una terminologia diversa perché sono lingue diverse, cultura diversa ... Ma la realtà è sempre quella".

WOOCS 2.1.9

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I was born in 1983 in a small town in the Tuscan Maremma, Cinigiano (Grosseto) and from an early age I grew up with a passion for drawing and art.

I am the son of a jeweler mother and a farmer father, two professions that coexist with the beauty of this world. I discovered painting at the age of 9 on a summer afternoon immersed in rummaging through didactic books on art, and like a baby who sees the light for the first time I started seeing something.

Leafing through I came across one of the most beautiful paintings for me, the "Libecciata" by Giovanni Fattori, and in trying to reproduce it with my fingers on a canvas I did not feel the passage of time. At that moment I realized that I would never do without painting again.

During adolescence I come into contact with the world of tattoos thanks to some older friends and I am absolutely fascinated by it. So I started to get closer to this reality to create a job with art and in a completely self-taught way I started to do the first experiments, then a regional course followed, and from there the first attempts, first on my skin and then on that of friends.

In 2006 after years of work and sacrifices to put money aside I decided to make this passion come true and I left for Thailand where I attended an international school of traditional tattoo, directed by the teacher Khantima Aranjolovic.

After some apprenticeship experience and having obtained professional qualification, in 2008 the Matrix Draws Tattoo & Art Studio was born in GROSSETO.

My path is neither special nor particular, it is a life of sacrifices, renunciations, disappointments and departures.

I am deeply passionate about art and I filled my lack of education with my curiosity thanks to the internet, I somehow created my own parallel path.

I am a painter / tattoo artist and this allows me to live with art, in particular it gave me the opportunity to improve techniques and knowledge, creating my personal "Workshop".

Going back to the shop to savor art as it was once conceived, with sweat, technique and satisfaction, especially by the smallest customer who helps you move forward.

I repeat, no specific training course, I would have liked to support some Master or have a regular school artistic path, in order to be on par like many others.

I hope it will serve the self-taught experience.

I have always found it difficult to understand how it should be done, I always tried and tried again until I reached a sort of reading of the techniques. I have always drawn since I was a child stealing everything possible with my eyes.

My work as a tattoo artist has allowed me to get to know and attend painting workshops / courses anywhere in the world.

I would venture to say that the tattoo boom has poured a lot of art into today's society in a historical moment where our artistic heritage is destroyed daily.

I painted with many artists, they are artists known by attending their worksop / seminars.

Michael Hussar, David Kassan, Casey Bugh, Markus Lenhard, Valentina Riabova, Guy Atchinson, Shawn Barber, Chris Digwell, Jeff Gougue, Henrik Uldalen, Boris, Shige, Nikko Hurtado, Boris Vallejo & Judi Bell, Nick Baxter.

My favorite painters are: Giovanni Fattori, Caravaggio, Velázquez, Bouguereau, Bacon, Dalì.

What probably sets me apart is the strength and tenacity that art has given me, saved my life by getting me out of the bad way. Waking up at night to paint after 12 hours of work as a worker and many many other reasons.

In summary I would say this: I am Fascetto Gianluca, art for me is the physical extension of our mind, our heart and our soul.

We carry an immense baggage of memory ... everything that distinguishes us in our life we ​​reproduce it in the form of art. Our works are the product of the emotions, the colors, the images, the sounds, the smells that have characterized and formed us in the subconscious.

I am a painter, a tattoo artist but above all an artist who reproduces what has marked him, a very strong exchange of energy and information that impress ... ... inside every DNA THERE ARE MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION ....... a galaxy of information ... millions of people.

Who reproduces all this? Maybe we don't know him ... but art for me is a testament for future people ............................ maybe in my D.N.A.


Thanks for the attention.


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