The Firemen

Chelle DestefanoMelbourneAustralia

2019Acrylic, gesso, gold leaf on canvas

90 x 90 cm

The 2009 fires in Victoria were named Black Saturday fires, and devastated much of Victoria. This year, Regional Arts Victoria sponsored me to create a set of abstract works of the fires to mark the 10 year anniversary and to support the victims / survivors. This one is about the firemen who work tirelessly to save people's lives and homes putting out fires.

WOOCS 2.1.9

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Chelle Destefano, a Deaf artist, born in 1979 and currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria. She lived in Adelaide, South Australia for 18 years where she began her arts studies. She has been exhibiting since 2016 and one of her highlights was being one of the 8 artists in an Arts Exchange for Berlin with Arts Access Australia in October 2017 that gave her experience of working with other artists from different cultural backgrounds. They included workshops run by the artists and an exhibition as part of the Berlin arts festival.

She works with watercolour, ink, acrylic, gouache and mixed media to communicate her stories on past lives and living in the now. She is beginning to work in other artforms that include sculpture, art installations and performance art to compliment her visual art works.

Some of her works are compelling, particularly the works that go deep into the stories she shares about her Deaf culture, life of a Deaf person, experiences, stories about moments in life and perspectives of history. She communicates through spatial movements in her work that draw the viewers in to view, ponder and discuss, such as her Auslan Movements sculptural project she is working on at the moment.

Chelle has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design (2006) from SA (South Australia) Arts School. She consistently works on a body of artwork of a particular theme at one time, to produce a moving series of works that are perfect for the exhibition environment.

Artist Statement

I dig deep, research deep, think deep and bring out what I feel and think onto canvas. One subject at a time. Each subject provokes thought, discussion and introspection in myself. I feel my past lives come through in my artworks and I treasure history in many forms.

I'm always home with my art, and not just the literal sense but in a mental and emotional sense. Art makes me who I am.

I explore my old memories, my face, my introspective mind. Once it was hard to express onto canvas and then I broke open the seal to introspection and through an arts exchange in Berlin, I found within myself all the hidden memories and memories tucked away that should be out on the canvas. History is important to me as is being in the present moment in creative expression.

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