The Red Door

Stephen HansonARTMO premium badgeColorado SpringsUnited States

US2019Oil on canvas

30.48 x 50.8 cm

This painting was done on-the-stop at an artist-in-residence place a couple of years. My wife and I spent three weeks painting at the studio of a well-known artist from my home town of LIndsborg, Ks.

WOOCS 2.1.9

$ 91

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Stephen Hanson---Artist Biography Stephen grew up in Lindsborg, Kansas and spent his time observing the many things around him that a small town could offer. He grew up going to high school and college in Lindsborg at Bethany College, graduating in 1978 with B.A in art. During his late high school and early college years, he spent time developing his style, studying all of the various artists throughout history. He often went and visited the late Lester Raymer, a well-known artist who died in 1991. He remembers the times that people would often come to visit Lester, and he would pull the curtains shut because he would rather not talk with the public. Stephen spent the last 21 years teaching high school art in Colorado Springs, and retired in 2017. He decided that now was a good time to devote to his art and to pursue it more seriously. Over the last several years he has packed up his French easel and headed for the nearby canyons and mountains to paint. There are so many different scenes and places that one could paint here. With the changing of the seasons, there are new and different palettes to use, and inspirations to find. Prior to painting landscapes, Stephen painted many classical-theme still life paintings. He is still fascinated how light plays across different surfaces. Copper kettles or an Oriental vase can be found in many of his still-life arrangements. A Grecian pillar may be juxtaposed next to a strand of ivy, or an old wine bottle. While countless artists have painted still lifes, he believes that each set-up can be original and new, and he strives to oftentimes, capture the classical approach that many in the past were fascinated with. Stephen also has painted several religious and spiritual pieces and finds enjoyment expressing his faith in this way. Now Stephen lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Carol, who is also an artist, visiting various places of interest and beauty. Each place that they visit offers its own unique beauty to be captured on the canvas.

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