Universality of the Universe

Kratik SoniBhopalIndia

India2021Charcoal on paper.

124 x 72 cm • Framed: 130 x 78 cm
Frame description: Black

"Universality Of The Universe" Size: 78×130 cms. Medium: Charcoal Time taken: 1 month (350 hrs approx.) Character's details - (Left Up) IRONMAN: From Avengers End games. He made an immortal action by sacrificing his life for the Universe. (Left Down) ANUBIS: Egyptian God of Death. (Left Middle) LONG/LUNG: Chinese Dragon, also appeared in different mythologies as Vritra from India, Druk from Tibet, Naga from Indonesia, Tatsu from Japan and so on. (Middle up) VISHNU: He is a cosmic Being (Omniverse or space) who holds different brahmas (multiverse), energies or vibrations (shakti). I showed him as a third dimensional in Human form. He is Nothingness but still he is everything. Infinity Sign on his forehead Shows his infinite existence and endlessness. (Middle down) BRAHMA: Brahma is the universe who exists in Vishnu (Omniverse). Origin of the Universe or the concept of Big Bang theory came from Nasadiya Sukta, the 129th Sukta of Rigveda. The greatness & endlessness of Vishnu (Space/Omniverse) is explained in Bhagwat Geeta and many Puranic literatures. Theory of Multiverse or Concept of Different Brahmas is mentioned in Sthiti Prakaranam by Sage Vashistha. Age of Brahma is 100 years i.e. 311,040 Billion Human Years. (Right up) ATLAS: Atlas is a Greek Titan. Titans are considered as parents of the Greek Gods. As tge titans were defeated by the Olympians (Gods), Atlas was cursed by Zeus to hold the heaven on his shoulders. Zeus is also known as Indra in India, Set in Egypt, Leigong in China, Tenjin in Japan, Vajrapani in Buddhism and there are many gods from different cultures who are similar to each others. (Right Down) Jesus: Jesus Christ is called "Son of God". He born in the Jewish community. CONCLUSION - If we connect all the religions, cultures, countries or Communities, we'd come to know that everything is artificially designed by Humans. Space, Universe & Vibrations are the only elements that UNITE us. We worship Vishnu (Omniverse) & shakti (energy) as they give us lives. They are the reason behind our existence. We worship everything which gives us lives and consider them "Gods". Every element which exists has come from the Nothingness (space/Vishnu), even if it's Ironman, Anubis, Lung, Brahma, Atlas, Jesus, You, me or the charcoal i used in my drawing. Everything is the Universe, you're the Universe and that's what I'm realizing you through my work. The Shloka from Ishavasyopnishad written on the book, Brahma's holding- ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते । पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥ Meaning - 'That' (the absolute) is whole or infinite, 'This' (the life force) is Whole or infinite. From 'That' 'This' raises and manifests itself. From 'That' when 'This' is separated what specially remains is 'That'.

WOOCS 2.1.9

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I'm Kratik, a self taught artist from Bhopal, India. I've been drawing since Childhood. I usually use graphite and charcoal in my works. I always try to put hyper realistic effect that shows the emotions, feelings and stillness.
Now I'm taking an extraordinary turn by working on Conceptual Works which will explain the greatness of the Universe and Collaboration of the Universe with different cultures around the globe. My works will show the similarities among all the religions and cultures, that will smash all the rules of past, present, future and boundaries of the Countries, minds and the religions.
And I believe "Depth of thought is all an artist need to stand out from the crowd."

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