power play radical performance Valie Export extreme women's liberation male gaze oppression

Power Play

Power Play Valie Export, is an Austrian artist known for her photographs and radical performances about the female body and male gaze.

human sculpture artist performance art paint covered woman multicolor colour pouring Millie Brown Celestial Bodies

Human Sculpture

Human Sculpture British performance artist, Millie Brown, becomes a human sculpture as multi-coloured paint is poured onto her head and body.

fireworks pyrotechnics floral explosions water front Shanghai China The Ninth Wave performance Elegy: Explosion Event showcase colorful Cai Guo-Qiang Power Station of Art

Floral Explosions

Floral Explosions The introductory piece of artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s The Ninth Wave performance, Elegy, chapter one of Elegy: Explosion Event showcases a series of colorful explosions that paint […]

Performance painting | Feng Rong Huang

Performance painting | Feng Rong Huang Music, Art & Dance all brought together in an innovative, exciting and most creative manner to create 3 uniques […]

Shot in the Name of Art | Chris Burden

Shot in the Name of Art | Chris Burden This short documentary celebrates the late conceptual artist Chris Burden’s landmark work “Shoot,” in which a […]