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I am Playing mostly in acrylic, I attempts to capture the movement of energy and mood on my canvas. With a consistently subtle colour composition, I am able to keep a balance between strength, texture and depth of form.

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These all paintings based on Raga and Moods.

My last Exhibition was Nov 2019 ,Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai . India.

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I grow up in an artistic family. Influenced both my mom and dad. I love nature and its views Their beauty touches my heart in a way. I cannot live without that. The beauty I see in the world is inspiring and real. I have chartered for myself a strong identity within the community of abstract art’s, right from childhood. My inclination towards fine art and the drive within me to excel amongst my peers has put me on platform where challenges have become a part of my life. With Strong will power and creative exuberance has now ventured into the field of Abstract paintings are a reflection of classical mix of the dance form, modern and see natural arts. My style has evolved from formal realism, using acrylic and oil paints to depict people and common object is more painterly style using a wider array of colour. Currently, my abstract painting consists of surreal imagery combined with musical compositional elements. I use mixed media acrylic and oil painting and found object, to enhance the visual and textural aspects of my painting. I paint daily and involve myself various art related activity. Finally, I believe art to be a very powerful form of a self-expression. I like music, literature, historical research. Art offers boundless opportunities for creativity indeed, art represent the pinnacle of human. Pradnya has attended more than thirty workshops in India and abroad and has been selected thrice for the international art women’s magazine. She has written articles on art and culture in various newspaper and magazines. She has prepared 21 portraits of PARAM VIR CHAKRA awardees for Indian Army. Pradnya has done various group and solo painting exhibition in india and abroad and has worked on different subject on various projects. She has done several book covers and portraits for writers and Freedom fighters. Pradnya also has a 15 year experience in the field of professional graphic designing and has been awarded as a best Animator, Illustrator. She has been selected for the international women’s magazine.. ABOUT MY WORK, ‘’COLOUR OF THE MIND’’ There are thousands of ragas, and they are all connected with different times of the day, like sunrise or night or sunset. Raag does literally mean 'that which colours the mind', but it is also to true to say that which colours the mind is different to that which colours the eye. Of course, 'colouring' here is figurative, what is really meant is 'that which impresses upon the mind (through sound) its own distinct sensation' However, I am fascinated, not so much by the technical of a raga. but more with what kind of aural or visual depiction the raga actually conveys to me. I tend to unwittingly colour code the ragas, as they appear to me. At other times, it is the equivalent of a particular type of everyday experience that a specific raga can convey. Here I attempt, for the first time, to put down such experiences which are normally visceral. It’s a bit of a challenge, but one I felt was worth taking on. A caveat. This is a purely personal take on the subject, and I do not expect readers to readily weigh in with my flights of fancy. So here’s a selection of ragas, chosen subjectively.

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