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Bring some fantastic colors into your home! Shop our selection of currently available canvasses. Click photo to see our complete selection of wild surf art.


I think of my work as snapshots of a larger experience. They're frozen moments in time, moments that are usually lost in the bigger picture. My images come to me complete and whole, but that image needs to be processed. Like a photograph, it's developed, revealing more of its wholeness and beauty, though over a longer period of time. I know my images intimately before they're even begun. At times, my images are zany, other times serious, at times irreverent and other times poignant. I feel that its life's elusive qualities that transform our perspective of it, so my focus is to convey that overlooked sense of brilliance by capturing it in my subjects. While it may seem that our reality is fixed and solid, it's the rubbery, changeable qualities that come with this reality as a gift. Its this that allows us to celebrate the human and the little things people make of life in this world. When we allow ourselves to see this glimmering shadow, we can respect ourselves and others in our small moments, in the transience of life. This is what I wish to show to people who see my art. Life really is a candy-store.

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Gregory Evans is a contemporary American artist whose illustrative paintings are characterized by their uncanny imagery and ambiguous handling of form. While portraying both natural and processed landscapes, his spatial relationships fluctuate and reveal, with figures caught in states of transformation and movement. His work profits by what is both included and omitted. Categorizing one’s own evolving work puts one in danger of pretension and cliché. This is why Evans would only reluctantly call himself a pop surrealist. When asked, he replies, “Expression and color are just representative of something deeper, more organic – plastic even.”

“I only give an image what it asks for, what it demands. I have no room for extras anymore. This isn’t about me, its the story that’s important,” he explains of his works’ process. “Essentially, each painting is a snapshot, a photo freezing a single moment in time. When an image comes to me, it comes as a complete story – before a painting is finished, I know what preceded that compositional moment, and I know what follows it. Its a sequential thing. With my figurative work, the character comes along with more than just a snapshot. I’m given names, ages, histories, aspirations, a raison-d’etre – it’s the whole ball’o’wax!”

Born in 1957 at Wimpole Park in England, the artist was implanted with a sense of creativity and color by his mother, who was also an artist. He studied Art and Art History in college, later obtaining a degree in Graphic Design. Grego currently lives and works in the southwest of France. His works are currently held and displayed by collectors in America, Holland, France, Italy and England. His commercial projects include clients OP26, Venice Surfathon, Surfers Attic, Centerline Surfboards, and L2A Custom Skatedecks. His work is available for showings and limited commissions may be scheduled.

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Acrylic paints, Acrylic Inks, Watercolor, Gouache on canvas and paper etc. All normally applied with brushes, sticks, fingers, spray, q-tips, markers, toothpicks, knives and anything else that will do the job!

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Image Licensing

license Inquiries are always welcome regarding the development of your products and identity. Aciddrop has worked on a variety of jobs producing posters, tee shirts, flyers and logos for both events, brand and product identity, and product packaging. Contact me with any questions you might have, or more

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Office of Tourism,
Issigeac, France
March 4 – April 3,  2018

Matahari Concepts
Lacanau Ocean,
France June 15 – Sept 15 2017

Custommind Showroom
Bordeaux, France
Sept 18 – Oct 18 2016

Summer Art Ocean Park 26
Santa Monica, CA
July 20, 2013

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