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My overarching theme is based on Interaction, exploring the myriad relationships we share between people, animals, the environment and how these universally and interconnected experiences present themselves.

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The significance of interaction, whether it be in a group or as an individual, is that they are constantly taking place on multiple levels. As an artist I am interested in the way interactions take place, objectively and subjectively, and how they effect our outcomes or affect the world we live in. I approach this extremely diverse theme in three specific ways. I am fascinated by how we interact with nature, spaces around us and with each other.


I use digital means, through Photoshop, to produce my artwork in the form of digital paintings and photographs. The most recent works that I am currently making are influenced by my family, specifically my dad. My parents have directly and subconsciously imparted specific skills to me that have guided my decisions on how to live life. During my teenage years their tireless work ethic, determination and resilience over many arduous years were a stark reminder of the hard times we had endured. Within this personal investigation I hope to express my gratitude towards those close to me and to those things I identify with. I wish to present personal experiences that will resonate with an overall collective and universal experience across the interactions and observations we share through family life.


I primarily work on a computer, using a Wacom tablet to produce my digital paintings. I find that this contemporary way of working transitions well from traditional practices such as drawing and painting. Working on a computer and working in traditional media have their differences but the fundamental skills and principles are ultimately the same. Without a solid understanding of the core aspects of image making, specifically value, form, colour, composition and lighting it would be naive to think that working in digital media is inferior or superior to traditional ways of working. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Essentially they are tools to communicate ideas through appropriate media and not an absolute way in which to produce Art. My technique is in flux as I move from photo-realistic paintings to more expressive brush marks with a looser painting style depending on the situation of the painting. I use photography to help construct and reference my paintings but I also use Photography to deepen my visual practice when it comes to composition, lighting and seeing. In fact, Photography has been the main tool in my creative life that I have used to capture ideas and outcomes. I find that both outlets, digital painting and photography, are very interchangeable and complementary when working in a digital or traditional environment.   


In my work I would like the audience to contemplate on the differences and similarities we share in this world. Through nature and the environment, urban or rural, I would like to document the changes, subtleties and beauty often overlooked in everyday situations. I want to capture people from all walks of life. I want to capture how nature is adapting to humanities exponential growth. I want to show aspects of my individual world, which are unique, special and relatable to the global community. From unfamiliar to familiar I want to create and share a catalogue of personal experiences that document my life’s journey.


Arvind Bangay is a digital painter and photographer. He completed his bachelor of Arts degree in Time Based New Media from Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 2003. In 2005, Arvind obtained his PGCE in Secondary Art education from the Institute of Education, London, where he began his career as an Art teacher. Spanning over a decade, Arvind’s teaching experiences led him to work in the state and private sectors in England and China.


From 2017 Arvind began working as a full time artist. The overarching theme of his work focuses on the myriad of interactions that are taking place on a day to day basis. His extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Photographic techniques are his main tools for creating artwork that subtly highlight an individual and collective experience relating to people, nature and the spaces we occupy (or don’t occupy). It is through this understanding of interaction which allows Arvind to present artworks that are personal yet relatable to the viewer.


Arvind’s digital painting method is constantly developing from a realistic to an expressive style, whilst his Photographic approach is candid and documentary in genre. Both mediums focus on colour, texture and tone to accentuate and deliver engaging and thought provoking artworks.


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