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I'm Finnish born visual artist working in Germany since 2014. My work concentrates on creating beauty as a fulfilment of an idea, as a space for feeling complete in and pieces that become life-companions to my audience.

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I was born in Tampere, Finland, and grew up as the only child of my artist parents. I was introduced to the manifold of the techniques I use in my artwork in early childhood. I consider drawing to be my first language. I've always been endlessly curious about our visual perception of the world and nature in particular.

 My oil paintings join in a continuum of flower and still-life studies and flower-portraits in particular. Blossoms which only show their full range of beauty in few short weeks in Spring, keep one waiting. To observe these short lived, mesmerisingly manifold and constantly changing flowers is enough - I believe - to capture something deeper in human intellect and wonder. Of our reflective power; Like the gilding or glaze that throws light and expands beyond it’s original form. The large flowers are often displayed in an installation accentuated with my interior works, which form windows of space for the viewer to wander in. The images are written in language of metaphors, patterns; Brushstrokes are a translation taking unexpected forms between illusion and abstraction. And as the original subject takes a new guise, the realities start to shift - Dreams and the daylight will shake hands.

The recent soft pastel paintings in my body of work portraying wild, partially endangered, animals are precisely that: Portraits. In principle I only paint animals I’ve seen in wild in their natural habitat myself. Over the years, I have observed, that were I not a visual artist, I would probably have trained in natural sciences. The same curiosity towards life and its ephemeral nature drives me as an artist to study, see and understand more. The observation and reflection of these individuals turns into studies of parallels and contrast; of time mutually shared in the act of perception and presence.

In my etchings I take the viewer to a miniature world of fairytales of undefined time. It is an inner world of contemplation reflecting life and its small, yet important aspects crucial to happiness and what could be thought of as good life. What first seems like children’s illustration is intended for all all ages. The little mice in these images lead lives with enough room for companionship, content solitude and creativity.


I work and live in Munich, Germany, since 2017. My works have been represented and exhibited by galleries internationally since 2010. All my works presented on my website are available for sale either as original or as signed high quality reproduction upon request. I am also available for commissioned works  as well as drawn illustrations.


Main body of my work is completed in oil on canvas. I do, however, work in a wide range of techniques in painting as well as in printmaking and occasionally sculpture and doll-making. Besides painting in oils, soft pastels and water colours I work in traditional etching and aquatint.


My art is based on observation of nature and my surroundings while at home and travelling. I have been painting and studying plants and animals for all my life and my interest seems to be never fading.

English, Finnish, German, Swedish
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