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Indonesian artist | Decorative Surrealism
Painter | Muralist | Techno Music

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  • Painting exhibition "Remembering Bung Karno" in 2005 in Pekalongan, Central Java.
  • Painting exhibition "Tiga Kota" in 2006 in the area of Randudongkal, Pemalang.
  • Painting exhibition "Harmony in Color" in 2010 in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.
  • Participation in batik murals in 2018 in Tangerang, Banten in order to preserve batik culture through mural works.
  • Participation in murals at the STMK Trisakti (rawasari) campus in East Jakarta in 2018 in the framework of the annual event "Treak-Treakan Vol.7".
  • International Virtual Group Exhibition "Oyster Art Gallery" "ART FOR ART" Large Collection of 170 Professional Artists from around the world including 6 Continents 65 Countries and 155+ Cities On Thursday 10th September 2020 in Pakistan.
  • Participation "BELLAS ARTES" Humanitarian gathering through arts and culture through visual artists, stage arts, literary arts and music arts from 44 countries called to respect life and humanity through artistic creativity, in Ecuador 30 October 2020.

Harling Bassukarno is an Indonesian artist who works by combining ethnic and modern characters into his work. He applies his work in several media of canvas and mural paintings, besides that he also works with music by combining ethnic music tones and modern music tones through techno (electronica) music compositions.

  • Dream are imaginations when we think dreams are only sleeping flowers, but in fact dreams are akso messages from the imagination.
  • The pursuit of meaning is the pursuit of an influential force in a work of art.
  • Walking with time is a long journey, when we stop to rest then time will continue and will never stop.
  • I dance on a canvas surrounded by angels of crazy color and dimension.
  • My dream of seeing, hearing and feeling the vibrations of the imagination coming from the cold and blue stretching sea.
  • I have repeatedly heard the sound of nature that merges with the roar of the waves and violent storms, I will dissolve in the belief that you have bandaged loyalty.
  • I am amazed at your coolness, so I beg you to pour your calm throughout my soul and keep me in the faith and faithfulness that is in my breath.
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Harling Bassukarno (born 6 November 1984) is a generation of Indonesian modern artists known as painters and muralists with the ''Decorative Surrealism'' style with the concept of dimension penetrating colors, which combines three painting style concepts, namely (surrealism, decorative and abstract). 

He made these three concepts into one masterpiece, which made him known as the Millennial Generation of Modern Indonesian Artists.

Images and figurations that have been mixed with cultural history with contemporary colors, make his work form a social critique of resistance to maintain an idea of the concept of cultural modernization to blend with the side of modern culture.


In 2005 he won his first exhibition when he was still in grade 2 high school in the randudongkal area by participating in artists in the randudongkal area, Pemalang, Pekalongan whose age was much different from his age at that time.

In 2007 he began to develop his career in Jakarta, until in 2010 he began to discover the idealistic character of his own work in the "Surrealism Decorative Modern" style.

In 2016 he founded Harling Mural Art which aims to appreciate his own paintings through mural media by taking a little concept from the style of his painting flow, which aims to make it easier for ordinary people to get to know the world of modern art even further, he also hopes that through his mural media understandable and can be enjoyed by everyone.

In 2020 Harling Bassukarno began working with techno music with the concept of ethnic techno music (reverbnation harling bassukarno


International Virtual Group Exhibition "Oyster Art Gallery" "ART FOR ART" Large Collection of 170 Professional Artists from around the world including 6 Continents 65 Countries and 155+ Cities On Thursday 10th September 2020 in Pakistan.

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The Arwana hunting masterpiece was made by Harling Bassukarno in 2010 when he first succeeded in combining three painting concepts including surrealism, decorative concepts and abstract concepts into one painting which he entitled "hunting arowana" at a painting exhibition in grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

English, Indonesian
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