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I am self-taught, working primarily in Graphite and Oil. If you are interested in a particular piece or have a commission enquiry, please get in touch.

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The works of Camille “Camz” Cervantes are mostly in graphite, oil, acrylic and mixed media that deal with nature, human portrait and endemic animals.

Born in Manila on 1996, Camz is the youngest among her two eldest sisters Mary Grace and Sandra. On 1997, Camz and her family were relocated in Rizal. Since then, she spent most of her childhood days and became an artist raised in the province of Rizal (Philippines).

Her love for the arts is an innate calling she traces back to her childhood. She took her early influence and encouragement from her eldest sister Mary Grace, who’s also been gifted to be an artist.

Her father was a mason in construction sites, while her mother was a sewer. Since her mother and father earned a humble keep, she had not demanded for toys to play and been fascinated in making her own paper dolls. Her interest in art was further cultivated during her teenage years in high school by joining poster making contests which she was constantly won a first place.

Camz was a student of the University of Rizal System - Rodriguez and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management.

She developed her talent on drawing portraits using graphite, colour pencil and oil pastel when she was in college.

She continued to practice portraiture which made her to take commissions from her fellow students in the University. This helped her parents to lessen her expenses for her tuition.

On 2017, after graduating in college, she worked as a Human Resource Assistant for an employment agency, where she stayed for three years. It was on February 2020, when she left her work as a Human Resource Assistant.

Subsequently, the Corona Virus altered the health and lives of many people worldwide; despite of the situations, she believes that: we should not simply abstain ourselves from doing everything. Rather, we must walk toward the activities that provide a purpose in our daily lives ­– Creativity, Curiosity and Connection with the nature.

Hence, she makes more art and accepts commissions during pandemic.

Despite being a self-taught artist, Camz relies purely on the wisdom and strength that God reveals to her. She devoted her time fully in planting and studying oil painting which went way to discover her medium, and style.

She focused her subjects on endemic birds of the Philippines, liberating them on her canvases and asserting their beauty, identity, environment and life in all its essence.

She truly believes that it inspires everyone who sees her art, spreads the wings of their awareness in protecting those threatened animals by supporting its conservation. Moreover, she’s looking forward to be a well-founded advocate, join exhibitions, creating her mark in the art field and reach more people to inspire.

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I tend to like lots of texture in my own work. I make my own texture media on my painting, especially when I paint woods.

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I'm looking forward to join exhibitions and reach more people to inspire.



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