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A few years ago I was stifling in the opacity and format of the canvas.
The sudden idea of adding today's tools to paint and draw to my traditional painting, offering both of them new perspectives, seemed to me luminous.

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A few years ago, painting and selling my works as you go, I was stifling in the opacity and format of the canvases. I then imagined other path where to mix tradition and innovation. The sudden idea of adding today's tools to paint and draw to my traditional painting, offering both of them new perspectives, seemed to me luminous. The search to mastering these new techniques took me years. Working on transparency, layers, inks, harmonizing the fades, shaping the matter to obtain depth, energy, fluidity, movement, transparency, imagining how to project the shadow of my painting on the wall, learning the properties of different media ... and transforming my painted work, lightening it, restructuring it, creating it on new materials. A fascinating and demanding journey as, in the end, the realization of the work - Single direct draw on Plexiglas - often requires more than a hundred hours. If you look at my works on your screen, please remember that the white parts are actually transparent. In the general opinion, it is an irresistible attraction. Critic speaks of a strong work, initiating an inner journey. In the opinion of collectors, elegant settings are suitable, places and works benefiting from mutual enhancement.

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Born in Geneva, Catherine de Saugy is driven by a boundless curiosity and imagination. She draws or paints fluid moving shapes and abstract windows through which to escape. Her visual creations are blending duly mastered graphic design with architectural elements, in a contemporary art form enhanced by her love for music. A very personal style made of clarity and underlying passion immediately recognizable. Rythms and movements in her work suggests musical waves. The energy expressed leads towards meditation. Catherine realizes an important part of her creations on a transparent Plexiglas support lending the colours she uses a limpid and deep radiance. The panels are cut, polished and prepared according to her instructions. Over a hundred collectors have acquired her works, which have been acknowledged and praised since the beginning of her career : A Silver Medal from the Académie des Sciences, Arts et Lettres in Paris (1996), ARTDEX USA 1995, Member of Professional Artists of North America ; Selected in 2000 for the Prize Pierre de Monaco in Monte Carlo, ALM AWARD 2011 in Leipzig – Certificate of Excellence for ”outstanding accomplishment in, hence this site which presents the arts”. She has exhibited in more than 50 galleries and her large frescoes adorn the walls of banks, hospitals, domiciles and offices in Switzerland, in the United States and in Latin America. Interior designers and contractors appreciate her innate understanding of space and the unique and personalised art panoramas she creates. ****** Catherine de Saugy, née à Genève, est animée d’une curiosité et d’une imagination débordante. Elle dessine ou peint des formes fluides, mouvantes et des fenêtres abstraites par où s’envoler. Puis elle fusionne ses créations picturales et avec un graphisme qu'elle maîtrise, superposant des architectures, développant un art contemporain transcendé par son amour de la musique. Un style personnel de clarté et de sourde passion immédiatement reconnaissable. Son œuvre paraît musicale par ses rythmes et son allant et, au-delà de l’énergie qu'elle exprime, invite à la méditation. Catherine réalise une grande partie de ses œuvres sur Plexiglas, dont la transparence et le profond rayonnement offrent un rendu exceptionnel à ses couleurs. Ces panneaux sont taillés, polis, façonnés selon ses instructions. Elle compte plus de cent collectionneurs, et dès le début de sa carrière professionnelle, Catherine de Saugy obtint des récompenses pour son travail : Paris 1996, Médaille d’Argent de l’Académie des Arts, Sciences, Lettres, ARTDEX USA 1995 Member of Professional Artists of North America, Monte-Carlo 2000 Sélectionnée pour le Prix Prince Pierre de Monaco, Leipzig D. PALM AWARD 2011 Certificate of Excellence for "outstanding accomplishment in the arts". Ses oeuvres ont été exposées dans plus de 50 galeries et ses importantes fresques ornent en Suisse, aux Etats-Unis et Amérique Latine, banques, hôpitaux, domiciles et bureaux. Décorateurs et entrepreneurs font appel à son sens inné de l’espace pour la création d’oeuvres uniques et personnalisées. *******

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