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Art has changed the way l view the world and its contents, made me see that there is one Greatest Artist in the Universe, The Creator of everything, the painter of the sun rise and sunset and the sculptor of all moving living sculptures

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Art has been my way of life since 1989 up till now I have been working tirelessly to find myself, my way of doing things obviously my Art work. My works mainly are in metals and found objects. I have an unerring eye for form and balance, and this assures the technical grasp of my materials and enables me to precisely control my subtle details. Taking simple, often banal items – a broken spade, weathered twigs, coke can, old rubber tubing and wood – I combine and fuse the materials in imaginative evocations of the conditions of life that concern me. I do surprising unifications, often with a humorous twist, lead the viewer to look closer and think again.

My masks series offer ongoing commentary on human nature in a wide variety of circumstances. In other sculptural and wall pieces I confront the growing global problems of environmental degradation, life in general and sociopolitical issues. I carefully select the materials that most accurately reflect my subject matter. And using those rough materials, I create forms and volumes with a quiet strength, a classic beauty that lends gravity to my message. l am open to experiments, installations and conceptual work. Therefore my other work has been inspired by processes used to bring life to materials that do not live for example my skill in Weld Art and capturing movement in materials helps me to bring life to my work. In stone, wood and most conceptual and installations I talk to pieces l gather as they bring me the ideas in them to create the work of art within them. That makes me mention the use of all materials or all mediums and the participation in all Visual genres as a Multi medium Artist.

Experiments in photograph as one of the mediums l use in my work have been pushing me to go beyond boundaries as to find deep sense and understanding of light, colour, depth, movement etc. Life is a book with a lot of pictures to be enjoyed, scrutinized and be added more pictures. Life as a great teacher has it all so l look at socio political issues and environmental issues and bring them in my photographic work, I have had opportunities to work with well-known Artists and willing to share my skills with more, in more Collaboration workshops and also work with children as to let them grasp the trade, carry on the tradition and taste the therapeutic feel of Art. The freedom of expression has always been the drive as it has helped me to bring what I capture in the world to the people especially those who have no voice and become the voice of the voiceless. As a tool art has been journalism as to record the history and times we are living in and express how I feel and then bring it in reality, artistically. I studied art at one of Zimbabwe’s local art schools, Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre and I have worked with well known Artists and photographers likes of Antony Ziyange from Bulawayo Calvin Dondo in Harare, Adam Madebe, David Ndlovu and Lukas Makali from Windhoek Namibia who inspired me to experiment much in photography.

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