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life experience since 1959, born in Cologne/Germany
husband, a boy's father, teacher, personal mental and rugby coach, networker
studies philosophy, german language and literature
experience in analog and digital fine art photography since 1979

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discovery art fair cologne 2019, presented by Galleria Mercedes Roldan

"Faces of Noe" presented at "Internationale Kunstausstellung" by Achtzig Galerie, Berlin, Hagenauer Str. 7, 10435 Berlin, 12.04. - 11.05.2019. Vernissage 12.04., 7pm

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Video Art

As an artist my interest are all about our life and the created systems, we as human beings use to live in. Political, sociological, psychological and artistic thoughts, technics and methods lead me through my own life and as everybody I struggled by time and got the chances to learn. Art from my point of view can be used as magnifying glasses, may focus on secret or hidden aspects or just be fun and enjoyment. I like to play with genres, try extend limitations and love to show my perspective of life.

I always loved to play with colours, forms and shapes. The world as we recept it might be different, is totally instable and weird and we need to install orientation concepts to find any hold in this chaos. To find the holes in the concepts, to make myself think and try to deliver these trigger points to the art receptionist is my goal. Alongside that art may also be just fun and be driven by the love of playing with colours and enjoyment.

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Born in Cologne, Germany in 1959, I was thought scetching and basic composition by my father, who was a highly talented artist, but was not able to live a live of an artist.

I learned advanced artistic technics by my former art teacher Wolfgang Göddertz, who was a sculptor and artist, museum director in Stommeln/Germany.

When I started with photographies I found myself in total awareness of the potential for my artistic expression. I was educated by two engineers of photography and started to work as photographer in the music scene of Cologne in 1979. I experimented and worked with all kind of formats of analog photography, Lochkamera, 35mm, 6x6, 6x9, 14" and invented an portable laboratory to develop analog negatives backstage. Even I worked a lot, I was not able to live from photography and I chose another professional education and way to get myself financed. But I never left photography.

There are a lot of artists who influenced my artistic conception, of course such big names as Van Gogh, Klimt, Picasso, Dali, but most of all I got most impressed by unknown cave artists around the world, Albrecht Duerer, Goya, Joseph Beuys and such great photographers like Anselm Adams, Man Ray, August Sander with his sociology and photographic studies, Klaus Staeck with his political statements from Heidelberg/Germany and Jürgen Klauke, from Cologne/Germany.

In December 2017, Annette Schreiber, a fantastic photographer and friend pushed me, to publish my photographs and I was surprised about the feed back of the public. I decided to start a career as an artist. Since 2018 my artworks got presented by several galleries and agencies and I started to sell my art world wide. I am overwhelmed about this results, which I have never expected before and I am glad to present my artworks here for your pleasure and collection.


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Powerful art is not only a vision, a process of creation and love, it is also a result of technique and knowledge hoiw to use it to get the perfect result. From this perspective I always tried to learn all about the tools I use, no matter it it was analog or digital photographing or digital art. As soon as I may not understand how to get such an effect I like to get, I start to explore how to do so. Today Photoshop and lots of different programs help to develop your vision, but some old and well known techniques will still work. I love to create big format collages to tell stories and to develope sceneries, I use multiple layers base on real photographs or paintings to create thoughtful backgrounds and deliver information and details. I won't accept limitations of genre and techniques, but may accept them, if it suits best for my result.

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#DC18, Group Exhibition Downtown Chiado 2018, Lisbon, Portugal February 2018


EYE-Photo Magazine, Vienna, Austria, 06.2018, 10 page feature

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