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Let there be 7iight 🐾🌈
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Former Aikido uchi deshi at Sunset Cliffs Aikido, Ocean Beach San Diego, CA.

B.A.s Poli Sci Uni San Diego 2014

B.A.s Econ Uni San Diego 2014

3.03 GPA held aloft by courses in Analytic Philosophy, Econometrics, Metaphysics, and Organic Chemistry.

2017 StartOUT Top 32 LGBT Entrepreneurs to watch.

2017-2018 acceptances to an MSc in Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland, UK.

2018 invite to apply for a MEXT Scholarship to attend the NUCB Global Leader MBA program in Tokyo, Japan.

2018 finalist in a Hollywood Contest with Entertainment AI and Lionbridge for a mobile app idea - currently pending review for a Golden Entrepreneurship VISA in Barcelona.

2020 FOREVER IN SPACE | HALL OF FAME installation in a space time capsule with AI Show Biz Summit 4.0 apropos theories of Futurism and Statecraft [featured].

Currently holding steady at a temporary vantage in Tijuana, Mexico - COVID-19 concerns place me at risk for potential detainment in the U.S. Border Zone as I am unemployed, penniless, and battling 3 years of chronic homelessness and 8 of schizophrenia.

PayPal: @gofundyourself853 (pardon my French).



Imagine: you're standing at a train station: you look down: you're holding a circular lightbulb: it's a dream!

My goal is to create positive feedback loops to link for- and non-profit endeavours with a special emphasis on environmental and social platforms. Time and timing are an issue.

The artistic process is organic and imperfect.  I seek to create art in a continual flow across mediums - rendering impact albeit uncontrolled but seeking meaning despite lack of focus or clear socioeconomic feedback.  

I aim for independence but have found collaboration through social media but fail to see if this goal is the common one and must pace social demons new and old.

I hope to spark conversations daring imaginations to rise above.  Futurism for the sake of advancement must precede advancement for the sake of Futurism.  Let's bind to parameters that secure rather than jeopardize the collective future.

What at first seems a monumental undertaking can be broken down into a step by step process, even when the beat of the drum seems to beat differently for all.

Continued sporadic accreditation thankfully encourages continuation of this current creative process--turning thinking into action, action into movement, movement into art and art back into movement.  Sports and martial arts, martial arts and dance, dance into music, music into language, language into scripts/cinema, cinema into action, cinema into fashion, fashion into action, arts and action into movement.

The rallying cry of 19th century Romanticism goes as follows: "Fight against the raw matter, seek to embrace the infinite." Author (N.N.).  These uncertain times require most to at the very least seek truth, and where the infinite winks? Find root.

Anybody with the courage to follow their dream is welcome to come along.  Anybody willing to finance a [working] take of leave is also encouraged.  Investors, what -- I need the witch's broom?  🐾 

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