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Too much for here, check out the website and look for the book and movie, 'An Average Life'.

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not so much about 'me' that you can look up in Marquis' Who's Who, as ... about the work ...

Having shot every format from microphotography to ... and every subject matter short of Weddings and Food, with a passion for Fashion and penchant for Architecture and Tabletop, I've been a stringer for Aetna and had stock in Black Star Photo Agency. My claim to fame is that from 1979-1980 I 'captured' 20 foot x 40 foot (approximately), dynamic laser images with a Canon F1, 100mm Macro lens and Kodachrome or Fujichrome (slow) film. These 'pure light' illusions were being created by laserist Robert Mueller's 'playing the keyboard' of an argon-krypton laser to canned music as part of Laser Group's laser projection performances. My initial intent was to document Laser Group and what I thought was a 'new' image base with unique potential.

With a mirrored scanner spinning at approximately 10,000 revolutions per second, chopping the pure hues from the prism, positioning a dot in space, the resultant images were not just changing with respect to dimension and position, but additionally with respect to hue, saturation and intensity. The overlapping dot of hues produced secondary and tertiary hues. These images existed, were only 'real', in two places, the space behind the viewer's retina and my film.

As I watched the audiences experiencing these images throughout the show I observed a physiological change, pupils dilating and skin becoming flushed. I saw this as a juncture and extrapolation of the seminal works of Bauhaus Geometric Abstractionist and Colorist Josef Albers (1888-1976) and the Pattern Recognition specialist Rudolph Arnheim (1904-2007), a bridge into the area of neuroscience. I named the conceptual premise, 'Inferential Imagery'.


Originally a Classical trained vocalist, as a visual artist I consider myself a 'sensitive scientist'. A photographic-imager for the last 40 years with various autodidactic skillsets, including photography, typography, calligraphy, lighting, furniture, jewelry, textile and furniture design, calligraphy, various surface treatments and copywriting, the work is represented in the permanent collections of 4 major US museums. A bit of 'overlooked history' I'm the only photographer known to have 'captured' live laser images with an analog camera and slow film ... in 1979. Want to know more ...


With a prior exhibition record I've been on sabbatical for about 15 years 'woodshedding' as my musician friends call it. The latest works are manipulations, 'iterations', from the 10 existent Facets, so the interest is in exhibition.   


Deborah Willis Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers 1840 to the Present

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