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durga Garcia, an internationally acknowledged working photographer, author & educator, a leading personality in the sphere fashion & portrait photography. Earning numerous major awards while exhibiting internationally, with serveral solo shows

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 durga Garcia, is a internationally acknowledged working photographer, earning numerous awards from major competitions, such as the "Timeless Award" Miami; the "Master's Award" Italy; First Place at the Hilton Head Biennial; Best in Show at the Contemporary Art Gallery; "2014 People Photographer of the year" by the Latin American Museum of Contemporary Photography; and recently the “2016 Best of West Palm Beach Photography Studio Award”

 durga exhibits her work internationally, with solo shows in New York City, Palm beach and Athens Greece 2016. 

Art magazines have featured durga’s work, recently in the 

Italian “Art Tour International” May 2016 page 98-99 and Back cover;  Australia's “Extraordinary Vision” May 2016, page 112 

and England’s “Inside Artists” Sept 2016.

durga Garcia’s work hangs in private homes and in the permanent public collections of the South Nevada Museum of Art;  Center of Fine Art Photography; International Museum of Digital Art;  & Latin American Museum of Contemporary Photography. 

 She is recognized for her commissioned portraits and fine art images in natural, organic, muted color tones.

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“Durga,  You truly are an angel,  and art angel 😉   thank you so much.  You're the best!   Peace and light” Satya 2009

“Garcia, thank you so much. you are great. Amazing pictures. you're the best.” --2009

"Durga, You truly are a ~~Spirit of Kindness~~ I am so pleased to have met you. Thank you for your continued support of patience throughout this Spectacular showing. Each time I emailed or called you were quick to answer any big or small detail. They should give you the title "Queen of Patience" Heck..... you earned the title!!" --2009

"Durga- your talent brings artwork to life in

pictures--great job!" CTK 2009

"Wow Durga you are awesome! I still can't believe he did not cry, you are the best!!!"   CHL 2009

"Durga! What a fantastic job you did taking the photos of D'art for Art! It was such a fun event and you captured it all! Thank you and your beautiful daughter for all the hard work!"  KD 2009

Durga, Damn Bitch! You are good! Really! You totally got Natalia!

And thanks for the input on my stuff. It was really helpful. I was 

obsessing on tech and the problem was my eye. We liked the same shots 

and it made sense with your help. You are a smart and sensitive woman. Who knew? Actually a lot of people probably do..................

Cheers and Love, SS 2009

“Thanks Durga for your wonderful photographs! I must say photographing my work is no easy task! Any artist out there they need a really pleasant and stress free experience getting their work documented, Durga is your gal! “ RT 2010

“OK. You are amazing! These photos are perfect. They will mean so much” --2010

“OMG did an amazing job!!!!!   

I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am with your work!!!! many thanks....”   S 2010

“Thanks SO Much! I love this photo!

Thanks so much, too, for covering our events. You are a really great 


KD Sep 26, 2010

“Thank you so much for you great work.Love what you do.I will keep you posted on the release of the book. 

Thank you.” TSB 2010

“You are the best...I love having the insight, planning, vision and WORK that went into this...which is I see now, part of a bigger picture...After looking at Atlantis Beauty many times over, I thought the image looked like it's own but also could be the detail of one of the great classics; hmmm - Durga's fresco? 

Thanks a bunch and get some sleep (me too).”    N2010

I love it !!!!!!! Looks great! You are a genuious. cm 2011

"You Durga are just Freaking Fantastic at what you do!!! we love you and Lily says hi"


“Thank you so much for this wonderful picture.  I sent it out in a press release today giving you full credit in both the press release itself and in the cover letter.  You are a national treasure “  Joyce2011

“These are all amazing. (Do I use that word too often?)  You are not only one of the nicest, most decent people I know, you rival Avadon as one of the best portraitists around.  Remind me to tell you an Avadon story some day.

I love you”   J.2012

“ I just don't get it. You hold the damn thing in a way that 

defies gravity. You shoot from the hip like Annie Oakley. You don't 

know an F Stop from a G Spot!

Yet, you make some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen! 

I love you.”


“Thanks Durga!

These images look fabulous!! As always. “


“I can't help myself, they are sooooooo beautiful. You are wonderful. Thank you sooooooo much. I hope we get to spend time together in Iceland this fall and laugh ourselves sick.”

The Twin2012CS

“You are amazing I must tell you Carlos looked at the tumblr site and was very pleased he said you are amazing that you caught the essence of the project in just a few photos thank you I love working with you” TB2012

“I think it's wonderful how some people choose careers that bring lasting memories for others. Thank you” K 2013

“ I don't know if you can imagine how much I love this picture. I just wanted to thank you again. JackHR 2013

Artist EXPERTISE Image 1
Artist EXPERTISE Image 2

Kunst Heute Award Nominee 2016;  EROS Award Finalist, multiple years; International Color Awards, multiple years;  Annual Black & White Spider Awards, multiple years;  TZIPAC Zebra Awards, multiple years;  Contemporary Art Gallery, Best in Show, 2014, 2015;  ARTForward, medal winner 2014, 2016;  Artivita Competition, Silver Medal 2015;  Art Ascent Competition 2015;  Bristol Salon England 2014 multiple merited images;  One Eyeland Awards 2013;  PhotoShoot Awards, NUDE finalist multiple years;  Professional Women Photographers 2013 International Competition, Honorable Mention, “Someones Daughter” (1300entries)ARTAVIDA 2013, 3rd Place, “Learning to Dance into the Storm”PHOTOSHOOT AWARDS 2013, Finalist Academic Nude Category, “One Dozen Body Shapes”; Dance & Movement Award, “Afinity”; Merit Award, “Ruebens Front Door”; Merit Award, “Ruebens Garden” .   All images published in NUDE 2013 Book

Light, Space & Time Gallery, 2013 !st place Photography, 3rd Place overall (909entries)The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, 2012 Fine Art Competition. “Jasmine” Honorable Mention Award 8th Image Salon Delft, Holland 2012, "Atlantis Beauty", Fotobond Honourable MentionThe 22nd Annual All Florida Juried Art Show, 2012, “Learning to Dance into the Storm”, 1st place awardJonathan Dickinson State Park Photographic Competition, 2012, "Canoers on the Loxahatchee", 1st place award 

FORUM Magazine 31st Annual Photography Contest 2011 4th place award, **"Spider Girl", (14,000 entries) shown at Brooks Institute, Gallery 27, Santa Barbara, CA

2012 Finalist award  “Gisela's Garden”

Best of Photography 2011 Book, "Spider Girl" published

Miami/Palm Beach Inter-Guild Competition 2011, *"Spider Girl", Best of Show 

TZ International Photography Awards 2011, "Spider Girl" & "Old Armchair", both award winners 

The Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, 2011, "Whats for Dinner"

Florida Professional Photographers Print Competition, 2011, *"Spider Girl" & "Norm Gitzens Necklace", Merited

8th Image Salon Delft, Holland 2012

Atlantis Beauty, Fotobond Honourable Mention

Best of Photography 2011 Book

Spider Girl published

31st Annual Spring Photography Contest 2011

**Spider Girl, 4th place award

shown at Brooks Institute, Gallery 27, Santa Barbara, CA

Miami/Palm Beach Inter-Guild Competition 2011

*Spider Girl, Best of Show Digital 

TZ International Photography Awards 2011

Spider Girl & Old Armchair, both award winners 

The Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles

Whats for Dinner

Florida Professional Photographers Print Competition, 2011

*Spider Girl & Norm Gitzens Necklace, Merited

Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, 2011

*Old Tree Reflections, accepted into permeant collection

Lighthouse ArtCenter

**Landscapes: Painters of Scenery, 2010, Lunar Celebration 

**Mutable Sins 2010, Until Ever After

**Hocus Pocus 2010, Toths Bird & Unlucky Brides

**Contempo, 2010 underwater Blue & Undressing Red

National photography Digital Imagery Exhibition, Palm Beach College 2010

**Atlantis Beauty, 1st Place Award

Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, 2011, *Old Tree Reflections", accepted into the permeant collection

Lighthouse ArtCenter, **Landscapes: Painters of Scenery, 2010, "Lunar Celebration" 

**Mutable Sins 2010, "Until Ever After"; **Hocus Pocus 2010, "Toths Bird" & "Unlucky Brides"; **Contempo, 2010 "Underwater Blue" & "Undressing Red"

National photography Digital Imagery Exhibition, Palm Beach College 2010, **"Atlantis Beauty", 1st Place Award

Artist AWARDS Image 1
Artist AWARDS Image 2
Artist AWARDS Image 3

SOLO Shows;

"As We Are", New York;

"Time Tells" Athens Greece

and "Best of Durga" in Palm Beach 

Several Invitational Shows; Palm Beach Collage and


Group Shows

Studio Vogue Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2013

Florence Design Week Art Show, Italy 2013

Webber Gallery Invitational Exhibit, Florida 2013 

MPLS Photo Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2013

Light, Space & Time Gallery, 2011, 2012, 2013

Palm Beach College, National photography Digital Imagery Exhibition, 2010, 2013

Image Salon Delft, Delft, Holland, 2012

Darkroom Gallery, Vermont, 2012

The von Liebig Art Center, Naples, Florida 2012

Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida 2012

Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Palm Beach, Florida, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Court House Cultural Center Galleries, Annual All Florida 

Stuart Florida, 2009, 2010,2012

Lighthouse ArtCenter, Tequesta, Florida 2010, 2011, 2012

Brooks Institute, Gallery 27, Santa Barbara, California, 2011

The Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, California, 2011

Nude Night Orlando 2012, Old Armchair Series

Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, 2011, 


Italian “Art Tour International” May 2016 page 98-99 and Back cover; 

Australia's “Extraordinary Vision” May 2016, page 112. 

NUDE 2013, 4 images;  

ART278, December 2013, 2 pages;  

ARTASCENT, December 2013, 2 page critique;

Photographers FORMUM;   2012

WPGA Fine Art, 2012

South Carolina
United States
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