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Mardun is principally a Surrealist Artist, whose Author's name is Faustus Crow. Mardun has an experiential interest in lucid dreaming.

The symbolic reality of dreams has inspired Artists and authors down the ages who are essentially Shamans.

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Though not an exhibition as such, the following is part of a greater work, which is ongoing; wherefore that of an online exhibition in its entirety. Should you be interested, Please Click Here.

The present online exhibition features an Art Tarot deck, which is loosely based upon Dr. Johannes Faust’s Threefold Coercion of Hell, also called Cabalae nigrae, Magiae naturalis et innaturalis – first published in Passau 1505.

The Threefold Coercion of Hell is also known as The Black Raven, which is due to its title page, depicting a Raven inside of a circle. It has otherwise been renamed as 'The Threefold Coercion Of The Dream.'

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Mardun's surrealist preference is the personal exploration of microcosmic lucid dreams and the observance of concordant macrocosmic synchronistic phenomena, which involves the utilisation of symbolic stimuli to do so of shamanic Artistry.

When Mardun describes his own work, he uses the term Shamanism or Sorcery, which specifically alludes to the inducement of Hypnagogic Trance ingress into an engineered 'lucid dream,' wherein a practitioner of the Art can thereby consciously conjure into manifestation interactive dream characters.

The purpose of doing so is to expand consciousness by using the methodology of Art.

In general, the initial meditation phase would involve the Artistic creation of a two-dimensional image, in order to implant the symbolism of the image into the dream.

Within the inner realms of a (Hexagram/Sexagram) Sixth-Sense 'lucid dream,' a two-dimensional image becomes a fully immersive three-dimensional interactive reality, which involves all Five (Pentagram) introverted senses.

Mardun does not see a division between the practice of Art and Shamanism, Sorcery, Magic or the Occult; they are indivisible from the other. Art is Sorcery, Sorcery is Art!

The Art style Mardun utilises tends to be Pop-Surrealist, which involves modern day elements covering various genres.

Mardun is versed in traditional and digital Art-forms. His main emphasis is to experience a two-dimensional image as an interactive three-dimensional reality within a lucid dream.

Mardun will use abstract and figurative forms as well as the Ninth Art of comic strips. When exploring the Ninth Art of comics, the image is fused with words of symbolic Alchemy; hence Mardun's author's name, Faustus Crow.

Mardun's work is usually of an erotic orientation since his focus is that of conjuring 'Art Muses' into lucid dreams, whose Mind-Doll (Tulpa) exquisite-corpses have been exhumed from out of the necropolis depths of Mardun's infernal subconscious, and thence knit-together of personified desires, which are then animated into dream life by his electrified focus.

Some may consider such creativity as being politically-incorrect. Mardun does not care what others say, at all, whose thought-policing is merely an Orwellian Ring-Pass-Not, he leaps over of dream Yoga!

A Tantric Tibetan Buddhist would otherwise call the Art Muses, Dakinis, who are aspects of Shakti, the psychologist Carl Jung termed as being the Anima.

In other words, an Art Muse for Mardun is not a quaint concept, the Muse is an experiential reality, when to conjure her Anima aspect into an interactive microcosmic lucid dream, which then leads to the macrocosmic observance of concordant synchronicities.

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"I conjure Succubi to ride as my Dakini Night-Mares. Such salacious Mind-Doll Tulpa Art Muses, whom inspire vivid lucid dreams most wanton, do keep the brainwashing exorcist at bay; for the worshippers of the deified 'Animus' made as a God/Devil, around whom there be a plethora of Playgirl grimoires listing machismo Angels and butch Demons, do greatly fear the salacious daughters of the Fallen 'Anima,' who be the true Great Old Ones of the real Necronomicon; of which I to conjure from of a Howling Playboy grimoire." - Mardun aka Faustus Crow

Sounds absolutely crazy doesn't it. Not so crazy should you remember your dreams, and that external symbolic stimuli subliminally influences the inner content of dreams, such as religious symbolism, which permeates your language and all levels of popular culture.

Then to take it a step further by becoming conscious within a dream, wherein an Artist can conjure up a two-dimensional Artistic creation as an interactive three-dimensional reality.

The conjuring Artist will then become aware of synchronistic feed-back loops, reflecting back what had been conjured up within a lucid dream, which had been initially induced by creating an Artwork, involving a meditative state of creativity.

Mardun has been practicing Art Sorcery for a very long time, since he was a changeling childe. While seeking a unification between Art and the inner realms of the dream, Mardun claims to hav experienced phenomena, many would construe as being supernatural or paranormal, etc.

The symbolism Mardun employs in his Art is not what would be generally considered as being spiritual, which in its self is a brand, like that of the shamanic, which is usually branded with Native American symbolism; while the psychedelic uses abstract geometric forms of a Hindu or a South American Indian brand. The Gothic brand is commonly used for occult material.

Mardun does not utilise the brands as employed by others; he tends to mix them all up together. Mardun will explore them individually when he sees fit to do so; but he is not fixated on any of these culturally wrought brands to any great degree.

Most of these brands had been initially generated by the media-machine of America, whose Superhero brand has branded the Ninth Art of comics, though Manga is a strong contender. Mardun's preference is usually European comics in the main, such as Métal hurlant, for example.

Mardun has an interest in science fiction, fantasy, horror, video games and film, which is merged with his interest in ancient myths from numerous cultures, and differing scientific disciplines; the list of Mardun's interests is nigh endless.

Wherefore Mardun's Art is a juxtaposition of varying influences, whether they be of the classical or modern, which is constantly evolving.

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Traditional Art is Mardun's preferred technique, such as drawing and painting; but he also explores Newmedia digital, photomontage and CGI Artworks.

When it comes to painting, Mardun's preference tends to be oil paint; his paintings and drawings can be highly detailed. Mardun works in pen when drawing the Ninth Art of comics, which are usually non-narrative and experimental.  

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Traditional Artworks, involve drawing/sketching, painting, and at times sculpture. Mardun's preferred medium when painting is usually that of oils, although he also works in acrylics and water paint.

Photography is also utilised when required, as well as exploring animation work. Mardun's Artistic interests also covers digital Artworks and CGI.

Mardun does not see his writing as being separate from his Artwork, which is especially the case concerning comics. The medium of comics fuses the visual with the narrative into an alchemical whole.

Visual Art zaps the reptilian-brain first, since the reptilian-brain is directly linked to the eyes, whereas words affects a different part of the brain. Hence, the Ninth Art of comics has a simultaneous affect upon the brain of the observer.

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Awards have been those Mardun has self-attained, when to complete a project, such as finishing an Art book grimoire. The first of which was difficult of technical intricacies, concerning matters, which had nothing to do with the creative process as such.

Mardun initially thought, after completing the first book, it would get easier. However, the adverse was true. So, the second book for him, was somewhat of an award, when to eventually finish it; though an anti-climax, Mardun was relieved he had reached that particular goal.

But it is not over, a third is yet to be created. While working on the third Art book, Mardun madly engaged himself in creating a Tarot deck. A part of him howled out, "I must be totally insane! It'll never be finished!"

Mardun has since completed the Tarot deck as well as creating an accompanying Art book grimoire for it. Mardun's award was a sequential series of lucid dreams.

It would of course be quite welcome, if Mardun was given an award by some outside body of peers. But it is very unlikely. Anyway, Mardun is aware that this can also lead to expectations from the audience, and that of gathering criticisms, which can potentially influence as well as negate his vision. Mardun cannot allow for that. Although constructive criticism he will allow for, should it be positively constructive; otherwise Mardun will exorcise it.

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Past exhibitions have primarily been online altar affairs, which served the purpose of reinforcing the hyper-sigil of Mardun's Artistic alter-ego, Faustus Crow.

"Well, somebody has to do it... I could not sit around in a pontificating lotus posture, while to await for some other to do so; otherwise I would become as a snuffed out sack of bones, before a single Artwork of mine is eventually exhibited, if ever." - Mardun aka Faustus Crow

One of Mardun's online exhibitions comprised of single comic pages which are photomontage compositions, comprising of images, which trigger childhood memories of his, when Mardun was experiencing a time of high strangeness.

Though self-centred of a Yidam exhibition, the employed symbolism is also for a wider audience. Although, the audience is not necessarily privy to the symbolic logic underlying the Artworks construction, an astute observer will recognise the cultural associations.   

Mardun was initially intending to hand-draw the comic pages as singular Artworks; some of which he was also going to paint. Instead, Mardun exhibited them as they were, which in their raw state,  as mentioned earlier, point at cultural influences, as well as having layers of associated symbolism, which can be fathomed by an observer, should he/she be versed in the arcane.

At some point soon, Mardun will transmute the photomontage comic pages into traditional Artworks, to otherwise draw and paint.

Another online exhibition investigated the theme of Pirates, which Mardun had associated with an archetype he had conjured amidst his Triangle Of Art imagination from out of a classical grimoire, to thence transform into an inspiring Chaos Magic Art Muse.


Much of Mardun's Artwork is self published. A number of his Art books are experimental works using photomontage as symbolic reference points with popular culture.

Mardun's paperback books are the final works, which are Art book grimoires, which can be presently bought from Amazon.

Mardun has also published an associated Tarot deck, having an accompanying Art book grimoire.

The plan is to later create an ongoing comic series, which accompanies Mardun's Art books.

The comic will feature Mardun's traditional Artwork, whether they be comic pages, illustrations, drawings/sketches or paintings, which Mardun will initially put on his PATREON page.

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