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Gabriel Simoens
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it' all about moments,
that's what life is,
from start to finish

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"Dansmomenten" (Moments of dance) is my next public exhibition, from 14th September till 17th October 2021, in OC Marke (Kortrijk/BE), I will show some of my recent drawings and paintings. 

I am inspired by the stylishness of the dancer, the elegance of the ballerina, the whirl in choreography


I was born in 1952, in Belgium. I live in Kortrijk (Courtrai) and I have my studio there, as well as in the small village Kándia (Greece). 
I studied at the Art School of Bruges, from 1976 till 1984. I took great interest in the human figure and went on with my study, specializing myself in drawing and painting model and portrait.

My artistic activities started in 1973. I had several individual exhibitions between 1979 and 2019 and I took part in a few group exhibitions between 1982 and 2019, in Belgium and in Greece (Athens).

In my first exhibitions, I showed mostly landscapes, still life, portraits and  live model paintings. 
From 1982, mostly model and portraits. I still do portrait painting and I accept commissions. 

Since 1990, I became more and more interested in watching ‘dancing figures’ and ‘the human figure in motion’, and it was from then on the greatest source of inspiration to create new work.

Being busy with art is like a passion . ‘Doing my thing’ gives me full satisfaction and leaves me time and again with complete fulfilment. Self-assured, individually and independently I want to show, to anybody who likes to see it, what exactly keeps on fascinating me endlessly. As an artist, in the majority of my works, I want to express what life in fact means to me, being a continuous sequence of  moments, from the beginning till the end. Just like the sequence of dance moves.

What would be my place in contemporary art, I do not care. But I have no intention of influencing society with my work whatsoever. To have full belief in what I create, in my personal style and in a continuous search for innovation, suits me fine. To see the evolution through reality, just the way a dance is changing continuously. To render the ‘fleeting moment’ with the traditional painting techniques and materials, even with a wink to the digital media.

I am merely an abstract pixel in the wide artistic world, just like a tiny fraction in a real dance movement.




drawing and painting with various materials with various techniques on paper, canvas, hardboard, cardboard and wood, in different sizes

* main theme: dance and the human figure in motion - landscapes - I accept commissions * 


See more details in my website:

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