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I'm an established multi-platform artist from London who loves all things oriental.

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I had a big solo photo & Art exhibition in Mayfair London at Space@50 throughout the month of April.I have just posted up a video of my work featured at exhibition and a limited edition photo/lyric book 'Voyeurs Welcome Vol.2' has just been released to tie in with it. Volume one of this book sold out in 2 weeks and now changes hands for 25 times its original price.

I pioneer Alien art, Caligart, & sensory Art  and am know for taking a number of iconic photography.

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I'm a multi platform artist making a dent in all the arts, including writing and music. (10 books & 300 music releases as record producer and 50 song releases)  whilst producing and writing songs for my ex pop star wife she asked me to take a few photos as she didn't like some featured in the music press. Many people called them iconic. I was then asked to do her album sleeve and posters which seemed to make a big mark with some asking me if David Bailey did them. People were always saying I should take photography more seriously. I thought about it but had too much on my plate with the music but each time I took a photo the same thing happened. I took some photos for another singer and this ended up in nearly 100 publications and many have said this shot, known as Misty Cello has been influential on other photographers.  But still I resisted my calling as a photographer in favour of music.  I kept my hand in but it's only in the last few years I have embraced my calling with music taking a back seat. This resulted in another icon shot, this time of a Shanghai landmark which ended up being nominated for a Sony award. I then collaborated with a French Painter and she became my muse and I really embraced photography 100% at last but started creating few works of art based on photos accumulating in a special one I did when Bowie died as a tribute (We used to share the same management and were both Brixton boys and he gave me a lot of encouragement) This work will be the centerpiece of my solo exhibition along with another 4D piece of art and pushing the envelope with Alien Art and other new concepts. My limited edition canvases have sold well, and quickly gone up in price this year and just prior to ths a limited edition book of my photos & song lyrics 'Voyeurs Welcome' sold out in 2 weeks and now changes hands for 15 times it's initial selling price. ( A new book is also imminent) so you could say I now feel comfortable calling myself and artist & photographer at last. So happy to now join the art & photography community. Rather attached photos of me here added the two I mentioned along with a more recent art-photo of one to commentate the Suffragette movement 100th Anniversary and an Alien Landscape (the later 3 for sale as limited edition canvas).

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Russell C. Brennan (AKA R.C Writer & Russell Writer) is an established Author and Multi-Platform Artist from London who has made a dent in all the arts, often setting new trends like the 'Cult Themes' as well as being very innovative especially as a record producer where he is listed on one website 'The most innovative record producers of all time' along with his idol Joe Meek (Who is naturally number one in the list) but writing has always been his first love. Prior to turning 16 he got a job as a DJ at night and continued with that nocturnal career while during the day learning the ropes at A.T.V Television under the guidance of the late great TV impresario Lord Lew Grade, after impressing him with some early scripts he's written prior to leaving school. Through this contact, he sold his first film script at 17 (Starstruck) and got paid for a TV format as well.

He then managed 'Music Master' record shop making it extremely successful. Around this time he got noticed by an international agency and he began to DJ. all around Europe eventually becoming the No.1 DJ in Scandinavia. He then met and married British pop singer 'Eleanor Rigby' and changed career track to become a songwriter and record producer for her. He has since had 300 releases worldwide with various artists including a number one European hit 'You Only Live Twice'.by Eleanor Rigby. At the same time, he also wrote and edited cult fanzine 'Dedicated Follower'. Original copies are now housed in the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Two one-off anniversary issues were done in 2015 & 2016 respectively and both sold out within a week. Many records he has produced are also very collectible.

He also penned the book 'Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off)' published in the 90's by Martin Breese Publishing which helped many artists along the way. This has since been updated and released twice more with equal success. Because he really knew his stuff when it came to music and records he ran a successful Indie record label 'Future Legend Records ' as well as being in a few influential pop groups pioneering new music genres like Ska Surf & Pop Noir and his latest band is Psykick Holiday..

Russell also stumbled into photography, doing some highly rated record sleeves, posters and a number of iconic photos of Eleanor. A number of others followed over the years for various people but it was only in 2016 that he took photography & Art seriously. He was offered some exhibitions but was then let down so he released a limited edition book ‘Voyeurs Welcome' featuring his photography and lyrics which sold out in just two weeks. 2017/18 saw the release of a number of novels including 'Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin' & Kidnapping Time', which both got many 5 star reviews, This was followed the Amazon top book100 'Memories Are Made Of This' (The Ultimate Retro Pop Quiz) 50's to 90's. & music biz revenge novel 'Over and Over'. He also intends to move into films in the future as a writer/director starting with the latter novel that started life as a film script. 2019 will finally see him have a long overdue debut Art-photo exhibition at Space@50 in Mayfair London during April. (with quite a few charities to benefit from any sales)

Russell has away been a big supporter of charity including The World Villages for Children and a number of homeless charities and will be producing a new single he wrote for Tutus House homeless charity with an album to follow.

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I have about 10 book releases. My first limited edition Photo/art/poem/lyric book 'Voyeurs Welcome' sold out in two weeks and now changes hands on the collectors market for 15 times its original selling price.  Vol.2 of this book is released this week to tie in with my Solo Art Exhibition in Mayfair London.(drop me a line about acquiring a copy as Its likely to sell out quickly and won't be in any book shops. I have 4 popular novels out at the moment as well. Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin is the most popular Kidnapping Time (an erotic Sci Fi conspiracy thriller featuring Marilyn Monroe  (Pictured) is my favourite. The other two are horror Novel 'Mixing with The Unknown' (horror) & Over and Over (music biz revenge thriller) + 2 non fiction best seller 'Music Business Bastards' & Memories and made of this (The Ultimate Retro pop quiz) Which hit the Amazon top 100 twice. More info at my website or on Amazon.

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