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(I participate to this big event...) 

Duration :All Summer 2020


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Author and inventor of Transcendental Surealism in visual arts.

By the Visual artist-architect

Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou

In these shallow backyards
where the southern wind
whistling in vaulted
tell me is it the crazy pomegranate
, that shines with light scattering her fruitful laughter ............

Be realistic, demand the impossible!

All creatures that compose our natural world relay on themselves, as if they have a limp flame in their depths with myriads of light rays and thousands of brilliant prisms¹, which at any moment they expect to be released. And that release of energy, which lays undeneath, in every form of life, or any existence if you want, is in my humble opinion, this springboard that arrouses and creates the TRANSCEDENTAL SURREALISM! And as happens with all good things, they can not survive without paying a price to this world, the price of its existence! The price that is paid to the fullest, is to carry everywhere this untold existential joy, from everyone to everything and for everything. Through this treaty, reality ceases to be only conventional and classical surrealism simply looks like lost in Dreams, because next to creative imagination there is this metaphysical joy, composing a new transcendental reality that widens our horizons far beyond and expands our understanding of the cosmic happening. Besides, we all welcome the new life that rises, above all feelings, with spontaneous love. Also, all new living creatures (beyond the first cry of their birth) they have as their first and most sentient feeling, when they first face life and enter the world, this joy, ... ..this first, without it because of their undetermined joy - as another crazy pomegranate - illuminating their existence, that eliminates the evil black darkness that is underlying and shows (seemingly at least) to appear in the eyes of most of all us, at least paradoxicall and unreasonable, if not transcendent. Aiming to end up somewhere, I search my mind ... I think... and just wandering and wondering ...seeking for an answer. Finally i ask if all of us aim consciously and pursuing - by euphemism -to paradoxical and transcendent, do we end up being again realistic?
Yours sincerely…...
¹ Reference to the poem The crazy pomegranate ...... Bearing the eternal sun with thousands of brilliant prisms .........
² The surrealism of A. Breton as presented at the beginning of the 20th century and had remained the same until recently.
³ According to GV's personal opinion - Olive Elytis' crazy pomegranate - goes far beyond the principles of classical surrealism, because it opens the way towards the transcendent!
⁴ Reference to the poem ...... Shaking from the fearful dark black darkness of......

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Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou


(b. Athens 1970)Is an international and profound, highly promising greek  artist, known as the founder and inventor of Transcendental Surealism in visual arts. He studied Architecture at Westminster University (London) and Life Drawing. Has been involved with arts (painting & poetry) since his childhood and has presented his works in important art galleries of Greece. Many prominent Greek art historians, have written official critics about the evolution and importance of his work, such as: Dr Stelios Lidakis, Dr Georgios Prokopiou, Athena Schina, Dina Adamopoulou, M. Georgousi and many others. During his long lasting, artistic research and development, he gradually developed and presented his own artistic style, a new proposal in visual arts, known overseas  as Transcendental Surrealism.The new theory of  T. S. is regarded internationally , as the evolution and progression of the classic Surealism, presented by Andre Bretton's Manifesto (1924) and his Paris artistic cyrcle .

Artworks of him can be found in major Private Collections such as Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra and many more… He is author at the greek progressive magazine ORTHOS LOGOS and he often publishes official comments, in worldwide respectable magazines such as :SciTechToday, The Conversation of Oxford University and others. During his deep and profound research in many scientific fields such as : psychology, mathematics,, pure physics, astronomy, history of visual arts, theology and religion, has been established as a respectfull scholar and researcher internationally. Of course all these profound results, so far emerged, from his researches, are embodied into the philosophy and theory of Transcendental Surealism. He is an active  member of Associazione Clam International-Taranto-Italy


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by Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou
Visual Artist-Archiect/
Founder & Inventor
of Transcendental Surealism in visual arts

In this newly developed personal technique, the artwork's energy (light & shadows) flows from the background to the foreground and vice versa, by the use of day night effect and the dynamic diagonals that distributecthe circulation of energy around the surface of the artwork. 

This can be done by the active connection of the light or  the shadowed areas, in such a way that does not follow the laws of optics-as we know them-but in a different way, that gives the artist the freedom to combine :
Sfumato & Chiaroscuro techincs plus maximum contrast! This leads to a new Psycholigical and Spiritual projection on the canvas. Harmonic flow of energy all around the artwork's surface. By doing so the artist can achieve, the most powerfull psychological and spiritual effect projected on the artwork. The final result looks more harmonized so it unifies the foreground with the background, no matter the level of shadows contrast. The final result appears as more "energetic" than the sfumato technique and preserves the its softness and freshnesness!
This techique to be applied, requires a series of "different photos" , that the artist "is taking" from his artwork and himself! . 
This leads the artist to understand how  the artwork's result changes day by day! The accumulated result helps (the artist ), to create the best edit and perfecting, so the  artwork will have the best impact to the audience that will see it, no matter in which psychological state, each one of the audience might be!
By doing so the artist recieves the best projected  result and impact of the audience that watches the artwork. The artist has "passed" somehow through all the different psychological states, of the members of the audience and manages to overcome their expectations.

That truly makes an artwork really "remarkable" and "unforgetable" to the viewer no matter  what they  feel. By that way, the artwork opens the gate of "eternity" and becomes an " archetype image" to the viewers conception!! 
Gio Vassiliou

List of paintings:

1. MARIA CALLAS-Una Diva for all ages/80x 60cm/oil on canvas//2018

2.The secret path of erotism/60x60/oil on canvas (Private collection)/2014

3.Young man refreshed by his erotism/60x60/oil on cancas/2013

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by Dr Giorgos Prokopiou/Professor of History & Rythmology of the Greek Polytechic/University

For this artist I want to speak simply - let me be grateful - as Seferis wrote. Because complicated and deliberately big words have tired me anymore. I will say a little and straight.
After many studies and researches, with a long career in the field of painting since his childhood, this devoted researcher and visual artist, sought and acquired his personal idiom, the expression of a special spiritual personality and a new message .
With the faith and determination of a missionary, this artist has undertaken as a goal of life, to ideally reconstruct the world and incorporate into it, a new human being with a transcendent destination and high meaning. He sought through the symbolic language to redefine the importance of the forms that make up our world, the essence and the intentions that define them, through a new composition of shapes, colors, shades and their energy, creating them metaphysical exquisite experiences and visions. From this perspective, water, rose, sun, and even human nature become allegories of mental and spiritual vibrations, which aim to our illumination and our conscious transformation. Through his in-depth research, G.V. divided his work from Breton's Surrealism and his cyrcle, by inserting the creative imagination and transcendent perception as a springboard. It replaced the subterranean projections of a recurring nightmare of stagnant instincts or perversions, which classic Surrealism presented through the automatic writing of the dream semi-conscious world and the conjugal thinking, with the optimistic perception that man may go beyond, to aim farther and higher. So he came to shape a new visual proposal, bright and meaningful, TRANSCEDENTAL SURREALISM, where creative imagination through its PROJECTION, as it enters our natural world creates a transcendent unity with it, expanding our understanding of the cosmic event. G. V. unlike the other surrealists, proposes new and pure light streets, archetypal inspiration and insights that are inhabited by formalized symbolic ideas and psychic currents that bring us into the world of beauty, good and a new transcendent perception. There, too, all of us in the distant future, we want everything to come to an end, forcing tomorrow, to become more substantial and more beautiful, for man and the cosmos all. Eventualy ... I ask ... is it finally that through this new proposal, in some indefinable way, somehow tomorrow is released by meeting today and the future insists to meet us all in the present?


Dr Lidakis Stelios (Professor of European history of arts) writes for G. Vassiliou-Oficcial critic for his first Solo Exhibition under the title - Soul to soul/Athens/May 2009. 

In such cases (G. Vassiliou), the imaginary freedom of creating a world sanction is left without the requirement of being understood. Significance has the vision as an autonomous poetic value, in which interpretations and meanings are not concerned, but real purity as indeed happens in nature itself. A cloudy sky, a tricky sea, is a plethora of colors and shapes, with the only demand perhaps to be a poetic indication of the mystery that lies in the essence of the world. Georgios Vassiliou knows how to embody the role of the magician by creating the ainigma that all of us ought to feel and not to resolve! 

Artist EXPERTISE Image 1
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September 2019

| Reading time: 11 min



A discussion with the visual artist-architect 

Mr Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou 

Artwork of Gio Vassiliou : The return of Odysseus -the decisive instant/oil on canvas /110x70cm


A new Surrealism which conveys an idea of ​​what man is capable of achieving, when he is released from his shackles and looks free at the cosmic becoming as well as himself!. It is presented internationally by the Visual artist-Architect Mr Giorgos (Gio)Vassiliou Vassiliou named as Transcendental. Historically, it was presented in the summer (July) of 2018 at the Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra-Greece/IAMY.


According to the foundet and inventor  of this new proposal, it is the progressive development of  classic Surrealism, as presented in the beginning of the 20th Century by Andre Bretton's Manifesto…! 


«I asked a child holding a candle:

Where did your light come from?

He immediately turned it off and told me:

If you tell me where it went I will tell you 

where it came from!»


Poem by Hasan of Basra



Photo of Giorgios Gio Vassiliou 

Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou biography 


(b. Athens 1970)Is an international and profound- highly promising greek  artist, known as the founder and inventor of Transcendental Surealism in visual arts. He studied Architecture at Westminster University (London) and Life Drawing. Has been involved with arts (painting & poetry) since his childhood and has presented his works in important art galleries of Greece. Many prominent Greek art historians, have written official critics, about the evolution and importance of his work, such as: Dr Stelios Lidakis, Dr Georgios Prokopiou, Athena Schina, M. Georgousi and many others. During his long lasting, artistic research and development, he gradually developed and presented his own artistic style, that consists new proposal in visual arts, known overseas  as Transcendental Surrealism. This new theory of T. S. is regarded internationally , as the evolution and progression of the classic Surealism, presented by Andre Bretton and his artistic circle in 1920s . Artworks of him can be found in major Private Collections such as Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra, Varlamis A., Prokopiou G. and many more… He is author at the greek progressive magazine ORTHOS LOGOS and often publishes official comments, in worldwide respectable magazines such as :SciTechToday, The Conversation of Oxford University and others. During his deep and profound research in many scientific fields such as : psychology, mathematics,, pure physics, astronomy, history of visual arts, theology and religion, has been established as a respectful scholar and researcher internationally. Of course all these profound results, so far emerged, from his researches, are embodied into the philosophy and theory of Transcendental Surealism. He is an active  member of Associazione Clam International-Taranto-Italy. 


"We all know, Mr. Vassiliou notes, that every season is characterized by certain  conditions, that define and characterize it, as unique and unrepeatable in the space-time continium. 

These very conditions give birth to or create from their very essence, this individual  identity, that directs the conquests and aspirations of this specific historical period. Here in this new proposal, we are primarily interested in the vision  that accompanies the starting idea of its birth. 

 "It simply came to our notice then, that this very  idea, had to dress up itself and come out in the daylight. Its dress in this charge , is the very vision that supplies, its  breath and substance. The subjective nature of the vision is called to be materialized, to become real and to be externalized as something with a material existence. This is exactly what happens with the vision of Transcendental Surrealism (in abbreviation T.S. or TS), descending from the subjective heights of our conception, that emanates and ends up  "to land " in our natural world.

 The nature of a vision (as we all know) is to travel us, to fly to unprecedented heights, to take us to unknown places or even  dimensions. However, just as a vision includes its "flight", it must also have a "take off" as well as a safe "landing". Only under this special condition, a vision respects itself, when it includes in its manifestation, exactly this complete cosmic cycle of events. "


In the vision that concerns T. S., as its founder and inventor, Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou, hopes that the aforementioned condition will be met, in order to offer us safe and complete flights in the future.  

 The phrase "that art follows life" is well known, but sometimes life follows art and this has happened lots of times. In Transcendental Surealism  the notion of "reasonable time" and causality is collapsing, because the future comes to meet the present and the aftermath! Let us now look at the necessity and usefulness of the Transcendental  Surealism not only in the visual arts, but also in the era in which we live and thus is creatively integrated. First of all, I must make an extencive reference to the transcendental element, which is the dominant synthetic factor of The T. S.. 

 By definition, the transcendental element is an extraterrestrial or exocosmic conception of another kind of "superior" impression of our world. While it is intended for the present time  

of this era, however, its origin (potentially at least) is not of this world!

 And I am referring to this subtle and refined factor, which expands our perception, after all, it is transcendent, so exceeds by far our understanding and expands it , if you prefer , to unprecedented proportions compared unknown to us. 

Imagine a vast horizon, which as we approach it, extends continuously and opens up new dimensions in our visible and invisible spectrum! 


Painting of Gio Vassiliou : Collecting the quintessence of life /oil on canvas /135 x 110 cm

Historically, the Transcendental Element has existed, like flashes, since the time of the caves in the human factor! Then humo erectus recognizes that the natural elements (that surround him) surpass him, the sun and the stars surpass him, by doing so he begins and sets foot on the transcendental element, ending up with the approach of the divine factor that transcends everything.

 "There, somewhere in the depths of history, begins the journey of the search for the transcendent in the human race. The Transcendental Element, it seems, has always been and is (still) intertwined with man's religious or theological existence, as if there were only a single direction to it.

 And this very fact, through the T. S. , will prove to be a natural factor of human existence and not only through its religious nature. In such 

a way, we are structured to function "transcendentally", beyond all others. We can function, not only logically or mentally or even emotionally, but also "transcendentally".

And, I explain the above conclusion: man seems to be made like an apartment building, his consciousness resides in only one two or at most three floors. Its transcendental nature is found and exists only on the upper  floors. 

 All that remains is to inhabit them so that they do not remain uninhabited! That is, the upper floors are also our home, so we need to get to know them, finally, to inhabit them, as we do with the lower floors. In addition, we can say that if the ground floor is our normal (mostly instinctive) life, the first is our emotions with dreams and the second is our intellect, from there on there is our transcendent floor. That is, we must go up and settle on these floors. This is our future and our destination as humankind! 


   Collection of artworks by Giorgios Vassiliou 


Over time in arts and literature, the Transcendental element was, with flashes, present in many works throughout the centuries.

 It is worth mentioning: the Opus of Gilgamesh, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Sufi poetry, Christian transcendental texts, Byzantine hagiography, the Virgin of the rocks of Leonardo da Vinci and others.

"But even in the most recent years, such as: Jesus of St. John of the Cross by Dali, the crazy pomegranate – poem of O. Elytis, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, the Nibelungen ring of Richard Wagner, etc. I must also mention the participation of science in the transcendental, in addition to modern quantum physics, which has as its given information: the spiritual world, consciousness, the overthrow of the law of causality, etc.


The transcendental element in science… 


 The most obvious scientific allusion to the transcendental element (in my own point of view) is the so-called 4-dimensional Minkowski diagrams. Scientifically, the diagrams of German mathematician Herman Minkowski accompany A. Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, presenting the unity of space with time. They show us in the most obvious way that there is no space without time, in cosmic laws. These two fundamental quantities exist as an entity in the universe of relativity, where we all live, move and exist! The same goes for the microcosm of man and the Transcendental element. Human factor and Transcendental element, it is a unity that we must discover and understand.


                         (Diagram Minkowski)


But let's take a closer look at the Minkowski diagrams, which, in addition to the two space-time cones, also have the factor "elsewhere" = somewhere else or something else.


This "elsewhere" is an undefined but real factor.

 In the role of "elsewhere" can we assume that the super-logical or transcendental element is the most appropriate to place?

"In order to complete this first level of approach of the T. S. , I have to cite some data regarding the time we live in and the acceptance of the transcendental in it. Our age is characterized as "the age of speed" but also of of stress too. The transitory and the fleeting are dominant everywhere, as never before in history.

 So in this current period, the "current God" or the "current material God" or "the One who is finally in fashion" seems to be represented by money and its accessories.

Current and prevailing Social - economic systems have their "principles" as well as their "laws", and, it seems, are inspired by a dominant factor, which as another God, rules them in His own particular way. Everyone wants to get along with this "God" because he provides "happiness" to anyone who is a faithful follower of him!

 As for glory (because of the well-known saying: money many hated glory  nobody), I must say that today with the power of money, even glory can be acquired or something like that…but not the real one. 

This "current God" of our time, it seems that in his total domination of human consciousness has been overturned unilaterally. Now, it seems that the cosmic scales are tilting a lot.       A second factor (second weight on the cosmic scale) is needed to adequately balance the human-world system. Now, I have to mention, that money only provides strength and power when is accumulated in a huge  quantity by a person. The quantity factor, is what is sought in anyone, who seeks "modern happiness." The amount of money circulating around the world is like the corresponding amount of blood flowing in our veins and arteries. But I ask: where is resting  the quality to balance quantity? The second balancing factor can only be quality, which seems to be in search. But we must not understand (nor confuse) quality with anything else. 

 Quality is not a quantitative factor, it is like the salt that flavors the food or the aroma that enlivens the atmosphere. It is a subtle and refined factor, therefore hard to find, in the material world of the quantity we live.


Quality, you say, seems to require a struggle to be acquired, not bought, nor is it readily available. It is this direction that characterizes it. Is quality the denominator in the cosmic fraction of the modern age?

"All these elements over the years have created a need for artistic expression within me. My accumulated quantity was looking for its balancing quality.  

So inevitably, at some point I felt it was time for this inner event to manifest itself. And thre is no  better way, than to make it visible to everyone through painting, the oldest of the visual arts, which directly concerns human vision and becomes a visible event for everyone. It is now clear that there was a historical need, to present the transcendental element in a structured artistic proposition and philosophy, for the first time in visual arts .

 The next step is to explain why the artistic  movement of classic Surrealism (1920s) was chosen to accompany, in this journey, the Transcendental  Surrealism (Surealism = Sur-Realisme = Upper Reality or Over-Reality) by definition refers to a higher level, than the real one, of human perception and understanding. It was historically presented at the beginning of the 20th century. by Andre Bretton and his Paris artistic circle (Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Rene  Magritte, etc.) and emerged from the liberational artistic movement of Dadaism, that preceded a little time before. Classic Surealism was based on three fundamental elements, to express the new perception and approach they offer us, in terms of understanding our world. These were the following: 

  1. a) The dream element
  2. b) The associative thinking-free

     association   thought

  1. c) The automatic writing 

 These three factors, present a different perception, from that of our five real senses. Impressions are emerging in a new global, diffused way, not from the natural world, but from a parallel stream of thought that runs parallel to life, but is not the same with reality. 

"There is a shift in the perception of impressions, from the real, to a semi-subjective level, based on the three main points of reference, that we mentioned a little while ago.

These three factors proposed by the Manifest of classic Surrealism was based, certainly and unquestionably, stand above our natural world, where everything in the cycle of activities, almost happens to us, because they are just happened automatically, instinctively and mechanistically.But all three foundamental factors of the classic Surrealism belong to a semi-conscious or subconscious level if you prefer, reducing the participation of consciousness, that is so essential in our evolution as a spice. Consequently in this case we do not decide when and what we will dream, or when we will experience the free associative thinking! Because of their vast influence, what we experience subconsciously, in our inner "I", is not the real driver of the human vehicle, but just a passenger!In simple words, the dream world, the associative thinking and automatic writing are happening to us. 


   Towards a new approach….. 


 The need for a more conscious framework than Surrealism, seems to be more evident than ever. So my personal study and observation, led me to the presentation, of the

newly arrived Transcendental Surrealism, which exceeds all the aforementioned elements together, into a new  single and organized entity for the first time in the visual arts and the human intellectuality. In the newly arrived three fundamental elements of T. S. the human consciousness, due to expansion, will have a leading role and part!! Of course, we still have a lot to say, about this event in the future, which will become more extensive in my next posts.



Concluding, Mr. Vassiliou states,, "from the bottom of his heart" that  Transcendental Surealism is just beginning its long journey in human history and has many destinations and ports to visit. He wishes that in some of these destinations (or even airports due to the "flight mentioned above") we all will be met and get to know each other better "not only naturally but also transcendentally".


  1. Vassiliou : Long day’s journey into night - Eugene O'Neill /oil on canvas /80x60cm


November 2019 issue

Reading time: 12 min



The powerful "substance" of Transcendental Surealism 

Discussion with the Architect – Visual Artist Mr. Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou 

(Artwork of Gio Vassiliou: Collecting the quintessence of life  / Cover of his solo exhibition catalogue, at Hydra's Historical Archives-Museum (Greece)2018 First ever historic presentation of Transcendental Surealism in visual arts) 

Giorgios Vassiliou’s intention to meet and get to know each other better "not only naturally but also transcendently" is constant. In a earlier discussion with him, we agreed that Transcendental Surrealism, just now, is beginning its long journey in human history and has many destinations and ports to visit. We had given some first information about the synchronicity and timeliness of its presentation in the visual arts, but also in human thought in general. This time, satisfying the want of many readers, to be better informed, about the T. S. We are talking about the basic structures and the building (edifice) on which it is based, as an artistic innovation and as a new concept for the world. Initially, as Mr. Vassiliou tells us, T. S. as a place and philosophy has three central pillars, on which it is based and expressed, as a self-existent ontological approach. These are: 


  1. a) The transcendental perception


  1. b) the creative imagination


  1. c) the slow current of thought. 


°Information taken from the English free Wikipedia about Transcendental Surealism link:

Let's start by looking at each factor in detail and as we deliver into their deeper parts, we'll see what their composition can offer us in the end! 

«To better understand the previous  fact, it is essential to say, that they already exist in our daily lives, to a very small degree, but they do exist! We simply have not given them the importance they deserved, nor did we know that through self-observation, we would see their presence and the effect they have on us»


But let's look at them in more details… But before that, I have to mention two very important paradoxical situations, which we experience every day and appear of the real. You will allow me to make this detour, because if the three factors i mentioned are the main pillars of the new structure (edifice) of TS, these two situations function  as its beams. These strange situations are as follows: 

1.The visual paradox of colors


2.The illusion of the present time (as a real experience

1) The visual paradox of colors 

In the color theory of physics, colors - as we see them - result from the analysis of sunlight at specific spectral frequencies, which we call "the seven colors of the Iris". Then our eyes receive these frequencies and our brain translates them, as the specific colours of the objects. However, if we look more closely at the event, we will see that, such as, an object that we see as blue, this is because the surface of the specific object, absorbs the six frequencies of sunlight. That is, that this given object, reflects the blue frequency, which is transmitted as "blue" into our eyes. Blue is the only one of the seven frequencies of light that is not absorbed by this object. It absorbs the rest within itself, makes them part of its essence or  accepts them within itself, if you prefer. The only frequency that "expels" from its surface, "gets rid of it", is that of the blue color! It refuses to accept it in its mass and thus by reflecting it, when it reaches our eyes, we translate it and baptize this object… as a blue one! Think about it, the blue object does not accept the blue frequency, while it absorbs all the rest six fundamental frequencies. We of course, translate blue as its true color, that is not! We as human beings, every element that drives us away from our essence, it is normal to say, that it does not characterize us at all.!!

 "Then why, when a material object does the same, do we characterize it on that very basis?

After chasing it over, "I think this is the paradoxical, the search of the true color of the blue object, we have to look for it, in the other six colors that it absorbs - or  create these together as a synthesis-which accepts within - and not the blue that it reflects! Its true color must also characterize something of its essence-substance. So it's not just blue. Think about it, it's paradoxical and yet true. However, the essential colour of the object is always hidden from our eyes and remains mysterious and unexplored, while we think it is blue!!! This paradox comes as a final result from universal laws functioning to our eyes!!! 

First paradox  behold…

2)The illusion of present time! 

In physics (again) we will look back to the sense of the present. This occurs when sunlight reaches our eyes. It is at this very moment that light is being translated into specific observable objects, we refer to that fact, as the real sense of present, that we experience in daily life. Let's go into this current situation and the feeling of time. We all have an external clock (based on the light, our eyes, our memory, and the watches we are wearing on!).!We all know the famous speed of light c = 300,000km / sec. In addition, we know that it is one of the four universal constants in physics and its speed remains constant for mobile and stationary observers. This exactly in fact, was the triumph of the Special Theory of Relativity over the famous Michelson-Morley experiment. We know, of course, that once the light is reflected by an object, it needs an instant time to reach our eyes. So, let's look at it and experience it as the present. This fraction of time tells us that, when the light reaches our eyes, the image we see "as the present" is already past! 

What we see "as the present", it is already past. We see a past image of this object, but also of all things in our physical world.!!This  specific identity of light to reveal us always a past image – fracture of our world, we can put it to the Mathematical formula S/C=P (S = Distance of object from our eyes, C = Speed ​​of light).This is exactly the factor P, after my thorough observations I have made since I was 19 years old, that i have named it Pastivity!!

Pastivity is the fundamental characteristic of sunlight to show us always, a past image of every observable object. 

This is exactly the major characteristic of light, always to show a past image. This is a universal state and is valid throughout the universe due to the finite speed of light c = 300,000km / sec. In order not to apply the c measurable value, it would have to be infinite and  not measurable. But then we would have an absolute present time in the universe. That would really be an incredible situation!! 

"In official physics, there is a similar term, the famous PARSEC, which is an astronomical term and counts not time but distance…between planets galaxies or so!ʼʼ

A parsec is the specific distance that light travels in an earthly year. It is an incredible astronomical tool, which helps us measure astronomical distances from other planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc. However, the past nature of light has not been realized in-depth and parsec has officially replaced the past-time with distance.! 

The final conclusion is that there is a past, far or near, it doesn't matter, but so, we all experience it as a present!! When we look at the stars in the night sky, we see thousands of star images, of past years or even centuries. We do not know if they are real in the present time or have disappeared long ago. So you see the paradox that we consider as true and real! Pastivity seems  more relevant than ever because it reminds us how much time has been lost when we experience something past as present.

The amount of past time shows us how much we deviate from the real present! On another occasion (in the field of Physics), I will explain how far away, Pastivity can take us, and I say far because it can take us further than the Special Theory of Relativity and Lorentz Transformations!! It may radically change our perception of time in the natural sciences.Now, as far as our internal clock, it depends on the rate of change of thoughts and feelings. But, let's take a closer look at the most prevalent daily emotion, the daily stress!We consider it normal and natural to experience daily stress. Life runs alongside with that. Stress, however, is a constant fear. And through fear, our internal clock depends on what «time will show»!! 


Lily protects humanity from Coronavirus threat /Artwork of Gio Vassiliou /oil on canvas 

What is the dominant feature of fear, and what effect does it have on us in terms of our inner time? 

"Every day the associative stream of thoughts, dominates within us, with the uninterrupted flow, mainly of memories. However, the word memories is a notion to our past (childhood, puberty, maturity, etc.). So why does fear, through associations, lead us to the past? We imaginary travel in the past because this is our psychological reaction to fear and not our real action! The present and the future are unknown to us, so we react and escape to the past that is known, therefore it’s safe and is our favorite field to visit conceptually. Therefore, escaping from our inner present and moving on to the past, looks the only direction we have at our disposal!.Thus everyday life triggers stress and travels us from the present to the past continuously. The present is not known to us, because just now is taking shape and the future is indefinitely unknown. Eventually by running backwards we seem to be afraid of life itself in the present.! Death is unknown where and when it will happen, and yet, while we fear it, we avoid thinking about it, through our psychological self-defense-repulsion (psychological repulsion).

Not only do we not experience present time, but we also fear it. But are we afraid of it because we don't really experience it and it constantly escapes us? 

Second paradox  behold!! 


The transcendental perception

«Let us then put on the table what is not a transcendental conception and then focus on what it is.»

The usual way of perception, that our mind has as its daily foundation, is based on the observer - the observed (object) - and the result of their interaction within the observer. Analyzing, we have two emerging situations:

  1. a) The observer identifies with himself, despite the state the object. That is the observer, is guided by introversion, which leads to melancholy and psychological mental states. 
  2. b) The observer identifies with the object of observation, which leads to the mechanistic, or at least to a state of absence of the ego-i, which results in temporary, positive, or negative emotions that associate impending identification

Artwork of Gio Vassiliou «Transcendental Woman»

Let's see what kind of observation Transcendental Surrealism (T. S.) suggests after we first saw what is not transcendental perception. The proposal of  T. S. is a double – divided observation (simultaneously)! The observer, potentially (at least), sends half his attention to the object he is looking at and keeps the other half for self-observation (at the same time).

But something new is happening, the observer-object dipole forms a third pole, that observes both at the same time! The transcendental element and its perception is this timeless observer of our world and ourselves, we all have it, as we said, because we were born with it. This prevents identification, with ourselves and the object, so that the timeless observer is allowed to bring to the surface of our perception, the sense of our real presence in present time!! In other words, a total sense is shaped clearly in our perception, where we feel like part of a vast cosmic chain. By observing himself in an inseparable unity with the world, the observer prevents the usual (to all) identification and this allows him to expand the sense of perception and understanding of his experience.This new extension synthesis is to experience the expandoof his own consciousness. 

The mechanistic perception of time - which consists of scattered moments with their broken chain, disappears, and now a new taste of wholeness replaces it. I'm not saying it's easy to do, but our nature includes it and that's why it's already happened to all of us. And I say that because we remember it when it happens to us. I must emphasize that our memory (when we experience the  double attention) extends beyond its normal state and records it to be remembered , as a remarkable event. Inside our kaleidoscope, a superior provider installed this ability, along with many others.

Therefore, this new concept by Transcendental Surealism’s Philosophy, was mentioned to satisfy  the state of a healthy vision. A vision that includes takeoff (start of double attention), flight (sense of expanded perception), and landing (sense of continuous-continuum). It is this new sense that allows the observer to experience cosmic unity, he also begins to feel part of the world and master of himself in the real present time. The observer experiences liberation and identification from the past. He experiences present time, with a sense of a transition towards the next future moment-instant, a slight movement - flowing towards the future, without standing or being trapped anywhere.! He experiences and feels fully and consciously his steady course. Unlike other propositions and psychological systems, that suggests that we must live to the  moment only, T. S. proposes to live this continuum and expand the consciousness that arises when we get to make the double-sided attention. Transcendental perception also proposes the use of transcendental meditation of conscious prayer or even creative visualisation. All of the above actions, of course help to the influence of associative thinking, which leads to transcendent refined perception. There the dream state and the fantasies end up to create the state of "daydreaming".By avoiding the previous state, we begin to experience a subtle sense of continuity. This imperceptible moving forwards, allows us to experience our presence and dispels all mechanistic fears and insecurities. Try it and you will see in practice how it works!

You will live like  moving towards the next moment and then you will feel the space - time continuity-continium , with its unbreakable conscious chain in your daily life! "

"In conclusion, all of the above contribute to the maximum, so that the transcendental perception appears in life! "

«The space-time entity is infinite and innumerable, but, as Mr. Vassiliou wisely adds, our space in the magazine is finite. For this reason, in the next conversation, we will continue with the other two "columns" of the Transcendental Surrealism and we will analyze in more details the new data that emerge… »



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Creative Imagination: The second "pillar" of Transcendental Surrealism 


"In nature, what is not forbidden is submissive! "

Wolfgang Pauli-Quantum physics pioneer 


"We are aiming for the impossible.!We are realists" 

Ernesto che Guevara 

Visual artist & Architect Mr. Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou continues to talk to us, about the theory and philosophy of Transcendental Surrealism in visual arts and the modern era. 

vision Lily protects humanity from Coronavirus threat :Artwork of Gio Vassiliou 

It is a well-known and indisputable fact that everything in the universe is moving eternally. The ancient phrase of Heraclitus "everything changes  and nothing remains", seems since then, that it is the most stable state of our material world, which is distinguished by its temporality and exceeding  limitations.

We now observe galaxies, planets or even solar systems being created and disappearing as part of a perpetual cosmic movement. After all, in our nature and the surrounding area, everything slowly and steadily (through periodicity) changes. So something that is created, the "almighty time" goes by, will be decomposed little by little (or even instantaneously)and finally it will be permanently disappear in the vast space-time . This whole situation is a permanence, in the material universe of relativity that we live in, as if an invisible universal force (consciousness) wants to communicate with us, not in words but through these very universal activities. And all this, characterizes the most, the universal empire of friction we all live in.! 

It seems that if we look more philosophically at the whole issue, two dominant interactions are in manifestation and they are contradicting each other or complementing each other through their eternal conflict! On one hand, the action of creation builds worlds, and on the other hand, the action of their destruction destroys and disappears them. (Where these worlds come from and where they end up will be analyzed in a future article.) The primitive twin brothers - Ariman (Evil) and the Ahura Mazda (Good), both archetype gods of Zoroastrianism, as representatives sayings of the dualistic system, opposing forces of ancient religions, are here again.! 

It seems that they have not yet been overcome, because, even today, when our knowledge has been uplifted, to unprecedented levels, the so-called primordial religions and beliefs are still enduring. However, in this article, we will take the path of creative action(through imagination) and we will follow this, if we want to achieve the desired result-the embarkation to our Ithaca! (In our previous article we talked about the first "pillar" of the T. S. the "Transcendental Perception" and we will continue now with the second, the creative imagination.


 Don Quixote's lost vision :Artwork of Gio Vassiliou 



We said before, that everything changes in the cosmic scene of the universal theater to which we all live. From that first super-shocking moment, now called the "Big Bang", the invisible Creator of the universe, put everything in motion and cosmic action. The beginning of the times we would say, where this unknown Greatest Artist of all, left an indefinite presence on his cosmic canvas and continues fearlessly until the end of times!Creation as a real fact, from religions to legends and traditions to the present scientific era, is referred, to as an ontological event with material action and substance.

Of course, looking deeper we will subsequently realise, that this is the end and not the beginning of the event! . And  I mean, before an action, there's a conception that will lead to a decision and a material action. We all understand that thought precedes action, so in conclusion, creation begins with the mind conception in order to end up at the material level. So, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. We as creatures, in our perception, due to our finite and  limited sense, we observe the creation process, mostly, on the material level, because it is visible and therefore perceptible from our five senses. Creation begins its course in the mental realms and then reaches the material world. This restriction is time to lift and make it clear to ourselves, that even when we think we create a higher level! A creation that takes place, first and above things, in the mental level and not in the material one, as we thought so far! 

When it comes to artistic action, it leads to the creation, of that we call in visual arts as artworks. In a such a way,  the unknown Creator that set the universe in motion and we by ourselves, both share and live under the constant influence of the same cosmic pulse. It seems that the phrase  "co-creator of the father", which Christianity advocates about the human presence in universe, is not something that is simply said. The universe by itself and we by ourselves, both looks very similar, because we are both constantly creating something . It is this shared creative action that makes us work with it, and man is thus part of the whole universe.

Let's take a closer look at this whole idea. We said that creation starts with an conceived idea, we have to capture that idea - we have to  imagine it first. So as an approach, this very action, we can (potentially) define it as the creative imagination in manifestation. We all have this ability within ourselves and we use it consciously or unconsciously, but as i mentioned before, we haven't given it the proper importance so far! 


Artwork of Gio Vassiliou : Nike of Samothrace uphightens the solar system's  dance. 

The power of thinking process 

Mapping   now, these  new conceptual "lands", according to my own observation all these years, i have seen two main factors that characterize the recruitment of creative imagination. Each idea, which comes from this level, has two main parts: 

  1. a) A well-known (explicit) part related to the previous experience that already exists. So it is specific and known to us. It is something that is related to the material world we live in and "treads" on the memories we already have. 
  2. b) The rest of the section is something fantastic (unspoken) for which we have no previous experience.

It seems to arise something new, that  has to do, with how we would like the world to be and it comes from our deep inner truth. It looks like the whole event with the double observation we have already analyzed (previous issue). We have to combine these two parts to complete the process and create something new. Their combination can be done, as long as, we give the appropriate energy to this. 

At first, these parts will look incompatible with each other, but if we insist at some point, a new united result, will appear as inspiration in our minds. So all of a sudden flash thought, in this way, like new inventions or new theories appear, and in general, we consider it, as intelligent and innovative in our world. What at first sight, does not look to be united , through repetitive thinking, shows something new that did not exist before. Only in this way, the invisible-imaginary part is becoming united, with the known part and both become visible. Let's be realistic, it's not easy for creative imagination to enter our material lifes , but it is possible in such a way like that !

Remember that it has happened to you, at least once in your life and you remember it, because at these specific moments , the individual memory is sharpened and the event is recorded as a remarkable one. With steady persistence, we will see this this "inner candle" to light up and glow. After all, we are saying that  the prelude of happiness is more important than happiness itself. In this light, if we make an effort with warm enthusiasm and above all, an individual effort of will, then it will become a real fact, to experience it. Only by mobilizing our individual will, we shall gain the "critical mass" to realize it.! Remember that perseveration gathers strength and accumulated strength becomes real power. In this way, the creative imagination will enter our lives and even change some elements not only in our feelings, but in our external environment as well!! 

Maria Callas - Una diva for all ages : Artwork of Gio Vassiliou 

We all understand that if we want something very much, the power of concentrated thought, attracts the appropriate amount of energy, so what we asked for insistently, actually happens! Of course, here I will reveal some of my own experience, from my personal observation related to that imaginary creative  "liberation"!

There were times when my efforts, no matter how strong they were, did not bear any real result. As if there was an internal obstacle that stopped my effort. There at some point, I decided that what I really needed to do, was learn how to do it right. I felt, that my creative imagination didn't work at all, so I decided to trust the universe, by releasing myself  from that effort and let it go. It was time to leave it all behind me, but without giving up it unconditionally. I said I would leave it and whatever it is to be … let it be! At some unsuspecting moment, the gift of my individual creative imagination came to me, and I felt that despite my inaction. Someone in the universe or something else, listened to me and sent me the gift I was looking for.

It is, as has happened to everyone during our sleep, to find the solution to a problem, that took us a long time and we put it aside. The solution came as soon as we are becoming liberated from our aim and this usually happens when we sleep. Creative imagination is a personal matter and everyone will find its  own individual unique and unrepeatable path in it, if the decision is to get to know it! 

Artwork of Gio Vassiliou: Leda of the colours 

The language of consciousness 

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first artists to penetrate the level of creative imagination and through this very quality, he ended up being considered the most talented man, ever lived on our planet! In our next article - where we will talk about the Third Pillar of the Transcendental Surrealism, the "Slow Current of Thought", i will explain that the creative imagination, through the collaboration of slow current of thought in a transcendental conception inner environment, brings us in contact with our inner gifts, which we all we have, and it transforms  them into talents, new abilities or charismas. The same thing happened (in my opinion) with the unique example of Leonardo, carving one of the most remarkable individual life, (if not the most worthy of speech) in the history of the human race!

However we can realise now clearer, that  creative imagination can penetrate of conceptual levels, of each of us and bring significant results. Thus, we come to understand that creation through imagination is ultimately the language of our own consciousness. Consciousness, at whatever level it is expressed, is looking for ways to communicate with our "I" or ego, in order to make its presence known to us! This (in my opinion) is the most important inner revelation we experience as human beings! The creation of the universe, which pre-existed long before us, is this very vast expression of this Superconsciousness that is constantly trying to communicate with  its Own Self , but also with us, as living observers and inhabitants of the universe . So we must, at least, become harmonized with what pre-exists before us , because it seems that this is one of the purposes of our existence as a human race! This "unconditional" constant communication has a very specific language that speaks to us, the language of symbols. Symbolism by that special condition, becomes the most obvious way of expressing our inner and profound truth within ourselves . Let's take a closer look at what this concept is. The symbol represents a purely personal truth-idea, "dressing" its presence in a form of manifestation (being shaped) to come out into the light of day (visible world) and to announce its existence to us!! .

Our deeper self communicates with us through the symbol. But what is the symbol that is projected within us and represents the transcendental archetypes? Because archetypes are essentially symbols, which Carl Jung was the first to mention  in his psychology of the depths. 

 Something that we all share without exception as human race. The symbol is a subjective, and therefore hypothetical, shape. It is an implementation approach that our minds use to delimit something indefinable to approximate.

The symbol is the condenser of our truth, because it includes it in its essence! Within the symbol, our inner truth is projected and enclosed in material substance. Thus it becomes the means by which our truth is projected (communicate) and seeks to be externalized in order  to declare its essence to us. This is the real reason for the existence of communication at all levels and types. The truth and the world (our inside truth) wants to come out ( external world) and this externalization through a symbol, is conventionality, a limitation, or a co-definition that we invented to understand and bring to our measure the vast (in relation to us) cosmic creation! Of course, it can be conventionality, but it is the best tool we have or it has been given to us to approach the indefinite! The use of creative imagination and the purpose of its presence is to expand our intellect, the indefinable fields of creation, and the unspoken of the whole world (and of course ourselves)! If we look at the globe we will not see borderlines anywhere. Boundaries exist only on human maps and our limitations! They just need our help, our finite mind. From this small one that we delimit (through the symbols in our mind) we get an idea of ​​the vast infinite, how it works and manifests! Only in this way does the microcosmos-human can  meet the mega-cosmos-universe and understands it! In visual arts, which is also our field of action, we must emphasize that the classical surrealism of the 20th century, did not include such factors, concerning our conscious expansion. I am sure that at the beginning of the investigation of Surrealism, Andre Breton, with his circle, adopted, as a matter of fact, a more material basis and a more subconscious theoretical approach. Maybe, in the end, it was not the correct time, in the early 1920s, for him to appear a more transcendental or spiritual thesis in his Manifesto, but the right time was to be reappeared now-early 2020s- with the newly arrived Transcendental Surrealism philosophy ! Once again the history of mankind prove the real facts and their undisputed results. Overall, the use of creative imagination in our lives minimizes the impact of the semi-unconscious past and opens a window with a "double view" in the present. And I say "double view" because, next to the observation of external reality, comes the creative imagination, to bring us to our true present.

Our true present has an external and internal face, like the double attention I mentioned  previously. As fear diminishes, our true present rises with «double grandeur». We all want a better future, but the key requirement is a better real present! And certainly, a present that has a "double" status, is something better for us inevitably! 

Spiritual adulthood

Concluding this double impact in our present, where the real coexists with the imaginary, the following new phenomena take place.


Young man refreshed by his own erotism :Artwork of Gio Vassiliou 

Creative imagination improves the external present and makes it more beautiful in our perception (when needed!). It does not alter it, it improves it by enlarging it! Living in this light, we come to a new approach of our world, which we would call Bio-Surrealism (a definition that I had in the past extensive discussions with the distinguished Dr. Stelios Lidakis, Professor of European Art History). We become realists and surrealists at the same time, so we meet the well-known phrase, that is placed at the beginning of the article! 

"We are aiming for the impossible. We are realists!!" 

Super-square logic perfectly balances the creative imagination impact on our mental scale, otherwise, we are lost…After that, in the outside world, the deepest-highest aspect of our personality is allowed. Through this double use of bio-Surrealism, our gifts are released to the outside world and we have a sense of beauty and goodness inside us. And all this in full relation, to the reality of our daily lives. We are liberated energetically and truly live in everyday life, our spiritual  maturation. 

And believe me, it's really the noblest action, we can manifest   as humans-to grow up spiritually-this way!

I will finish this 3rd article of T. S. With the famous phrase of Wolfgang Pauli from the field of quantum physics, as i originally started! These words worth to be remembered by everyone….

"In nature, what is not forbidden is submissive!" 


Gio Vassiliou 



Photo of Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou:

Visual artist - Founder and Inventor of Transcendental Surealism in visual arts – Architect 

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Arts and innovations- Transcendental Surealism 




«In nature, what is not forbidden is submissive! »

(Wolfgang Pauli: Quantum Physics Legentary scientist) 


«Child of harmony 

Descendant of happiness 

And son of beauty….»

(Poem by Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou) 

Collection of artwork of Giorgios Vassiliou 

In our previous discussions, we explained that Transcendental Surrealism (T. S.), has in its position and philosophy three, "central pillars" on which it relies and expresses itself, as a self-existent ontological approach. Transcendental Perception, Creative Imagination and Slow current of thought. Today we will present and analyze the third fundamental element of Transcendental Surrealism, the Slow Current of Thought or for abbreviation SCL, which, while governing our lives, we have not given it the proper importance it deserves (again). !

How it affects us

In today's way of life, we have all learned to run, to catch up time during the day. Thus, without intending it, the very speed of our action forces us to think and act quickly, if not in a flash without hesitation, otherwise the daily time (time-money) will be lost.

Quick (stressful) thoughts bombard us, literally, intensifying in our stressful daily life the dominant feeling of fear (see previous article).

 We said the transcendental level of our  conception , is from our fourth floor and up, and we mentioned that we have not (mostly) inhabited it until today. It  remains uninhabited. If now, in real life, we try to climb the stairs, up to the fourth floor of an apartment building, with a quick step, hurriedly, like the Quick Current of Thought, of time suggests, we will gasp, quickly and possibly stop breathing in the 2nd or the 3rd floor (depending on the physical condition of each individual). If in a few cases we reach the 4th floor, there, we will arrive, somewhat, tired or panting. So we may not have the energy to realize what's going on in our transcendental home! For this simple reason, Transcendental Surrealism suggests the Slow Current of Thought, as well as the slow pace on the ladder, so that when we go up there, we can sit and understand what is there or what is happening to us. But first, let's not wonder if there exists  our transcendental part or "floor" if you prefer. Believe it or not, it will be looking like riding a bicycle, which if you learn to balance on it, it will never be forgotten. Of course, and because I understand that all the innovations I quote previously need explanations, to make them more understandable to all of you who read them, in this article, among other things, I will cite some practical examples and analyze the SCT and how it affects within us. I'm sure many will try to feel and experience it, motivated by the examples below. The slow emotions-notions of the slow current are based on the cerebral cortex, that is, on the outer layers of our brain that are later evolutionary than the brain amygdala, in the center. Our survival does not depend at all, on slow current, while all the quality elements are directly related to it for the most part. Alongside  with SCT exists the dominant in our perception Quick Current of Thought (or QCT) of our daily life. So we all understand that the quick dominant currents of thought and emotion, have become our very nature and we are constantly fed by them. SCT is a more internal background of our thinking, which, unfortunately, is overshadowed by the Quick Current of Thought, which dominates up to 100% in our lives. That is, fast thinking completely "hood" our slow current. The structure of modern society and the concept of evolution have been built, on the quick flow of thoughts and, above all, on the fast emotions (every thought consists of intellect and emotion together). Fast emotions have their place in the amygdala, that is, in our emotional center, in the brain, which is responsible for our survival... The slow emotions of the slow current are based on the cerebral cortex, that is, on the outer layers of our brain and are later evolutionary to the amygdala. Our survival does not depend at all on slow current, while all the quality elements are directly related to it for the most part. Through identification our fast currents have imposed a stressful way of life and thought. Associative thinking, which expresses the influence of classical Surrealism (20th century) on our lives, strengthens and intensifies even more the brain  amygdala and the fast currents that pass through. So, we realize how much stress we create in our lives at the rate at which we live.

 Subsequently , 70% -80% of our thoughts, during the day, are involved  with our past, 15% are concerning the future, 2% -3% are fantasies and 1% -2% are our Creative Imagination.


Artwork of Gio Vassiliou: Overhanging memories

The course of the human race, in terms of creative thinking, leads us to understand that the visual arts, theater, music, and even technological advances, are the result of the fast current of thought mainly and on the other hand, there are few examples of the slow current. Of course due to the identification process with the fast current, if we try to suppress-suspend or repel it, then all that will happen, will be to suppress our creativity and our survival! It is not a question of whether the Quick Current of Thought is useful or useless, but that it is intertwined with our biology and our survival in the environment we know. Thus, there is no QCT that is not accompanied by rapid emotion or rapid intellect. We are in the age of speed and our biology / survival has a similar character! This particular character has a huge quantitative constant, quick thinking that leads to quick conception and emotional state . But what is the corresponding quality constant, that will balance this standard procedure of QCT within ourselves? Transcendental Surrealism proposes as a quality counterweight the Slow Current of Thought, not only for artistic creation but also for our own life. However, we should not be led to express mistaken conclusions about the previous proposal. QCT  is part of our biology and intellect, so our entire hormonal system relies onto it, by all means. The important thing is, that our hormonal system plays the role, of the true barometer of our health - physical and psychological. The true conclusion emerges, as the wise Patanjali has put it since the 3rd century BC, that is, we can live with the QCT without magnifying it. That is, to exist on a biological level and to a certain extent in our mind, without interfering with the slow current of our thought.

 "I don't get lost in Tartarus, I just lie down, I return  to life once again and resurrect entire nations"

«Digenis Akritas»: Poem of Kostis Palamas (Poet of modern Olympic games  hymn) 

Artworks of Gio Vassiliou from the collection:

Clarity from the blure - 2014-2019


The  Examples 

Here, we must say that in everyday life and the struggle for survival, which we are constantly threatened with, it's obvious that fear dominates us biologically and psychologically, fast currents immediately take the reins of our lives in their hands, without at all receding. On the other hand, our slow current does not depend on high levels of consciousness. It mainly depends on whether we have inner perspectives in life. The slow current asks us, to have an inner horizon and slowly to move towards it, so as a result to give us  the psychological sense of perspective, depth and direction. If we understand that there, in the depths of the horizon, the talents and gifts of our individual soul are existentially projected, then an energetic atmosphere is created that emerges. 

This in fact is the real sense of liberation,that we can experience in real terms. By this our gifts are manifested in our inner world, if there is calmness, relaxation and a sense of freedom. We all have talents with no exceptions, because we are all souls and such as that , we have (among other things) wonderful baggages within ourselves. It is our real duty, that we have forgotten to fulfill, due to the quick current of thought influence. Well, this ultimate duty of ours is to reach our Transcendental Self, the "floor" that we must climb up and have enough energy to inhabit.

Thus, the previous articles of Transcendental Surrealism are connected as an entity now. Slowly, we will see how useful it is, in our lives and in all arts. We usually say that art copies life! Also, whether we know it or not, all of us, more or less, have been  influenced by classic Surrealism, because we love to dream even during the day, we like to get lost in fantasies or to QCT that leads us to associative thoughts… Maybe it's time to see, how our life will be like, if we let Transcendental Surrealism enter through the Slow Current of Thought into ourselves?

As I quote earlier, I will suggest some selected examples of historical-well known personalities who have approached the SCT in their activities and their life time. 


The famous author in his first published book "The diary of a magician" and on page 67 (depending on the publication), suggests an exercise, which advocates to bring us in contact with  Slow Current of Thought , connecting the pace we walk with him. Yes, you heard right, our thinking and the speed at which we walk are inextricably linked. So the exercise he suggests (literally) is this: "Walk for 20 minutes, twice as long as your normal walk.. Pay attention to every detail and the people around you. The best time to do this is after breakfast. Repeat this exercise for seven days. " This particular exercise (according to Coelho) helps us draw from what we are used to seeing every day, the little secrets that escape us and that the routine does not let us see.In other words he essentially   suggests the SCT, as an application in real practice. By doing so we replace, even for 20 minutes, the fast current we live in!



In the previous article I had announced, that I would present the way in which Leonardo came to symbolize the most characteristic example of humo universalis (universal man) ever lived, in the history of mankind. Of course, he was a unique and unrepeatable personality, because his real limits extended to infinity and his talents  were almost innumerable.

Photo of  Leonardo Da Vinci at the age of 50-55 years old


If we look at his recorded biography and historical references, we will see that he was a "slow pace" artist who was always late, in delivering his projects. In his career he managed to complete only 15-18 artworks, according to historians and is (quantitatively) the least productive famous painter in history… The delay of an order could usually be, from 1 to 2 years, culminating in the Mona Lisa (the most famous painting of all time), which never delivered! Notice  as a first indication, in his works, and above all in his artistic faces - occupied in his artworks , the serenity and the deep calm, which refer directly to spiritual contemplation, that is also diffused in the movements of the bodies. It is certain that you will feel a slow current influence that dominates the incredible atmosphere of his artworks. It is said that when he was making the famous "Last Supper", he would go to work for months every day, and just sit there for hours just at  looking the artwork and leaving it without doing anything at all! In historical facts, he was accused by the monks of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, who had commissioned the artwork, for this unimaginable delay (one and half years), while they also reported him to the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza.

What Leonardo executed in his entire career, was the practice of the slow current of thought! And, this situation of sitting somewhere and just practice the thinking contemplating, is a quality that unique geniuses, like him alongside with Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla have! This is the daily practise of slow current of thought that is so distinguished and characterizes Leonardo in all his works, artistic or scientific. Always he executed  his work slowly and carefully, so he managed to reach unimaginable heights of creation that have not been surpassed by anyone even today. The fact that he dealt with so many different fields of science, proves that through the SCT, he had certainly come in contact with the charismas of his soul, with the only difference, that they were almost innumerable, compared to us! And, apparently, it is almost certain that he spent most of his life in the presence of SCT in his daily transcendental "routine" !! The SCT  in Leonardo, fully proves fare and square that the accomplishment given to him, as "huomo universalis" , shows how far ahead he was from his time - even in relation to present time! It has also been recorded historically that all truly intelligent people think very slowly in relation to the average person. Modern science have proven that the people with huge intelligence or with top IQ levels, have a slow thinking process with in themselves or a slower pace compare to us! And, of course, I'm not referring to those who are called "agile" because, usually, their ideas lack quality and depth.


The great Greek director, who passed away relatively recently, was characterized by the slow shots in his films, which made him so famous. In these slow shots there is a slow imperceptible movement towards the next moment. If you watch any of his films, pay attention to these slow shots (apart from the excellent work of the director of photography  George Arvanitis), whose feeling is exactly the same as the SCT, when we experience it. As an experience therefore it has a slow timeless pace, that gives the impression of an eternal moment. Theodore Agelopoulos realized early in his career , that this slow current of time, is the real gateway for conscious expansion in our thinking and emotional process. In Transcendental Surrealism, this very feeling of SCT is suggested, like Agelopoulos's slow shots. And this is exactly the atmosphere of Transcendental Surrealism, which, internally, creates the conditions for us to come into contact with our own existed talents and profound  abilities.

Ambient Music

Ambient is a musical genre that, in general, emphasizes tonality and atmosphere more than the  traditional form does.

 It is a music, usually slow, in speed, which, in general, does not use vocals and lyrics, while it is very often used by repetitive patterns (repetitions). It's feature is the "musical background", which gives a sense of depth & real perspective, without a primary sound or drum accompaniment.

In this particular music, the dominant phenomenon that is caused conceptually into our inner mentality (when we listen to it) has been described as "soundscape"-a far away existed on the background- landscape made out of melody! Its sensation has a slow flow of sound, which seems to come from a depth of a distant horizon of events and this exactly (again like Angelopoulos' slow shots), is the inner atmosphere caused by the Slow Current of Thought. So this particular genre of music, which has been very popular in recent years, is a good prelude to feel the arise of the  Slow Current of Thought in ourselves. 


Giving a new meaning…

Finishing this first presentation of Transcendental Surrealism, I would like to say a few words from the depths of my heart. First of all, I would like to thank the editorial team of the pioneering Greek magazine ORTHOS LOGOS, for hosting my articles and especially the editor and a dear friend of mine, mr Konstantinos  Alexopoulos.


 Secondly, let me mention some things about the research that has been done on this topic, that is the product of the last 15 years. Research that has been extended to many different fields, in order to find the evidence and the structural elements for the creation of  T. S. not only in visual arts but also in life as well! Proof of that, is me by myself, have used slow currents of thought in this long last research. This research spreads from psychology even to esoteric tradition, from theoretical physics (quantum physics and the theory of relativity) to the history of arts, and from mathematics or  astronomy up to Euclidean geometry.!!Her at this moment it is worth to mention the historical need that advocates the presentation of Transcendental Surrealism .

This mention must be done alongside with the older brother of T. S. the classic Surrealism or  simply Surrealism of the 20th century (Salvador Dali, Andre Bretton, Max Ertns, Rene Magritte and their Paris artistic circle). 

It seems that after the death of the great Spanish painter Salvador Dali in 1989, dominant visual artist, of the second half of 20th century.  A really huge and unfulfilled gap appeared in global visual arts, due to his absence, in terms of the ideas and 

the evolution of them. Since then, the gap left by Dali, had not been filled, and Surrealism movement seems to be going through a crisis of existence, that still continues to this day.

Virgin with baby Jesus and cat - Artwork of Gio Vassiliou - Attribution to Leonardo da Vinci’s famous sketch with the same title 

The presentation of, T.S, exactly, came to fill this existing  gap and try to fill it, in terms of the evolution of ideas in Visual Arts. My desire - from my early years  - was to find a new theoretical background alongside with a strong theoretical structure , which would accommodate the use of creative imagination and the transcendental element in everyday life. We all agree unquestionably, that these specific factors, exist at a higher level and beyond the dream manner, the associative thinking and the automatic writing of the classic surrealism. It seems that if we stop, as a human species, to have creativity and imagination then we will probably disappear -among other things- biologically… My own  purpose, that arises from my real deep intentions, is not only to honor the glorious past of classical Surrealism in all arts, but to prepare a corresponding level the present and the future, as well. I am convinced that at least, I am moving towards the right direction. I hope that in this new course, through these articles, I may gain some companions and together now as a new group, to share the experience of these new paths of conception and by doing so to meet also transcendentally each other! 

Virgin with baby Collecting the quintessence of life - Day and night : Artworks of Gio Vassiliou 

Now what comes next? 

In the period we are going through, the economic crisis, psychologically we have all felt a numbness and a lack of perspective for future plans in our lives. And it is precisely this sense of perspective that is the oxygen of our soul that feeds the transcendent within us. Only in this way can the soul breathe again emotionally and mentally. We all need to be in touch with the slow current of thought that is the vestibule of all our talents and charismas.  If we keep this condition in our lives, we may come into contact with all the essential elements I mentioned above, and with the uncoditional love that overwhelms everything, the so-called universal love! For my part, as the founder and creator of the T. S. , i unreservedly recommend to everyone the vision of the open horizon, where, in the background, we project our talents and move slowly towards them. Practice this vision several times, do not be disappointed and at some point you will feel this opening gate, which is the prelude to those mentioned above. Thus, you will slowly set foot in the lands of the Transcendental Surrealism , in your own life! If you want to take a friend and go for a walk on the sea or the countryside, and, while you are there, do some practice of the ones we mentioned. Do it several times and at some point the door will open and you will experience the benefits of  this newly arrived path. Rest assured that somewhere there, you will find again the "lost", nowadays, paths of true beauty and harmony of your inner world. And, maybe, then, you will remember my words …

I will finish the last article of T. S. , using the words of my  beloved father Spiros, passed away many years ago. Because during his  lifetime but especially when i was a kid, in such a way, he was planting inside me, "the seeds of the slow current of thought", by saying repeatedly these very words:

"- I travel slowly, cause I am in a hurry!!!" 

Thank you dad….! 

Thank you all for reading these articles, from the warmest depths of my heart !

Giorgios (Gio) Vassiliou 





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