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Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin is a Turkish Expressionist artist who lives and works in İstanbul. She works National Exposure, Art Fair Participant. Her artworks takes place in international, national and private collections and museums.

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  • 2021


    Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin & Fatih Sungurtekin dedicates some of the income from the sale of the Art for Good Project to the sustainability of this project and to a better life for the children of the world. This project focused on supporting the following NGOs 1) Sezi Kalkavan, an activist who helps an orphanage in Ghana "Now Association", https: // 2) A few teachers's associations trying to build orphanages and schools for orphans children in Tanzania, Africa by their own efforts: WARIOBA'S CHILDREN HELPING CENTRE,ORPHANAGE & DAYCARE 3) Hayri Dağlı's Idea Universal NGO is performing so many projects. (Donation from Turkey to Africa, clean water wells, fountains, health, education, agriculture and smart village project etc) 4) Unicef ​​is the most well-known association that supports the lives of children and young people in many parts of the world.

  • I Believe Pink

    “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” Audrey Hepburn She focused to "I Believe in Pink Paintings" on experiencing and understanding this famous word of Audrey Hepburn with colors, on the purest, clean and sincere feelings of the heart, like looking at a child ... She wishes for the art buyer to feel that, with this painting, helped children to survive or educate, a child lives anywhere in the world to better and makes children happy . In memory of Audrey Hepburn, some of the income she will earn from this series will be donated by the artist to Unicef ​​to help children of the world.

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Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin
Painter | TURKEY

«I am an expressionist artist. I am my art: energetic, sincere, honest, ambitious, brave, strong, warrior, valuable, expressive and impressive. »
Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin is a passionate Turkish painter whose works have been featured in exhibitions, publications and awards across the country and international contemporary art fairs. Inspired by her own dreams and memories, she explores themes such as femininity, anxiety, fear and joy in an Expressive manner. Ultimately, she tries to convey her understanding of love, life and consciousness with sincerity and originality.
About Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin's Art
Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin is an expressionist artist. Therefore, his art is associated with "German Expressionism", sincere art, "Psychological Art", "Primitive Art", "Symbolic Art" and the Philosophy of Existence. Her artistic subjects and concepts are often based on moments and memories she lived and dreamed of. Life is intuitive, as precious as moments and memories that make her feel meaning, excitement, passion ... Imagination and wishes intensified, How it should be or unexpected and mockingly, moments full of humor and energy ... Vacation, solution, aphorisms, proposition, inference, conclusion includes moments, memories, and thoughts.

Instant mood changes, psychological analysis and synthesis, moments of awareness and comprehension ... Anxiety, fear, joy, sadness, pain, enthusiasm, etc. situations, phenomena and events ... Life stories and personal descriptions, concepts, traumas, existential and subconscious stories ...

Topics such as female energy, self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, energy, balance, connection, quantum and mysticism.

Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin makes introspection and research also paint their own life and dreams with all this taken, imaginary combination. She creates his life and dreams with an imaginary composite and orchestration on all these issues. She expresses her feelings and thoughts with expressiveness, enthusiasm and passion with fast, instant, strong colors and expressions. Whatever her art is her existential act and attitude in life. And the discipline to learn on her own. Focusing on looking at life, memories and moments with art is to understand what her live, see and feel, and that she can look at her mind, soul, heart, inner world. Understanding and staying in the moment is a way to allow for her life. Expressing the subject in a powerful, enthusiastic and meaningful way, he has to make a spiritual and essential art, in the most accurate and sincere way, both in a psychological and human environment. "Who knows your own essence" knows her Lord " and "Whatever you are looking for, search within yourself!'' These words are a mystical purpose of her art style.And her art as a discipline to learn all this from herself. For her, focusing on looking at life, memories and moments through art is an effort to look at one's own life, research and feelings, consciousness, mind, soul, heart, inner world, and to understand and to be yourself. The artist sees her purpose in doing all these as knowing and being herself. For her, "understanding" and "staying in the present" is a way of knowing and living in an expressive way. She continues to make maintain a spiritual and fundamental art by expressing herself at the most direct and sincere, subjective, powerful, enthusiastic and meaningful way, both psychologically and humanly.

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Master Artist / Painter / Visual Artist / Expressionist Artist / Navy Artist / Naval Artist / Art Trainer / Art Therapist / Art Workshop Kurucusu ve Müdürü Fogart Art Studio / Art For Good Project Founder 

1991-1994 Beylerbeyi Lisesi
1996-2000 Marmara Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi (Resim)
2001-2005 Marmara Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü Yüksek Lisans (Resim)
2001 -2021 Halen Yeni resim çalışmalarına devam ediyor. İstanbul'da özel stüdyo.

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Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin, tuval, ahşap, kağıt, tekstil (ceket ve şapka vb.) Üzerine kalın kat boya fırça darbeleri, çeşitli objeler, fotoğraf kağıdı ve pleksiglass üzerine kendi tarzıyla yağ kullanarak enerjik ve hızlı çalışıyor. Genelde tuval üzerine yağlı boya çalışmaları yapan sanatçı, aynı zamanda tuval üzerine kolaj ve asamblaj, iç mekan çalışmaları da üretiyor. Hazır yapılmış 3 boyutlu nesneler üzerinde yağlı çalışıyor. Sanatçıya ait gravürler ve 3 boyutlu obje tasarımları da var.

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Büyük Türk Ressamı Ömer Uluç, 2001 yılında Marmara Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü Resim Bölümü'ne hitaben sanatçı Göknil Gümüş ile ilgili bu tavsiye mektubunu yazmıştır. (Resim 1)

TR İSTANBUL KEMERBURGAZ ÜNİVERSİTESİ Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, Sanat ve Tasarım Anabilim Dalı, 1980 SONRASI TÜRK RESMİNDE EMÜLASYONLAR, Uğur Demirbaş, Yüksek Lisans Tezi
Danışmanı: Prof.Dr.Cevat Demir, İstanbul, 2016.8.5.1 Göknil Gümüş S.131

8.5. Güncel Dışavurumcu ve Yeni Ekspresyonist Eğilimler-Genç Kuşak Sanatçılardan Örnekler

8.5.1. Göknil Gümüş (b. 1977) graduated from Marmara FFA in 2000. She completed his master's degree in Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. She took part in many exhibitions with the works he produced with her expressionist approach. Göknil Gümüş emphasizes the Expressionism-centered understanding in her statements that she tried to place her understanding of art in his period. Her expressionism is her own-centered and takes place by emphasizing his own experiences and his witnesses about private life:
“In the context of expressionism in the post-1980 Turkish painting art, the development of young artists in this direction and where am I in this development? We call all these people, who do not know the existence of the current, amateurs, children, mentally ill, drug addicts, primitive-naïve pictures, and produce expressive. The emphasis here is on the expression of sincere artistry and expressionism. Expressionist painting is more than that. It is not shown backround in the Expreesionism Art , although the goal may seem like color, style, enthusiasm, explosion, surprising, traumatic, or irony. It's like the Expressionist artwork being a surface painting.This is just a consequence.
When I talk about my own expressionism, my expressionism, I am talking directly about my psychological life and artistic process. My art is an individual and subjective. Like all Expressionists, I have experienced this, I was impressed by it, I saw it, I imagined it, I internalized it, now I am sharing it with you to stimulate your perception, awareness, thought, feeling. This is what I can say socially while bringing our work together with the audience. This is the social side of my art. I do not know if my art concerns society, my trauma, my pain, my inner enthusiasm, my thoughts about society, my intuition. I know how can I exist in my own way, how can I be myself?
Art is a way of being for me. The action that makes me question my existence and makes me experience moments of being 'me' in order to be myself. Conscious creation-production process that is sincere, original, free, sincere, meaningful and full of awareness. Striving to be myself… My art criterion is whether my art is "the same thing" with me, the more "we are the same", the better art for me. In my opinion, "good painting" or "good art" internal dynamics, my internal disciplines force me to do this, my eyes want to see it like this, and the construction of this on the "truth" that comes from my heart. If I kept my energy high and could do what seemed good to my eyes, right and beautiful, I say 'that's done'. The construction of my paintings, my composition, the brightness and intensity of the colors are tiring, but so am I, so is my mind. These have mathematics, the mathematics of inner necessity. That arm, that limb, is exaggerated, crooked or amateurish because I think it is so, its effect on my expression. Due to my style, I have to be fast, strong but controlled. While the color continues, your breath, the shaking of your hand, the movement, the connect to between you and the canvas, the consistency of the paint, its consistence your body movement, your enthusiasm, your courage, your energy, your mood, your passion and belief… You have to control everything.
The starting points of my art differ. Experiences, nostalgic moments, sometimes I used to say, my anger, my pain… The things and phenomena that I have been aware of that I think have affected my life… Things that I wonder, catch on my mind, attract me. I pursue the concept, image, imagination, story, feeling, meaning and sometimes the aspects that I want to see in this way… Sometimes it appears in the form of a story, that I can watch the process of, the events, situations, and irony I have experienced. This is what I said to be made painting ... What comes alive in my dreams is my intention to start painting. But when I start painting, I know that I am going on a completely different journey. I also leave myself open to variability, experimentation, and uncertainty to the new with curiosity. As Freud said, you either think first, this is a way, if you think after doing, this is an exploratory path. The result is important, what will be highlighted for me. For an expressionist painter, I think painting is the result. My own art process also describes my life process. My personal life, my psychology… My life process is completely reflected in my art process. While I was doing it as an official means of expression, as a means of interest, love, approval, acceptance, and to be liked, in my early youth, being noticed, being noticed, dreams, experiences and stories were added. I learned from myself how to make art.I behaved with instinct. When I did that, I could be myself and it could be my art anyway. Being freed in my family and in academic education, even indifference, autonomy, and my self-determination have provided me with positive gains in terms of freedom, originality, realizing the value of my inner depth, being individual, and being able to reflect on my existence. The best thing I could express myself was always art. As İlhan Berk said, I wrote when I was unhappy, I painted when I was happy.
While painting, I am enthusiastic, faithful, fun and seriously concentrated. I am serious, I need to analyze… I am serious like a child, like a child playing games. I adhere to the rules, the internal rules for that painting at that moment. I am determined to play the game well because I believe my job will be good. I am interested in philosophy, psychology, mysticism, existentialism, feminine energy. I'm especially interested in the subconscious these days. My expressionism is the point where life or my own consciousness brought me, how much I am myself, the more expressive I am.” (Demirbaş, 2015).

QBLOG - Quick Sigorta Blog-
'' Art in the most conscientious form ''
Painter Göknil and Fatih Sungurtekin couple are in a similar rare aid campaign. They transfer some of their income to the people in need of help in Africa and add a completely different meaning to their art.
Cenk Ertekin 2020

A congratulatory document presented to Göknil Gümüş by Admiral Özden Örnek for the Naval Painter Award and title. (picture 2)


Artist EXPERTISE Image 1
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2004 'Deniz
Kuvvetleri Sanatçısı Ödülü'nü Kazanan İlk Türk Donanması Sanatçısı' 2004
'Donanma Sanatçısı' Ünvanı Aldı 2004-2006
Deniz Müzesi Sergi Ödülü Paketi Aldı 2004
Şefik Bursalı Resim Yarışması - Sergi Ödülü- Ankara , Türkiye
Deniz Kuvvetleri Sanatçısı Göknil Gümüş'ün Özel Sergisi - Deniz Müzesi Sergisi Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı'ndan Ödül Plaketi, Harbiye Askeri Müzesi 2006- İstanbul, Türkiye
Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı 9. Geleneksel “Deniz” Almalı Sergi Ödülü- Sergileme Ödülü- İstanbul, Türkiye
Gebze Belediyesi Osman Hamdi Anısına '' Gebze '' Konulu Resim Yarışması - Sergileme Ödülü- Kocaeli,Türkiye
Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı 8. Geleneksel “Deniz” Konulu Sergisi, - Birincilik - İstanbul, Türkiye
Göknil Gümüş, Deniz Müzesi Sergileme Ödülü Plaketi'ni aldı - 2004 -
Birincilik Ödülü - Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı 8. Geleneksel “Deniz” Alt Sergisi, İstanbul, Türkiye
Göknil Gümüş, 'Donanma Sanatçısı' unvanını aldı. 2004-2006 İstanbul, Türkiye
'' Deniz Kuvvetleri Sanatçısı Ödülü '' 2004- Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı'ndan, İstanbul, Türkiye
İlk Türk Donanma Sanatçısı - Deniz Sanatçısı İSTANBUL, Türkiye
“Yeni Öneriler, Yeni Öneriler, 7. Sergi Ödülü- İstanbul, Türkiye

 2004 Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin was awarded 1st prize in the '' 8th Traditional '' Painting Contest - 'Sea' '' organized by Turkish Naval Forces Command. She won ''Navy Artist Prize''. She get the '' Navy Artist Title'' from 20th Turkish Naval Forces Commander Özden Örnek. 2006-2004 Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin joined theTurkish Naval Forces Command's Military Naval Operations, 2005 '' Old Salt'' and made art works at the invitation of 21st Turkish Navy Commander Yener Karahanoğlu. Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin, who received the title of Naval Painter and Honorary Major, was '' First Turkish Woman Navy Artist''.
Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin has won Navy Artist Prize from the contest by DKK,in 2005. She has participated in ''2005 Old Salt Naval Operation'' as a naval artist and honorary major. She has watched and taken photos of the naval operation during twelve days on the Salih Reis frigates. When She come back her studio in Galata, she has added manpower concept in her impression and She has painted her art works. Her navy paintings were in Göknil Gümüş Private Exhibition exhibited at Harbiye Military Museum in İstanbul in 2006. She produced artworks with the concept of "man power" in 2007 with the invitation of 22nd Turkish Navy Commander Metin Ataç. Navy Artist Göknil Gümüş Sungurtekin' s Naval Artist 30 works she produced between 2004-2007 are exhibited perpetually in the halls, museums and archives of Turkish Naval Forces Command.

Artist AWARDS Image 1
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Artist AWARDS Image 3

Solo exhibitions
The permanent exhibition of the artist Goknil Silver Navy, Navy / Turkish Navy Museum, the Museum of Living Art Archives - Istanbul, Yalova, Turkey
Artist Goknil Silver Navy Special Exhibition / Harbiye Military Museum, Sisli - Istanbul, Turkey
Permanent Exhibition / Gallery Artshop - Istanbul, Turkey
Instant, Goknil Silver Solo Exhibition / Taksim - Istanbul, Turkey
Group exhibitions
Enigma / Nishi Art Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey
Donostiartean Art Fair / Donostiartean International Art Night Market - San Sebastián, Spain
Berliner List 2017 - Discovery Art Fair / Berlin - Berlin, Germany
Sefik Art Competition / Ankara - Ankara, Turkey
International Women's Day Exhibition / Akmerkez Art Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey
50th Anniversary of Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition / Kadikoy - Istanbul, Turkey
Collective Art Association, TUYAP Art Fair / Beylikdüzü - Istanbul, Turkey
9. D.KK traditional "sea" Themed Exhibition, / Harbiye Military Museum, Sisli - Istanbul, Turkey
I. International Turkish Grameen Micro-Credit Art Biennial (Global Poverty) TİSVA / Ankara - Ankara, Turkey
Strategies No: 2, Space & Form / Siemens Art Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey
8. DKK traditional "sea" Themed Art Competition, 1 .. Art Winner / War Naval Museum - Istanbul, Turkey
Taste Workshop / Job Bank Art Gallery, Taksim, Beyoglu - Istanbul, Turkey
New Suggestions, New Suggestions 7 / Borusan Art Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey
Exhibition of Selected Works of Art / Special Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Kadikoy - Kadikoy, Turkey
International Student Triennial / Toprakbank Art Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey
Mezzaluna Painting Workshop-2 / Mezzaluna Restaurant - İstanbul, Ankara, Turkey
Typhoon Erdoğmuş Studio Exhibition 1 / Albrecht Dürer Art Gallery, Goethe Institute - Istanbul, Turkey
Art Fair / Special Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Kadikoy - Istanbul, Turkey
Works of Art Students Exhibition / Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, a special gallery in Kadikoy - Istanbul, Turkey
Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Engraving Exhibition / Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Kadikoy - Istanbul, Turkey
Marmara University 1st Culture-Art Meeting / İstanbul. / Uskudar, Kadikoy - Istanbul, Turkey
Mezzaluna Painting Workshop 1 / Mezzaluna Restaurants - Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey

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