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I am connected to art since childhood.I love what i do and I always liked to do it through realism. . This is the great magic...

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"Shine on you"-Casino Estoril Art Gallery, Portugal

Plus one gallery, London


I am connected to art since childhood. I attended several art schools.

I always feel pleasure to represent nature and people, and always liked to do it through realism. I like to register moments and create beyond them, give life to these moments and let my imagination create…Before I even execute the art work. My work is lonely in a positive way.

The accurate technique, the theme, the detail… There’s a constant desire, a search, there is a lot of research into my concepts and ideas, as well as thorough and technique that I acquired over the years.

I think my work invites to contemplation. I wish to encourage the observer that is before a work of mine ... I like him to have an opinion or a feeling about the work. Each person has a different feel but it has an emotion. This is my way of communicating.The realism is in the brushstroke ... the color ... in the trace ... There's always a lot of me in every work of art..Even the most classic works and seemingly more obvious.

Creation has a lot of influence of my emotions.This emotion passes to the observer. This is the great magic...


Gustavo Fernandes- Photorealistic Artist

Born in 1964


About the Artist:

Gustavo Fernandes is self-taught, creative and bold, in his work stand out objects, landscapes, peoples and details that give to his work a real hyper realistic touch. Gustavo Fernandes constantly seeking the freedom that the artist wants and does it consistently. For this, works through paint, brushes and bronzes, moving with great dexterity in painting and drawing as in sculpture and photography. His color palette is varied and ranges in hew that with rigorous technical and utilizes trace strong and steady. About his work, says: “When I start a work, I live for it and only rest when I reach perfection, as much realism as possible.The realism is in every brushstroke ... In the colour ... in the trace . I like to create works that involve people’s lives, the essential in their lives.There's always a lot of me in every work of art. My creation is strongly influenced by my emotions and moods. The brushstroke, the stroke stiffness, the work which can be agitated or peaceful. This emotion reaches to the observer. This is the great magic... “.



-Attended the Montreal School of Fine Arts Mission Renaissance.

-Attended the program and Graphic Arts of Dawson College.

-Expertise in the techniques and methods and Betty Edwards' Drawing from the Artist Within "and" The Natural Way to Draw "from Nicolides.

-Training under the guidance of the artist Francisco de Oliveira.


Awards received:

2008- Honorable Mention in the Bairrada Wine Museum – Portugal

2004- Prize Mathew Fernandes - Museum Monastery Santa Maria da Vitória - Batalha

2001- Audience Award for Painting, Gallery D'Art Vincent INDEG (ISCTE Business School)- Lisbon

1992-Electroliber Award - Sintra

1990- I Prize "Fidelity" Young Painters - Lisbon


In 27 years of artistic life, Gustavo Fernandes exhibited in over 20 countries:

Canada / Spain / Germany / Belgium / Italy / Kazakhstan / Mozambique / Angola / USA / Netherlands / France / Austria / Finland / Brazil / Japan/South Africa.

Guest by UNICEF and a German institution to be part of a cultural initiative named Berlin Buddy Bears in which a solitary work created by him travels around the world. Among the 140 countries elected by UNICEF includes: Turkey / USA / Australia / Argentina / Jerusalem / Seoul / Egypt / Poland / Uruguay.


Representations, Private and Public collections:


Sculpture “Hand-Evolution”- with 8,5 high for the Center of Lisbon

Aquapura Douro Valley Hotel – With a sculpure.

Church Murals, Pêro Pinheiro, Sintra

Alter, Wall Panels, Church of Our Lady of the Cape, Oeiras

Sculpture "The Dolphin", Oeiras

Decorative panels Hotel Marquês de Pombal,Lisbon

The Yeatman Hotel, Porto, Portugal

Epic Sana Luanda, Angola

Presidential Palace in Kazakhstan

Mural , Wine Museum in Anadia

Museum João Mario, Alenquer

Aveiro Museum

Edifer Group  

Zara Portugal

Nokia Telecommunications

The General Inspectorate of Internal Administration

Municipality of Oeiras

Municipality of Vendas Novas

Also in other private collections such as:

Canada, Switzerland, USA, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Finland, Brazil and Japan.


Art Galleries representations:

Count Ibex Collection, New York

Galeria LM, Sintra

Casino Estoril Art Gallery

Microarte Art Gallery

Plus One Galleryin London, UK.









All of my painting are Oil on canvas

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