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We must work together! This is my final goal, the inspiration for my pictures: To create tolerant, creative and cooperative systems that are heading toward a spiritual unity.

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STATEMENT "I love the sea, the grass, the tree, the animals, the animate and inanimate world. The material. Am I perhaps a narrow-minded materialist? No, the spirit is immaterial but the material is the worldly manifestation of the spirit. When I worked as a dental technician, I had to cast metal and mould wax, plaster and porcelain. I was not captivated with this narrow range of people. I studied Biology and drawing and also taught them, I was wandering around in the world, loved the colourful, transparent world of the Cuban seas, the whirling movement of the barracudas, the endless and timeless space of the Mongolian deserts, the chaotic and artistic magic of Indonesia, enjoyed skiing among the peaks of the Elbrus considered even by Reinhold Meissner one of the most amazing natural slopes. I savoured exploring Vanatau, Tonga, Tahiti and Bora Bora and the friendly people there, their songs, sorrows, faith, their endless respect for their beloved islands and enjoyed their unrestricted appetite for beauty, erotica, exuberance and abundance. I was diving in seas and oceans where lemon, steel-blue and red fish were flashing and gleaming with intensive colours never seen before in the tropical sunshine together with corals and plants. The impenetrable rain forests have presented all the variations of green. And the island of real peace: New Zealand. I love it. Although my homesickness drives me home to Hungary, being here I do not know where my real home is and I long to return there. I have travelled around the world and know: it is small, blue and fragile! This is what I see from the height of 11.000 metres. But through my microscope I can sense the cavalcade of similar momentary magic as well. I am an earthling like so many, seemingly animate and inanimate creatures of God abounding with colours and shapes. As time passes by I have experienced during my trips that all this is perishing. I do not want my children, my students, the explorers of the future not to be able to see this magic. I am presenting some fragments from the endless world and giving them to the spectators with love." These are Igor Jeno Prokop's words about himself, his philosophy and his understanding of the world.

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1971 -1973 Dentist technic
Born 1953 Budapest, Hungary

1974 -1978 Teacher Art and Biology
1981 – 1984 Biology
1985 - 1986 Philosophy
1987 - 1988 Film aesthetic
1990 - 1992 Design manager
2001 – 2002 Environmental Protection

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1991 and 1993 he studied design at the University of Applied Arts. He studied and worked in New York, Heidelberg, Auckland and several other places of the world. Besides painting and drawing he has worked with glass as well for 20 years. The artist has gone through the phases of making lead-glass and tiffany. Fusing glass is the result of a more advanced technology. The process goes like this: the elements of glass coloured in the material are faceted with diamond burnishers and these pieces are melted together horizontally and vertically like a mosaic. The surfaces, panels and pictures reflect the natural forms seen during the author's trips through the eyes of a biologist-artist.
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IGOR EUGEN PROKOP'S COSMOS : BEAUTY AND FRAGILITY OF NATURE AND WORLD I vividly remember my first encounter with one of Igor Prokop's works. It was about midday when I was attentively walking from painting to painting in the almost empty rooms of one of the London Art Biennale exhibits when I suddenly found myself in front of Igor's huge canvas. It was as if a curtain was lifted and I could truly see: the transfiguration of the everyday world, the exquisite beauty made up of particles of intense light, vivid colours, vibrant lines and forms; fabulous animals moving across the scene, huge precious stones morphing into transparent fruit, an endless unfurling of draperies, green and blue waves breaking with myriads of lights. For me it was an unforgettable experience. Again, with the many paintings of Igor's third book “Prokop's Old Diary„ , diving anew into his visions of the beauty and fragility of Nature and our World, I see layers of colours and forms, the opening of new vistas, the variation of transparency and opacity and always this preternatural light and the intense colours recurring in all his works. Along with this light and colours there goes a recognition of heightened significance manifested by objects and the interspersed mysterious messages from old books. There are overlays of organic elements such as ribs, muscle strings, parts of the spine (Igor's father was a physician), of plants such as stems, foliage, or stalks, blossoms or fruit, also parts of animal cadavers as if from a slaughter house or the occupying gesture of a hand. Phantoms of insects, caterpillars, birds and monstrous animals appear on the picture plane and wonderfully coloured fish are hustling about in the sparkling and gurgling waters. Also spirals or ladders, perhaps symbolizing development or decay, can be seen. There are filigree elements of the microcosm, illuminated dots, little moons, structures of marble or magical veils juxtaposed to bigger forms reminiscent of historic events or foreign cultures, such as war - or treasure - chests. Mechanical elements are crossing through architectures or landscapes as well, alluding to the rapidity of time. There is the great beauty of colours, i.e.: blue shades of indigo, cobalt, turquoise, light blue and violet evoking underwater worlds or corridors of heaven, but often interspersed with black and dark red elements reminding of sorrow, death and clotted blood. The scraps of old book pages with mysterious messages are sometimes presented in a realistic way or dipped in gold, emphasizing the respective character of the prophecy. In one instance the syllable “gott” can be deciphered. Its significance is left to the interpretation of the viewer. Inspiration for “Prokop's Old Diary„ was his uncle Gyula's book “Northland Fahren„ , published in Leipzig, Germany circa 1880. It contains his uncle's stories and prophecies about the fate of the world. Igor transferred these mysterious items into his visual language. It is his dream that the time will come when people will be able to “...decipher the visual mysteries for the benefit of Nature and World.„ I would wish for people to follow in the footsteps of Igor Prokop and his family (his genealogical tree goes back to old times in history) and become involved in the fight for the rescue of nature and the creation of a better world. Igor Eugen Prokop's work is a testament to the seemingly effortless combination of great craftsmanship, beauty and the preternatural, singling him out as a true art genius, one of the few exceptional and transcending painters of our time! Ulla Wobst, Dortmund , Sept.4th, 2017


AWARDS Chianciano Biennale 2009 Special Mentions Chianciano Biennale 2011 Biennale Leonardo Award for drawings 2. Chianciano Biennale 2011 European Confederation of Art Critics Award for drawings 1. Chianciano Biennale 2013 Special mention for Excellence Chianciano Biennale 2015 Biennale Leonardo Award for painting 3. London Art Biennale 2015 International Confederation of Art Critics Award 3. Mantova 2017 International Prize Andrea Mantegna Chianciano Biennale 2018 Biennale Leonardo Award for painting 3. Chianciano Biennale 2018 Oxford University Alumni Society Award 1.


Exhibitions: 1994 - Germany, Heidelberg, Gallery Eye and Art, February 4 – March 22 „ZX 2732” 1995 – Hungary, Budapest, VAM Design Center 1996 – Hungary, Kecskemét, Gallery College GAMF, December 6 –20 „ Dream Time Travel” 1998 - Austria ,Salzburg, University of Salzburg,Gallery „Sala Terrana” May 23 – June 12 „ Ozean, Land, Leben” 2000 – Hungary, Debrecen, Gallery Izatom – Art , December 10 - 20 2001 – Hungary, Visegrad, Gallery Prokop, June 23 – September 23 2001 – Hungary, Eger, Gallery Egri Est Cafe ,July 27 – August 27 2003 – Austria, St. Pölten, Gallery Landhaus, September 3 –27 2005 – Hungary, Budapest, Gallery Art and Design , November 19 –December 20 „ 9 Years – 9 Road in NZ” 2006 – Germany, Berlin, Gallery Art-Center Berlin Friedrichstraße, September 14 – October 2006 – Germany, Berlin Gallery Art-Center Berlin, Ocober 10 –December 10 „Ozean-Land-Leben” 2007 – Austria, Vienna, Gallery Sonorys, August 17 – December 13 „Art to Help” 2007 – Austria, Vienna, jma Gallery, September 25 – October 25 „Art for All” 2007 – Luxembourg – Kirchberg, Luxexpo S. A., October 13 -21 „Nude” 2007 – Hungary, Kecskemét, Gallery College GAMF , May 3 –31 „ Global Warm – - Vanuatu” 2008 - Germany, Berlin, Gallery Art-Center Berlin Friedrichstraße 2008 - Canada, Montreal,Gallery Gora, May 27 –June 14 2008 - England Cambridge EE Fine Art Galéria 2008 – Russia, Saint –Petersburg, Central Exibition Hall of St.-Petersburg „Manage” „VI International Festival of Experimental Art” 2008 - Hungary, Budapest, Gallery VAM Art Design , May 26 –June 26 2009 –England, Cambridge, Grafton Center, March 4 –March 21 „ Art Plus Sience” 2009 – Italy, Chianciano Terme , Gallery Museo D’Arte, September 13 –27 Biennale 2009 - Hungary, Kecskemét, Gallery College GAMF, May 27- June 27, „GOD’s Lifetree” 2010 - Hungary Budapest 2010 - Hungary Kecskemét 2010 - Germany Göppingen, Gallery Christophsbad September 16 – November 11 2010 - USA Chelsea, ,New York Agora Gallery July 23 –August 13 „ Portal to Enigma” 2011 - Austria Salzburg, Gallery Art Garage April 16 –26 „ Culture Shock „ 2011 – Austria Vienna Euro-Asian Art Center June 29- July 30„Flying Cock with Wet Pussy” 2011 - Italy Chianciano Terme Gallery Museo D’Arte Biennale September 17 –24 2011 – Italy Siena Siena Art Institute September 22 –October 28 „Drawing Connections” 2011 - Hungary Szeged University of Szeged October 20 -22. 2011 - Hungary Budapest Gallery Melange November 3 -13 2012 – England London Gagliardi Gallery April 27 – May 5 2013 - Canada Toronto Studio Vogue Gallery March 6 – 23 „ Harmony in Diversity” 2013 - Luxembourg Cultureinside Gallery March 7 – ápril 15 „Animalia” 2013 - England London Chelsea Town Hall Januar 23 -26 London Art Biennale


From the origin of Prokop Family to Illits prophecies book and my statement. My family goes back to old times in history. Charles IV was the King of Bavaria and Moravia.His brother, John Heinrich was a Moravian marquis who had two sons: Jost and Prokop. Prokop, the Great/Prokop Holy or Prokop Velikij was born in 1380. When the Hussite war broke out, he joined Zsiska’s army. According to some sources Zsiska did not die in a battle but he got seriously ill during the battle of Fort Pribislov and died in October 1424. It was then that the really talented Prokop, who had earlier already excelled, became the commander-in-chief. He gained fearful reputation, won several battles over the crusaders fighting against the Hussites. He conquered Prague too, and leading the Hussites, fought successfully against the surrounding countries. He had a bright victory over the Germans in 1431, near Tauss, known as the Domazslice victory. Due to this exploit The Basel Synod gave the Hussites certain concessions e.g. regarding Communion, preaching the Evangelism in Czech language, letting secular authorities punish sinful priests but these modifications were later withdrawn by the Popes. Prokop suffered a final defeat at Lipan, in 1434. In this battle 13,000 Taborites died. Prokop, the Great was also killed in the battle. This fighting spirit has been preserved in the family My Uncle, Illits Gyula, and his wife, Auntie, Szakáts Katica were my father’s “foster” parents. My father was born in Temesvár (Timisoara, now Romania). At the age of 18 he was studying law but wanted to become a doctor. That is why he escaped to Hungary and enrolled at the medical faculty, at the University of Szeged. My father told us a lot of stories about the hard, determined life of “our Uncle Gyula” whose aim was to educate my Father to be a human even if it meant living on bread and water. This way, my father often worked in Hotel Belvedere, in Budapest. Its owners were Uncle Gyula and Auntie Katica possessing other hotels in Budapest and Vienna. They were rich but they respected hard work indubitably. Uncle Gyula travelled all over the world, read a lot, and had a huge library. He was keen on prophecies, he himself made prophecies and told my father tales about them. During World War II the hotel perished in the siege of Budapest and my father could only save some books from the priceless library. The torn, soaked, sometimes burnt books meant “journeys” for me in my childhood. I decided to save some pages from the legacy of Uncle Gyula. I have painted visual “prophecies” on the partially intact pages for the coming 120 years. The pictures are inspired by and based on a lot of memories, sounds, tales and my own journeys. The pictures are waiting for deciphering. Each picture is the summary of a year or is the “description” of a good or bad event by means of pictorial language, or that of the colour and shape. The old book was published in Leipzig, Germany around 1880. It was written in wonderful Gothic letters and illustrated with a lot of etchings. Its title is “Northland Fahren”. Nothing could be done with the book or the pages, they would have perished forever. I am trying to preserve my Uncle Gyula’s stories, prophecies, clairvoyance and his worries about the fate of the world. And I am trying to show them to the “public” hoping that a person or some people will be able to decipher the visual mysteries for the benefit of Nature and the World. Every one of us has his own inner world made out of experience and personal learning within the system. I want to preserve the past and to design the future. I want to protect the universal systems and I would like to protect the teachings of those that have thought me everything: The Organon by Aristoteles, Holbach, "On the road" by Kerouac, Jack London, Arnold Gehlen, Stephen Hawking and several other teachers from art, music, history and even from the internet. They all became guides on my way. Our world permits no further mistakes. United mankind can solve its problems. We must work together! This is my final goal, the inspiration for my pictures: To create tolerant, creative and cooperative systems that are heading toward a spiritual unity. Everyone must learn and teach at his realm, everyone must learn to work together with the power of art. For it is only possible to compare the power of art to that of nature herself. Igor Eugen Prokop Visegrad, July 23. 2016.

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