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Ingress Vortices is an art symbiosis between the couple Ziimina & Vytko Icaro.
Using wide range of mediums: paintings, graphics, digital, video, installations...
we create images, environments that harmoniously echo with our inner selves.

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1 February, 2018 - Ongoing, NaD, Belle-Isle-En-Terre, France.

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Ingress Vortices is an artist couple who work intuitively and embrace a wide range of mediums, techniques and materials in order to express visions that echo with their inner worlds.

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Ingress Vortices is a creative symbiosis between Ziimina and Vytko Icaro. It spiralled into existence during late summer of 2014, at the time when the pair united their creative energies crafting visions together.


Ziimina studied art at the University Marc Bloch in Strasbourg (France) where she specialised in painting and photography and graduated in 2000. She moved to London in 2004. From 2007 to 2010 she collaborated within the visual art project VA London.

Aside from painting she has  inscribed small books with hieroglyphics at rapid pace with an aim to enter the “twilight state” (hypnagogic) where the mind is finally subdued and landscapes of higher states of consciousness become visible.

Ziimina progressed into integrating her glyphs within larger pieces, sometimes depicting leafy and abstract landscapes such as "Essential" (shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2014) and "Sophie's Garden Summertime".

After travelling through Chile and Peru in 2012 Vytko Icaro reached the Amazon rainforest where he experienced the powerful and life changing effects of Ayahuasca jungle brew. During the stay he translated his experience into a mixture of drawings, paintings and poetry, all fragments and impressions reflecting visions and insights he had at the time of the ceremonies. Now they dwell in two books “The Book Of Portals, Souls And Immortals” and “Hieroglyphs From The Gods”.

Ziimina and Vytko Icaro continue on their quest to expand consciousness, explore shamanic realms seeking answers to the question, in which extend art could, not only be a reflection of the Vision, but concurrently be part of the Vision itself.

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"Our work is a collaboration so the notion of connection is very important. We have to find ways of combining our style by building bridges, breaking patterns, constantly reinventing new systems and introducing new paradigms. Collages are also integrated on some pieces; they are former original works that we have ripped and carefully kept aside as “vestiges of the past”; sometimes they are quickly stapled, sometimes they are drown in plaster. Decisions are made fast because the energy has to keep flowing."

"We either work together or separately. There is no rule... We just work on the same pieces. At present time we do not map anything out. Rather, we create as it comes, in the momentum. When something like a fertile ground is coming to life, we take our various tools to define, refine, and let this new world shape itself into what it wants to show."

"Creating new paths, highlighting, masking, flooding, revisiting, we use a wide range of mix media mixing fine art techniques with gestural action painting, like drippings for example. The momentum is so important that we feel more and more compelled to keep track of it by filming the process. When viewing it we can place ourself on the side of the observer, zooming in and following the path chosen by a single drop, how it carefully goes around and spare certain parts, and why in some other places it will choose to cross right in the middle of it, eradicating some hours of work... Intricate details have to surrender at times, for the purpose of keeping the whole alive and organic."

"Eyes and hands travel fast, and sometimes along the path memory brushes itself off. That is why so many photos of our “Vortex Blog” are manipulated digitally, mostly under the effect of ever expanding symmetry. We like to explore different routes at the same time because certain shapes command certain shiftings and we want to keep track of it. Teasers and reminders of “what they could be”, on the canvas, things change fast and there is always a risk ; they can turn irremediably into something else or simply disappearing under an immense flood. Digital processes allow us to subject our work to different fates."

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  • 1 December - 31 December, 2017, Les Arts En Fête, Domaine Des Papeteries, Belle-Isle-En-Terre, France.
  • 14 September - 23 December, 2017. Douar Ha Tan Poterie, Belle-Isle-En-Terre, France.
  • 29 April - 05 May, 2016. Sacred Art, Aberglasney Gardens, Llangathen, Carmarthen, Wales, UK.
  • 04 - 05 December, 2015. Kite Studios Art Market Fair, London, UK.
  • 23 - 25 October, 2015. Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London, UK.
  • 02 - 11 July, 2015. 442 Gallery, London, UK.
  • 28 -29 November, 2014. Kite Studios Art Market Fair, London, UK.

  • Newspaper article at "Le Télégramme" (Guingamp), Friday 29 September 2017
  • Newspaper article at "L'Écho" (de l'Armor et l'Argoat), 27 September - 3 October 2017
  • Newspaper article at "Ouest France" (Guingamp), 27 September 2017
  • Feature article in the magazine "Inspirational 8" (January 2016 Edition)
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