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My painting is like a constant journey on undiscovered worlds. I take there paints, brushes and canvases and I paint, or if you prefer, I put in the windows. Thanks to these windows, you can move there to the Alternative Worlds of our imagination.

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   The world which I show on my paintings exists in the same time and next to our reality and world in the same tie but in other dimension. This world is very similar to ours but its history is alternative to history of our world and that`s way I call this world also Alternative World although it has its own name for sure. As artist-painter I`m wanderer also, searcher and observer of this world, I treat my paintings as the windows through which people from our world are able to observe Alternative World but also people from Alternative World can observe us. On my paintings it apeares a Guide, who wear cylinder and old coat. This Guide walk with me, show me this world and interesting places, describe lows which work in this world and explain quite difficult and offten irrational for people scietific lows which rule Alternative Worlds. The Guide appeared in my dreams when I was 3 years old and I remember well this dream till now. Becouse I tell with my paintings different stories I call myself often Story-painter.

Story about the beginning of world which I show on my paintings could be presented as follow:

At The Middle Ages in Earth it was possible alternative of the End of World.  Becouse it was only alternative it happend that continuum of Time and Space divided into two. History of our World has been going normaly whereas it was created alternative history in which it happend big cataclysm. The world was broken into a lot of drifting islands and its history have been going completely different. Live still could exist and develop becouse rocky islands were floating in atmosphere. Becouse only the bigest buildings survived among which were a lot of gothic cathedrals, they built sense of beauty and esthetic on base of gothic style. Also technical civilisation have been going in different direction, the most important problem with which people living on drift-islands had to face was traveling and transport between islands. That`s way people started building huge flying machines: planes, airships, baloons but also locomotives. They realised very fast that physical rules had changed completely. Gravitation had different features. Objects could hang in the air only becouse they weren`t aware that they could fall down. Gravitation filled space like the air and its influance didn`t have specific direction and that`s way it was possible to build heavy flying machines and areodynamic become not important becouse everything could fly. Except mabye people whose old habbits held people on the ground as weel luck of faith that they could fly without help of machines also. Matter started behave different also, it could transform and change its density easily. For example stone could change into something soft and sticky, rocks transfored into something like body, bodies started banding with surroundings. Consciousness wasn`t only attribute of human beings but also of machines, rocks, objects which seemed to be death on the surface. Eyes apeared everywhere also. To whom they belonged and from where they were nobody knew. The time stoped continuing as something stable and measurable. Dreams began comming into reality and materialize. But from this general chaos began apearing new order, people learnt how to live in new world and rule it. They discovered also that there were gates to other Alternative Worlds. It turned out that there were huge amount of them. People become eternal travellers, they discovered their world from the beginning, but also they organised dangerous expeditions to other dimensions or were looking for remains of old history. A lot of Navigators were born, creatures with human attributes and aware of their existence but also being united with their machines which they navigated and creating with them biological unity. People managed also to control some part of Eyes which helped Navigators to observe flight path or they were guards of drifting cities. New cities and settlements started developing as well trade. Cities and settlements were often vehicles also and their citizens traveled all the time from one islands to the other. Also Islands differed among oneonother very much. Some of them were made of hard rock, their landscape was severe but they were rich in minerals and steel ore. These kind of islands were the most of all and they usually come from inside of the planet. There were islands also covered with lush flora or islands full of volcanos, lava and fire. Becouse islands were drifting constantly and they often crashed with oneonother people learnt how to predict courses of islands in order to warn people against danger of collision. There were legends in Alternative Worlds, some of them described world when all islands created one Big Island – Sphere. Other legends said about stars, but becouse Alternative World was surrounded by clouds of dust and steam only few people saw stars and even the bravest Navigators were affraid to go to places situated far away where it was big darkness. Philosophy developed very much in Alternative World, a lot of people was wandering about sense and essence of universe and in meditation about it they lost their humanity uniting phisicly with enviroment or lost their material bodies. Philosophers become mainstay of wisdom, they were oracle which shew people the way of live and helped them to solve daily problems.

I found just such a world when the Guide showed me the first time.

Jarosław Jaśnikowski

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Jarosław Jaśnikowski – Polish artist, painter born in 1976 in Legnica (Poland). He has been engaged in painting since 1991. His first works are composed of science-fiction art.  Nevertheless, in 1998 under the influence of an exhibition of the painter Wojtek Siudmak in his own hometown and meetings with the very artist, Jaśnikowski started experimenting with surrealism. 

Meanwhile, his paintings have a darkling and psychedelic character. Notwithstanding, the artist’s works more and more refer to technology: flaying enginery, steam locomotives or clock mechanism and his growing interest in Gothic architecture. His art takes form of characteristic features for steampunk as time goes by. The artist’s painting starts out to be more thematically unified. Jaśnikowski crates a history of “Alternative Worlds” – a fantastic reality where different laws of physics are expressed. He weaves a story about the world which is broken on millions drifting islands in space, where the biggest sense for human beings is a need to travel. The painter crates huge surrealistic machineries which monumentally show a challenge for the world but at the same time express a pride of their constructors. 

Jaśnikowski also pays attention to the meaning of time and passing in his works as the factors to be taken account. However, time in his paintings concerns different values and features. It is not linear, not to be counted and frequently gets material attributes. Jarosław Jaśnikowski is interested in  physics and astronomy, hence allows himself for freeform manipulation of the science laws building it from the beginning. In the artist’s works there also appears reference to philosophy, theology, as well as history.

Jaśnikowski also tells about himself that he is both a storyteller and painter. Though, he does not find himself to be a world creator who can be watched on his canvas. The artist only serves a role of an observer and chronicler. His paintings are like windows which viewers can look through another world -  “Alternative World”. Jaśnikowski believes that these worlds can be the endless numbers, but  his passion concerns the only particular one.

Jarosław Jaśnikowski is a very popular and well thought artist  in Poland. He is also the most important and well known author of Polish steampunk in painting. He has created the most recognizing style, hence his works are characterized as an excellent atelier. The very painter pays a serious attention to the care of details, a proper matching of colors and a right composition. 

Jaśnikowski has achieved success in the field of an individual and collective exhibitions as his paintings appear all over the world.

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1995: "Heritage of the fourth dimension" - Legnica - Municipal Cultural Center "Harcerz";
2000: "Stellar Child" - Legnica Cultural Center;
2002: Outdoor exhibition - Legnica city park;
2007: "Name day of Hermenegilda" - Wroclaw - Art Gallery "Szarlatan";
2008: "Morphology of love - Katowice - Altus;
2009: "Other winds" - Warsaw - WZ Gallery;
2010: "Coexisting spaces" - Katowice - Altus;
- "Our memory" - Lwowek Slaski - Municipal Museum;
- Exhibition of paintings by Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - Katowice - Vip Optimum;
2012: Exhibition on the occasion of the opening of the Lodz Regional Science and Technology Park;
- "Creative roads" - exhibition of paintings by Katarzyna and Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - "Promocje" Gallery - Jelenia Gora;
- "Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - painting" - Cultural Center in Bedzin;
- Jaroslaw Jasnikowski's painting exhibition - Kielce - "Wieza Sztuki" Gallery (The Tower of Art Gallery);
- Night of Museums - Legnica Copper Museum;
- "Travels around the Alternative World" - Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow;
- Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin;
- Zielinski Palace - Kielce / Wodociagi Kieleckie (Kielce Waterworks);
- National Maritime Museum in Gdansk;
- Museum of Industry and Railway in Jaworzyna Slaska;
- Zabrze - exhibition at the headquarters of DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A .;
- Cultural Center in Bedzin;
- "Travels around the Alternative World" - Copper Museum in Legnica;
- Gallery "Na Wprost" in Ilawa;
- "Alternative Worlds of Magical Realism" - Zaglebie Museum in Bedzin;
- "Journey on alternative worlds" - XIX FORUM HUMANUM MAZURKAS
- "Magic Legnica" - open-air exhibition in Legnica Market Square;
- "Maya" Gallery - Torun.


1994: "Youth builds art, art builds youth" - Legnica Cultural Center - exhibition organized by the Student Parliament of the Legnica Province;
2001: Municipal Cultural Center in Glogow - post-graduate exhibition of the SSP in Glogow;
2002: Theater Modrzejewska in Legnica - an exhibition organized by the Students' Union of Legnica;
2003: Municipal Cultural Center in Legnica - Exhibition of works by students of Miroslawa Lickiewicz;
2009: Lewandowski, Jasnikowski, Pietrzyk - collective exhibition - Bytom Center of Culture;
- Dominik, Datsouk, Jasnikowski, Szerstobitow - Rzeszow - European Art Gallery;
- "Night of Museums - Magical Realism" - Beksinski, Jasnikowski, Olbinski, Setowski and Yerka -Wejherowo - Gallery in the Town Hall;
- "Magical Realism" - Setowski, Beksinski, Jasnikowski, Yerka, Olbinski - Cultural Center in Bedzin;
- "Magical Dreams II" - Beskidy Art Gallery in Szczyrk;
- "Magical Realism" - Beksinski, Jasnikowski, Kolpanowicz, Olbinski - Exhibition at the 2nd Art Fair in Krakow;
- "To my neighbor 2013/2014" - City Museum in Wroclaw;
- National Gallery "Zacheta" - Warsaw;
- "To my neighbor 2013/2014" - Historical Museum of the City of Gdansk, Town Hall;
- BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice;
- Hilton Garden Inn Hotel - Millenium Hall in Rzeszow;
- "Magical Dreams II" - Contemporary Art Gallery in Kolobrzeg;
- Contemporary Art Gallery in Wloclawek;
- Viechtach - Germany
- "Magic Realism" - Beksinski, Yerka, Jasnikowski, Kolba, Kolpanowicz, Olbinski, Setowski - Rybnik Cultural Center;
- "Magic Realism" - Beksinski, Kolba, Olbinski, Jasnikowski, Kolpanowicz, Setowski;
- "Magical Dreams III" - Beskidy Art Gallery in Szczyrk;
- Center for Culture Promotion in the Praga South - Warsaw;
- "Magical Realism" - Beksinski, Yerka, Jasnikowski, Kolba, Kolpanowicz, Olbinski, Setowski, Szynkarczuk - Wodzisław Slaski - "Trzy Wzgorza";
- "Magical Dreams III" - Municipal Gallery in Wroclaw;
- Wolznach - Germany;
- Night of Museums - "Masters of Magical Realism - Kolpanowicz, Kolba, Jasnikowski, Setowski, Szynkarczuk, Olbinski" - Passage of the "Trzy Stawy" gallery - Katowice;
- Masters of Polish Magical Realism - Museum of Magical Realism "Ochorowiczowka" - Wisla;
- "Metamorphosis" Exhibition of Magical Realism Painting - Baltic Sea Culture Center - Gdansk;
- Cultural Center "Browar" - Wloclawek;
- Radomskiego PLASTYKA Gallery;
- Contemporary Art Gallery in Kolobrzeg.

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