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Conceptual and contemporary art http://www.johanvanderdong,nl

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Johan van der DongBurmanniastraat 38, 9843 EL Grijpskerk E-mail: info@johanvanderdong.nlA Summary of Projects, a selection Netherlands and EuropeWhether we like it or not faith has dominated the debate for ages and probably for ages to come. It was proven by me because of projects like the P.O.Box of God how relevant religion still is. It's because of the nature religion is about, it embodies the need Humans have in having faith in symbols and rituals. People are living their lives according to the rules which got the right feeling over them. It secures them from certain uncertainties. Religion has brought a lot of culture to t he world which we need in science, exploring new things, and although not directly a purpose for religion it brought us many new views we can cherish and built upon for prosperity of us humankind The projects below will have a view on all those needs we as humans have to face in living a decent quiet life. But when society and even symbols are altering because of a change of times what question can be raised by then, just because of our ow human behavior. What will happen is a very interesting question to ask.P.O. Box of God (Basic Project)Writing a letter to God, burnt in anonimity 2006-present Mailbox of God. A collection of letters, a physical mailbox, mailart. Burning letters, incense, fire, water, air, burning of letters on crosses. Performances by other artists like the late poet Driek van Wissen. Registered and broadcast by media like KRO, NCRV, RTL, BBC, Volkskrant, VRT, NOS Journaal, 1Vandaag and many more Illustration -Background / -letters-to-god-need-to-mailbox-10-in-grijpskerk b5ea119b ~ / In 2018 A number of letters were incoperated in Groningen Archives, to be closed forever, as the project asked
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Artist Johan van der Dong connects and is crossing disciplines within the Visual Arts, he is an artist who is able to act without old fashioned borders. He is always busy thinking from a different angle. In his works, he often touches a large audience by introducing projects like P.O Box of God or the Hotline of God. These projects were largely known by a global audience because they became world news. The hotline of God was called for approximately 300.000 times. It was his most successful project ever. www.johanvanderdong.nlHis world often affects people and their points of view on many social problems such as the position of religion at this time. A lot of questions about the daily use of rituals and symbols is triggering him in his art, all the time. Why do people have to use them in the way they do or did, why aren’t their efforts to change or alter specific rituals which are causing troubles is a question he asked himself a lot. Why aren’t we solving modern problems in a way our society needs, why are we always looking for the same answers. It's troubling him a lot. The Feet Washing on the Museumplein in Amsterdam is an example of how he tries to work. He was making interviews while washing up people's feet in order to hear stories of them, affected by everyday life and their cultural backgrounds. His huge love for the coasts, seascapes, and shores of Europe and the Wadden sea area in the Netherlands is another prominent thing in the art he makes. He constantly tries to capture shores, being surprised by such beauty of mother earth and the way we are living in it. We as people have to preserve it, be careful with it, caring for its wonderful views. Life makes us responsible to take care of all species who are living it. That thought is always occurring on his mind when he draws a new piece of art, let us preserve. Johan van der Dong was raised up in Hoogkerk Groningen, an industrial village in the neighborhood of the city of Groningen. It was a village on the border of farming and having various industries like a Sugar Factory. It makes him wonder how ordinary people are surviving in this globalized world. He has made some movies about it. Also, a project like the Empty Chair is seeking answers containing how society matters in everyday life
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Dutch, English, French, German
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