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I graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts
I'm professional artist.Painting became my source of energy, my dialogue with the world, my research of my own inner world. My inspirations come from everyday life. I am inspired by colour, shape and movement.

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Peter Musami

With a signature concept of vibrant oil colours and intricate shades of bold lines on canvasses, Musami’s abstract expressionist paintings depict a story of his life experiences and contemporary culture in an attractive and subtlety exotic way.

Volker Mayr

Volker works in Berlin, was taught by his grandfather, the painter Otto Glossmann. Since 1985, abstract art predominate with references to abstract expressionism. "My pictures arise from all senses with love for enigmatic details".

Artemisia, Art & Tendències

Artemisia, art gallery in Barcelona.
Contemporary artists: painting, photography and sculpture.
We send works to the whole world.

cromaland gallery

my medium is paper sculpture, in visual,contemporary,and abstract form


Govedarou Art Gallery started in 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece under the supervision of the figurative painter Natasa Govedarou who had her studies at the Russian Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

De souza Gallery

Our aim is to promote contemporary modern art of diverse styles and mediums.
We have a particular focus on social and environmental issues, including the local community and habitat.


Home of the Liu Dao art collective

Blas Garcia

Fine art artist and musician. I am from Argentine Patagonia, I studied architecture, interior design and fine arts. In my art I usually use elements found on the street, demonstrating that what is usually called trash can be turned into art .

G13 gallery

G13 seeks to show the finest contemporary art from Malaysia and Asia as a whole.

Arte Arta

Arte Arta is a visual Art Gallery put together with the mission to re-ignite humanity to their purest essence through Art. Our artworks created by artists from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, allowing them to deliver the message of their Art.


Nawras is a podium that connect the artists to the art lovers by establishing a bridge trying to show the unique talent on a single platform. We also assist the buyers to reach the affordable art collection and cater the clients.

Primo Piano LivinGallery


Primo Piano LivinGallery is committed to conduct research of artistic talent, with a full program of interdisciplinary events in Italy and abroad.

Social Media Art Gallery

From digital to analogue – experience online art offline.
The Social Media Art Gallery is the world’s first pop-up gallery that brings social media art to life in the real world – hand signed and in small limited editions.

Direct Art Action UK in Sutton Coldfield

Direct Art Action UK, Gallery and Art Center in Sutton Coldfield, North Birmingham invites Contemporary Fine Artists to Exhibit in our extensive garland art spaces, large space for hanging and installations.


Nūn Art Gallery is a unique contemporary art gallery situated on the western bank of the magnificent city of Luxor, Egypt, that organises art exhibitions and art events.

Emonena Owhofasa Onoriobe

By nature I have a knack for design . My creativity stretches across fashion , interior design and free hand drawing, creating pictures from corrupted pic files and photography

Hel Mort

Contemporary Art Gallery & Artist

Laura Fonovich (Lalike)

I’m a creative with an eclectic educational path. In 2017 I started painting with light by inventing a new concept of abstract photography, "A Non-Existent Photography". My passion for Religions studies inspired me to create a hieroglyphic writing.

Richard Lee

From artist to Designer and back again; I've been drawing and painting for 28 years professionally, switching from what may be real to what is less so!


The Art Network

Klaus Carl Rasche

Connecting The Art World