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  • ARTBOX/PROJECT ZURICH 1.0, 15th – 19th August 2019 at the Swiss Art Expo.
  • It is my pleasure to announce that my work "Wave" was chosen for the 16th edition of the International Triennial of Tapestry - "Crossing the Borders".

On April 3rd to 4th 2019 at the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz jury consisting of outstanding experts in the field of textile art; Tereza Barabash, Ann Coxon, Marta Kowalewska, Ixel Ledesma, Michał Jachuła and Mizuki Takahashi have chosen my work to be part of the competition.

The winners will be selected on October 5th 2019 during the opening night of 16th MTT.

Exhibition will be held between October 5th 2019 and March 15th 2020, Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, ul.Piotrkowska 282, 93-034 Lodz, Poland.

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I am multidisciplined artist. My art creations are in fiber art, sculpture, drawing, painting, paper objects, metal objects and latest exploration was done with marble medium. In all above theme of line and texture exists and interlinks.
Art in my career has changed a lot. Currently, at the level of the workshop I use, it is fun for me. Without any resistance and limitations, I proceed to further implementations. This gives me confidence and a lot of pleasure at work. My artistic actions are aimed at drawing attention to the intimate form of interpretation of the world that is being spoken by an artist with a purely aesthetic emotion.


Bozena Kaluga obtained Master’s Degree in the Academy of Art, Poland. Since 2001 she lives and works in London.

Having grown up in a family with artistic roots.

Her mother with a good sense of taste and artistic vision, together with her father who was a versatile gifted craftsman, introduced her into an intimate little-complicated world of art.

As a child, she expressed her observations of the surrounding world in drawing and painting. Naturally, she was drawn to the power and beauty of nature. Throughout her life, Bozena has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years while studying in primary school and artistic high school where she got UNESCO award in drawing category and further developed when she opted to take her Master’s Degree in fiber art and sculpture at Academy of Art in Lodz in 1985.

A great admiration of the achievements in art during almost all historical periods pertaining to art pushed her into the decision to create something new. Something that will give her the opportunity to discover a new look at the interpretation of her vision of art. Even as a student, Bozena has begun working on the innovative application of knitting machined technique to create fiber art objects in an unknown way.

The Academy of Art has distinguished her achievements by giving her two awards for her student achievements in art in 1984 and 1985.

After completing her degree, Bozena delved even more into her artistic practice, which included issues of lines and texture and further improvement of the used knitting machine technique. The artist has begun her professional adventure in improving sculptural forms and also in 2D forms fiber art.

The main obstacles in her life was the confrontation with the very life. When it was time to sharing the artist's passions with personal choices regarding family matters, motherhood.., Bozena had to make decisions about what is more important here and now.

The choice was one of she must reconcile these two aspects of the problem because if she does not do it all will be destroyed and she does not rebuild that later. Very difficult conscious choice. But the more difficult decision made at a later time was the decision to change the place of residence. When the artist moved to Great Britain in 2001 she turned her professional life about 180 degrees. London gave her the impetus to use other artistic techniques to express her own world of art. It was then that the artist wished to use other techniques to speak in art.


Kaluga’s work displays a deeply personal perception of abstract imagination and her abstract work captures a sense of timelessness. She explores the collaboration between line and texture using the abstract art.

Throughout the years of experimentation in different materials and techniques, her aim was to master and perfect mediums she uses. She loves to use abstraction.

She tells stories which are a minimalist form but also a baroque form. This applies to all artistic techniques used by the artist. Abstraction is a way to bring to perfection the technique that is used. She creates an imaginary vision of something that will trigger emotions. She is helping the viewer to enter her inner world by slightly suggesting a reference point (for example, the rhythms of the symbolic architectural gaps can already suggest entering the world of the ancient city ...). The artist also uses the literary metaphor in the titles of her art works to direct the viewer to read her the idea of work.

Most of the time she works in series, which help her to stay focused. Characteristics of her work is layering, lettering and a strong sense of texture. She works in big pieces but also really enjoy working in a small and intimate scale.

And precisely specifying the knitting machine technique which Kaluga uses to create your sculptural forms.


“She wants to give the viewer a new look at the interpretation of the art issue. She wants to show perfection in the application of a given artistic technique. And most importantly, she wants to bring emotions to the viewer using abstraction. The first thing people notice in her art is innovation, uniqueness and multilayered action in art.”


2019 WINNER The Top Prize in the 2018 London International Creative Competition LICC 2018 London, Honorable Mention in category installation art.

2009 WINNER Third Place in the 3D Form Infinity Exhibition 09, USA.

2009 WINNER “Best of 2009” – sculpture Marizart Galerie, Germany.

1988 WINNER at International Textilekunst Betonac – Prijs, Belgium.

1987 WINNER GOLD MEDAL – Jugend Gestalted Munich, Germany.

1985 WINNER The best art, University Award, Poland.

1984 WINNER GOLD MEDAL – Art Society Award, University Award, Poland.

1977 WINNER Unesco Award, special award for drawing, Switzerland.

Artist AWARDS Image 1
Artist AWARDS Image 2

2018    "Socio Project 2018" C.O.C.A. Center Contemporary Art.

2018    ArtBox Gallery in Zurich.

2017    Shortlisted at the 2017 London International CREATIVE Competition.  

2017   New Atelier Design,Art & Design, Warszawa, Poland.

2016   The ArtBox Project, Miami, USA.

2016   Sheridan Russell Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London.

2016   13th National Exhibition of the Polish Tapestry in the Central Museum of 

           Textile, Lodz, Poland.

2016   11th National Exhibition of the Polish Miniature Textiles in the Central

            Museum of Textile. Lodz, Poland.

2015   Prism-exhibition, London,UK

           The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York St Mary`s, UK.

2013   12th National Exhibition of the Polish Tapestry in the Central Museum of Textile,

            Lodz, Poland

2013   10th National Exhibition of the Polish Miniature Textiles in the Central

            Museum of Textile. , Lodz, Poland

2013   Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

2012/13   The Architect’s Gallery, London

2012   The Gallery in Cork St., an exhibit finalist, London

2012   Fiber Art Show 2012- an exhibit finalist - Infinity Art Gallery, USA

2012   Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

2011/12   Love Lace- Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award, Sydney,


2009   Third Place in the 3D form Infinity Exhibition 09, USA

2009   Winner of “Best of 2009” sculpture Marizart Galerie, Germany,

             Hamburg, Germany

2009   The Gallery in Cork St. London

2008   The Gallery in Cork St. London

2008   Mall Galleries, London

2007   Musees D`Angres, France

2007   Textilmuseum,Heidelberg, Germany

2007 Museum of Decorative Applied Arts, Riga

2007 Textile Museum, St Gall, Switzerland

 2006   12th International Lace Biennale, Brussels, Belgium

 2006 2nd International Minitextile Trienial and Flags, Szombathely, Hungary

2006   The Great Art Fair Alexander Palace, London

2005   UH Galleries, Margaret Harvey Gallery, London

2003   Biennale of Florence, Internacionnale Dell` Arte Contemporanea Quarta Edition 2003, Italy

2003 1st International Minitextile Trienial and Flags, Szombathely, Hungary

2003 2nd International Lace for Fashion, Sydney, Australia

1999    10th International Lace Biennale, Brussels, Belgium

1996    9th International Lace Biennale, Brussels, Belgium

1988    Winner at International Textilekunst Betonac- Prijs, Belgium

1987   Jugend Gestaltet Munich, Germany: GOLD MEDAL


Art & Business 5/95, Art Magazine (Poland)

International Textilkunst 3/90, Art Magazine (Germany)

"Best of Worldwide Sculpture Artists 2009, Masters of Sculpture 2010,

 Volume I - Best of Worldwide Sculpture Artists Volume I 2011 (USA)

 Elle Decoration Magazine (Poland) 3/2016

United Kingdom
English, Polish
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