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Hi, I am Victoria Grinko,
For the last 9 years I am based in Thailand and have been painting my sacred geometry pictures filled with my dreams. My art made my dreams come true and now I am sharing my art with you 🙂

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My name is Victoria Grinko

Painting was my favorite pastime as a child. I learned a lot myself, copying the works of my favorite artists, but this was not my own art, and I was in search of my own style. It was then that the idea of ​​working as interior design appeared, and in the end I became an architect, forgetting about painting. And only years later, my childhood hobby suddenly acquired a completely new meaning. My old dream of living by the sea came true - I moved to Thailand, where I took part with pleasure in creating a cartoon for the dome screens of planetariums.

Leaving architectural precision and responsibility in the past, and immersed in the turquoise universe of the ocean, I drew the first sketches of my future paintings. I got acquainted with sacred geometry a long time ago, so I decided to apply the Flower of Life lines to the sheet. Acting mostly intuitively, I began to draw my feelings and emotions into the structure of the Flower of Life. I painted flowers, butterflies, birds, crystals, planets and whatever I like. Thus, I created pictures of my dreams, and after a while these dreams began to come true!

I thought it was just a coincidence until I decided to show my paintings to a wide audience. And then it turned out that they respond in the hearts of other people and cause the same changes in their lives. Later I learned that the Flower of Life is a universal structure on the basis of which the entire Universe and all living beings are created, and it really helps to “write” our ideas and dreams into the matter of reality so that events begin to happen in life.

If somebody ask me how to start painting, I usually recommend starting with the Flower of Life, and I consider such drawing to be an independent meditative practice that brings a person into harmony with himself and brings him into a state of co-creation with the Universe.

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