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Visual artist working with painting, video and multimedia installations. Holding a Phd in Art, she keeps interest in research on Arts and Social Sciences. Her projects are mainly devoted to feminist issues, with a personal approach.

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I am a visual artist working with painting, video and video performance. I also create multimedia installations and sometimes I work as a curator. My projects treat mainly feminist issues with a personal approach. Here below you can see photographs by Alina Żemojdzin from my latest performance "Black Dress".  

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Katarzyna Swinarska graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. She came out as an artist in 2009 with a series of paintings at 39. Biennale of Painting „Bielska Jesien”. She works with painting and video which often follows the convention of video performance, and creates multimedia installations. She defended her doctoral thesis “Displacement. Interpassivity of the Gaze” in visual arts, in 2014.

In 2017: she presented her new film "We—The Common Body” (during an exhibition under the same title) treating the issue of rivalry and love in artist couples; she worked as a curator of the exhibition "Avant-garde/ Paradoxical Sleep” dedicated to the phenomenon of modernist utopia in contemporary feminist art; she created a musical video “Revolutionary Dream” in collaboration with a Polish improviser and composer Irek Wojtczak. Finally she created a painting project commissioned for an International Art Festival "inSPIRACJE 12. Breathtaking" in Szczecin (Poland) by the curator Rob Garett.

In 2018: she performed in her new feminist project “Black dress” and she is working on her next exhibition “Innocent Colonnies”. 

Swinarska won first prize at the International Competition for Experimental Films “In Out Festival” (2016) for her video performance “Digressive Identity”. Co-creator of the movie “Manufacturers of Imagination” awarded at the 2nd Triennale of Pomeranian Art (2016). Finalist of the Gdansk Biennale (2014 and 2016), finalist of Triennial of Pomeranian Art (2016); she was awarded a bursary of the City of Sopot (2014, 2016), a bursary of the City of Gdansk (2010, 2018) and a three-month art residency in Switzerland (2012).

Her paintings are in the collections of NOMUS — Museum of Contemporary Art in Gdansk, “Wyspa” Art Institute in Gdansk, State Art Gallery in Sopot and in private collections in Poland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States.

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2016 - I Prize for the movie "A Digressive Identity" at IN OUT FESTIVAL, Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk
2018, 2016, 2014 - Finalist of the Gdansk Biennale
2016, 2013 - Finalist of Triennial of Pomeranian Art
2018, 2010 - Art Bursary of the City of Gdańsk
2016, 2014 - Art Bursary of the City of Sopot
2012 - Art Residency, ArtBellwald Association, Bellwald, Switzerland.

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Selected solo exhibitions
2017 "We—The Common Body" State Gallery of Art, Sopot,
2016 "SILENT HEADS" Grodno City Art Gallery, Grodno, Bellarus,
2015 "Libres artistes" Galerie Espace Saint-Bernard, Brusselles, Belgium,
2015 “When I will be a cruel queen” painting, Staniszow Art Center, Staniszow, 
2015 “Bluebeard (and his wives)” painting, Dwie Zmiany, Sopot,
2014 "Displacement. Interpassivity of the Gaze" painting/ video/ installation, Big Hall, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland
2014 "Step Sex" Garbary 48 Gallery, Poznan, Poland,
2014 "Armistice" Klub Zak Gallery, Gdansk, Poland,
2013 “The Dreamlife”, Baumgart/Pacek, Warsaw, Poland
2012 “Desire”, Insolite Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland,
2010 “Family Relations/ Life is elsewhere” - individual exhibition of painting/ video, Center for Contemporary Art “LAZNIA”, Gdansk, Poland,
2010 “Today, I would prefer not to meet myself” painting/ video, Shipyard, Gdansk, Poland,
2009 “WE’RE AWFUL”,  PiTiPa Gallery, Gdansk, Poland,
2009 “WE’LL KISS EACH OTHER’S LIPS”, Café Kulturalna, PKiN ,Warsaw, Poland,
2009 “ S U M M E R T I M E ”, Villa Sentoza, Sopot, Poland,
2007 “FULL HEART” – Club “Sfinks”, Sopot, Poland.

Selected group exhibitions
2017 Góry—Morze (Mountain—Sea), City Gallery in Zakopane,
2017 inSPIRACJE 12. Breathtaking, TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin,
2017 "Avant-garde/ Paradoxical Sleep" as curator and artist, Sopot Museum,
2016 IV Biennial for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Cityl Gallery, Gdansk,
2016 "Summer End Festivities" Willa Goyki 3, Sopot,
2016 "This View has Potential" Katowice Miasto Ogrodów, Katowice,
2016 IN OUT Festival, curator: Jola Woszczenko, ŁAŹNIA Center for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk,
2016 II Triennial for Pomeranian Art, State Gallery of Art, Sopot,
2016 "Conceivable but not yet created" Gdańska Galeria Miejska 2, curator: Patrycja Ryłko, Gdańsk,
2016 "Test Rakete 2.0" Fresh Eggs Gallery, Schwerin, Deutchland,
2015-2016 "WYSPA 3.0. MAPA I TERYTORIUM" Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk, 
2015-2016 "Sopot Salon. Contemporary art from the State Gallery of Art collection" State Gallery of Art, Sopot, 
2015 “Exporting Gdańsk” 3rd Biennial of Painting, Zagreb, Croatia,
2015 28th Festival Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, Marseille, France, 
2014 "It’s not my story!" Günter Grass City Gallery, Gdansk, 
2014 III Biennial for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Cityl Gallery, Gdansk, 
2014 "The Eye Never Sleeps", Former Skorzewski's Palace, Lubostron, Poland,
2013 RING 2, Art Fairs 2013, Gallery Arttrakt, Museum for Contemporary Art, Wroclaw, Poland,
2013 NARRACJE Festival, Installations and Interventions in Public Space, Gdansk, Poland,
2013 III Biennial for Contemporary Painting in Rzeszow, Poland,
2013 I Triennial for Pomeranian Art, Municipal Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
2012 “Kobro’s House” at Kobro Gallery in the Fine Arts Academy in Lodz, Poland,
2011 “Babies”, Gdansk Municipal Gallery, Gdansk, Poland,
2011 „Ladies Bathhouse”, Center for Contemporary Art “LAZNIA”, Gdansk, Poland,
2010 XXIII Festival of Contemporary Painting, Castle of Pomeranian Princes, Szczecin, Poland,
2009 39. Painting Biennial „BIELSKA JESIEN 2009”, Municipal Art Gallery, Bielsko-Biala, Poland.


2017 “We—The Common Body” catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-8040-030-6
2017 “inSPIRACJE XII/ Breathtaking” catalogue, ISBN:978-83-64629-61-7
2017 “Avant-garde/Paradoxical Sleep” catalogue, ISBN:978-83-61385-02-08
2016 Gdansk Biennale of Art, catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-946734-1-3
2016 II Triennale of Pomeranian Art, catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-8040-013-9
2015 “Exporting Gdansk” International Painting Biennale, Croatia, catalogue, ISBN:*
2015 “Love Me Or Leave Me” catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-8040-003-0
2015 “Katarzyna Swinarska” catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-9429-840-1
2014 Gdansk Biennale of Art, catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-935408-1
2013 III Contemporary Painting Triennale, catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-6192-776-1
2013 I Triennale of Pomeranian Art, catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-6127-055-3
2012 Kobro’s House, catalogue, ISBN: 978-83-9353-221-6, 978-83-6314-192-9
2010 INCUBATOR 2010, author: Agnieszka Kulazinska
2009 39. Biennale of Painting “BIELSKA JESIEN”, catalogue, ISBN 978-8387984-57-1

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