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ArtistJuan les PinsFrance

I create paintings notable for their luminosity, texture, and sculptural presence.

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Upcoming exhibitions:

Group show, Gallery Art Nou Mil.lenni, Barcelona, Spain, 2019
Museum Gustavo de Maeztu, Art Show Navarra with Gallery Art Nou Mil.lenni, Estella, Spain, 2019
Spring Fair, Gallery Backlund, Göteborg, Sweden, 2019
Group show, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2019



Louise Bourgeois once said « Colour is stronger than language. It’s a subliminal communication. »

Impressionist theory, the philosophy of Josef Albers, the artists who worked under the name of Color Field Painting, the contemporary metaphysics of Olafur Eliasson, all were passionate about particular shades.

My abstract paintings are a personal expression of my fascination for colours and forms, skies and landscapes, the northern light and the southern brightness. The paintings are only made of pigments from the dry pastels that I crush, smash and smear on the canvas, in order for each painting to have a very profound and captivating presence. I paint laying on the floor, I feel nearer, more part of the painting, working from the four sides, walking around it and literally being in the painting. Like Degas' late works in pastel, my pastelworks are more painted than drawn : I put coat after coat of colored chalk on the canvas, moistening them and piling up one surface on another, trying to bring up the best of every tint, its deepness, vibrations, force and sensibility.

I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them. I want the paintings to be highly expressive, to glow from within, conveying strong emotional content. Like Rothko, I am moved by color relationships, but I don’t want my pictures appreciated solely for their spectral qualities. He said, « If you are only moved by color relationships, then you miss the point. » I'm interested in expressing strong emotions and deep feelings, creating a meaningfull dialogue with the spectators, envelop the viewers in a particular atmosphere, and inviting them to take part of an immaterial world, filled with serenity, existentialism and poetry. I love the abstract for its lack of representation and total freedom, and I urge the viewers to seek personal spirituality by projecting their own internal ideas onto my canvas. The expected effect of my paintings is an intense emotion or ethereality.


Kerstin Paillard was born 1977 in Paris, France and raised between Stockholm, Sweden and South of France. She received a BFA in 1999 from the Contemporary Art School, Villa Arson, Nice, France and an MFA in 2005 from the University of Montpellier, France.
Kerstin lives and works between Nice, France and Stockholm, Sweden.

Kerstin Paillard continuously refines and extends the traditions of lyrical abstraction. Experimenting the processes and the limits of the dry pastel, and drawing inspiration from her double culture and legacy and extensive travels, she brings together the immediacy of Abstract Expressionism and the intuitive gesture of Colorfield paintings (Helen Frankenthaler, Rothko), in her exploration of gesture, rythm and color.

She works by only using the pure pigments of the dry pastels (from Blockx and Sennelier), that she crushes and mix, smashes and smears, with her fingers and hands directly onto linen canvas, laid on the studio floor, working from all sides to create floating fields of deep and expressive color. She applies the pigments in thick layers to create captivating and sensitive compositions.

A colorist since childhood, she began painting at an early age, always attuned to the ways that color and light merged with thought itself. She has a long-held obsession with the skies and their ever changing designs. This fascination has led to a lot of travels and to become the basis of her body of work. In her early works from the 1990s, she started using dry pastels that she experienced and juxtaposed on different medias, with various densities and layers, repeating vertical gestures. These led to related color fields works on linen canvas, that she later combined with the cloud-like forms, to create deep, spiritual and celestial paintings.
To preserve the special aspect of dry pastel and the brightness and deepness of the pure pigments, and to heighten the effect of each color, Kerstin developed a unique process of varnishing the pastels on the canvas by applying the mixture in many thin layers, in order to get the same finnish as an oil painting.

Kerstin Paillard creates paintings notable for their luminosity, texture, and sculptural presence. Her richness of palette and her use of only dry pastels crushed into pure pigment powder put on linen canvas, depicting the dawn, the light, the landscapes and skies of the South of France and the North of Sweden, create a compelling work of abstract art by which the viewer feels endlessly absorbed.

A trip to Lapland led Kerstin to create a body of work called Laponia, which captured the indigo sunset and the multiple hues of the Northern skies, a serie of paintings composed of several interconnected artworks inspireds by the light, the skies, the landscapes and the colors of these artic areas.


I only use the pure pigments of the dry pastels (from Blockx), that I crush, smash and smear on the canvas, with my fingers and hands, kneeling on the floor. The multiple layers of colours end up in new combinations and new tints. Rhythm, harmony and textures are made of the contrasts between the colours and the force I put in the gestures and movements I make. I finish the painting with applying several coats of varnish (satin or gloss).

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“Kerstin Paillard is a Franco-Swedish artist who has always been fascinated by colours, contrasts and the effects of textures. In her seaside studio she gives birth to vivid « dreamscapes » where the precious light of the north meets the brightness of the south, where the sea and the sky collide, where remote childhood memories become familiar and gather in a vast splash of genuineness. She uses dry pastels on canvas and paints abstract and stylized shapes that seem contagiously alive. Under her nimble fingers the tinctures boil, the outlines tremble, the multiple layers of matter expand to create a dreamy and forceful firework of colours.”

Pascale Louis, director Gallery Art sur Cour, Antibes, France.


Solo exhibitions

Céleste, Gallery Studio Four Seasons, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018
Dreamscape, Redsheep Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017
Dreams, Gallery Studio Four Seasons, Stockholm, Sweden, 2016
Pastel, Gallery Riddaren, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015
Couleurs, Gallery Atelier 109, Cannes, France, 2014
Konst är Kul, Handelsbanken, Nice, France, 2013
Black&White, Indoor Gallery, Nice, France, 2012
Colorama, Gallery Art sur Cour, Antibes, France, 2012
Couleurs du Nord, Gallery Atmosphère, Antibes, France, 2011
SSS, Acerma, Paris, France, 2010

Group exhibitions

Gallery Art Nou Mil.lenni, Barcelona, Spain, 2018
Aqua Art Miami Art Fair with Van Gogh Art Gallery, Aqua Hotel, Miami Beach, USA, 2018
In Situ Art Fair, Youth Center, Skopje, Macedonia, 2018
The Other Art Fair Brooklyn with Saatchi Art, Brooklyn Expo Center, New York, USA, 2018
The Other Art Fair L.A with Saatchi Art, The Majestic Downtown, Los Angeles, USA, 2018
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm with Redsheep Gallery, Nacka Strandmässa, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017
Biennale di Genova with Satura Art Gallery, Satura Art Gallery, Genova, Italy, 2017
Paratissima International Contemporary Art Fair, Hyperspace, The Youth Center, Skopje, Macedonia, 2017
Stockholm Art Fair, Lavalhallen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017
Il Dopofiera with Satura Art Gallery, Satura Art Gallery, Genova, Italy, 2017
Gallery Nybroviken, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017
Art Expo Genova (Arte Genova Contemporary Art Fair 2017) with Satura Art Gallery, Fiera di Genova, Genova, Italy, 2017
Paratissima International Contemporary Art Fair, To The Stars, Torino Esposizione, Torino, Italy, 2016
Deeloop Art Fair, Luftkastellet, Limhamn, Sweden, 2016
Stockholm Art Fair, Lavalhallen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2016
L’Envol, Nice Côte d'Azur, Nice, France, 2015
Swedish Art Biennale – KoBi 15, Nice, France, 2015
Art en Capitale, Grand Palais, Paris, France, 2014
Sang Neuf au 109, Gallery Atelier 109, Cannes, France, 2014
Rencontre des Arts, Chapelle Villefranche sur Mer, France, 2014
Autour du Noir, Gallery Atelier 109, Cannes, France, 2013
Summer exhibition, Gallery Atelier 109bis, Tourettes le Var, France, 2013
Swedish Art Biennale – KoBi 13, Nice, France, 2013
Cent Œuvres pour une Œuvre, Palm Beach, Cannes, France, 2012
Summer exhibition, Gallery Atelier 109bis, Tourettes le Var, France, 2012
Diptyques, Gallery Art sur Cour, Antibes, France, 2012
L'Art à l'Oeil, Gallery Atelier 109, Cannes, France, 2011
Nordic Design & Art, Gallery Atmosphere, Antibes, France, 2011


Future Flesh (album cover), Oddzoo, Paris, France, 2018
Unknown Homes (album cover), Fast Friends, Paris, France, 2018
The Heroine’s Journey by Peter de Kuster (blog), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Glint of Gold (single cover), Filago, Paris, France, 2017
Thimister (promotional album cover), Filago,Paris, France, 2016
Det ser sort ud – men det er det ikke (book), Ordskaelv, Hygge Factory, Copenhagen, Danemark, 2012
Today Again Tomorrow (album cover), Starboard Silent Side, Paris, France, 2012
Because Our Friendship Was Meant To Sail (album cover), Starboard Silent Side, Paris, France, 2010

Juan les Pins
English, French, Swedish
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