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I’m a creative with an eclectic educational path. In 2017 I started painting with light by inventing a new concept of abstract photography, "A Non-Existent Photography". My passion for Religions studies inspired me to create a hieroglyphic writing.

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My artistic background is quite eclectic. In 1995, after four years of Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, I went Erasmus for the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca (Spain), where I was fortunate to have as a mentor the internationally renowned artist Santiago Serrano. I remained in that faculty for two years under the faculty’s request. I decided that Art was my life, I left Architecture, and stayed in Spain for another four years to begin my artistic career.

For years the studies of Architecture’s theories, Japanese thought and its way of conceiving space combined with my passion for post-quantum physics theories, brought my artistic pictorial research to the Renè Tom’s theories and the concept of Trance-training, in addition to an obsession with Total Opera.

But, in 2011, a traumatic event determined the change of direction of my work.

So, I could say that my artistic activity has a before and an after. In 2011 I had a huge car accident, almost fatal, from which I recovered completely, after several surgical operations of reconstruction of my face, in 2017.

From that moment I began to study all religions at a comparative level, esoteric geometry, the principles of Alchemy by Hermes Trimester and to deepen the studies of the Collective Detection Method of Jung, method that I experimented on myself for a long time with a diary of drawings.

This experimentation led me to write several theories about the connection between Art and Science and the need to explore Light in the artistic field. So, I set aside some of the painting to get into the world of photography.

For me Art and Science are like the symbol of the Tao (Yin and Yang). They cannot ignore each other; both are fueled by the cosmic vibration that from sound becomes light and makes the creation visible.

They are the Masculine and Feminine part of the Collective Unconscious and as such they are manifested in two apparently opposite ways, as black and white do. But if instead of seeing them separated we consider them as a unity, human beliefs fall and leave room for the light that turns into darkness and darkness that turns into light.

This archetypal quest of mine led me to want to experience the Cosmic Light imprisoned by the darkness of the Universe, and this theory is found precisely in the cardinal principles of Jewish Mysticism.

Esilio della Luce (Light’s Exile). The Passage from Divine Light to Universe’s Creation.

According to Kabbalà, therefore, "at the beginning", before the creation of the world there existed only an Infinite Light (Or Ein Sof) which filled all existence, and which represents the first manifestation of God, the irradiation of his perfect and infinite consciousness.

The 'Or Ein Sof had to undergo a narrowing or through the TZIMTZUM was created an empty and dark space. After creating this space, God sent down in it a concentrated "Line of Light". In that single light line that entered the empty space, receptive and available, were concentrated all worlds and all creatures.

My intent through this light painting work, though made with a photographic technique, is both to represent this will of God to withdraw into himself to create the PASSAGE of the darkness to the archetypal images that are present in it.

If the main doctrine that inspired the whole project was influenced by the concept of light portrayal of Isaac Luria, the order of the works and their representation derives from the Book of Creation the Sefer Yetzirah, in which the world is generated from the Spirit which in turn creates the three elements Air, Water and Fire corresponding to the three letters of the Hebrew alphabet Aleph, Mem and Sin. Earth as a by-product of water is then placed as the last in the sequence.

A Non-Existent photography. Light's Paintings and Magnetics Cubes Sculptures

Contemporary art and Jewish culture are closely linked together in a structured international artistic project " Esilio della Luce " by the Milanese artist of Croatian origins Laura Fonovich / Lalike.

The works are made with a technique that blends painting, photography and sculpture and dialogue in dialogue with the architecture that houses them. The artist has exhibited more than thirty works of various sizes and techniques, including photographic paintings made with the Giclée tecnique, large plexiglass panels and sculptures created with the magnetic cubes of  MagiCube toy by Geomag.

The works were exhibited for the first time in 2018 in:

Gorizia Synagogue | 13 May - 10 June 2018

Rijeka Synagogue  | 2 September - 10 September 2018

Casale Monferrato Synagogue | 7 October - 4 November 2018

A Non-Existent Photography. Creating images

"Esilio della Luce” is a small experiment of total art work in which writing, architecture, drawing and sculpture come together in a single photo shoot.

The work finds inspiration in a cardinal principle of the Jewish Doctrine, the Withdrawal of Light of the Ein Sof, however the interpretation is totally devoid of allusions to the symbols of the inspiring  doctrine.

The work starts from the realization of an architectural scenario arranged around a large white sheet on which light charcoal movements representing the elements of nature are drawn.

Spotlights are placed around it at different heights, inclinations, power and color of the bulbs, not directly illuminating the sheet but being obscured by masks, created expressly by the artist, so to recreate the concept of light withdrawal, both as experimentation of the interaction between light and shadow, and as exploration of the psychological condition of the artist in her constant search for archetypal images.

Small crystal sculptures of various sizes and shapes or glass parallelepipeds, acetates and iron wire forms are placed in front of these cracks, and their shadows and reflections dialogue with the charcoal signs in a prevaricating relationship.

In some cases the shadows are captured and then projected in motion on the sheet by a large magnifying glass with an unusual brush function.

These forms, some of which always in motion, merging with the initial design are stopped by the continuous and fast click of a mobile phone. The choice of this technology was not accidental but conceived with reference both to the effect that the artist wanted to create and the simplicity of use of the medium.

They are non-existent, irreproducible images, because once the spell of this fictitious theater is broken, nothing remains. The light goes out and in the silence the drawn sheet of paper stops living.

The sculptures of magnetic cubes, "between being and non-being"

 The sculptures were created starting from the MagiCube toy by Geomagworld SA, a Swiss company that produces intelligent games designed around a constant element, magnetism.The game is based on the assembly of small magnetic cubes that always attract one another and have the characteristic of having a different color or a fragment of an image on each of the six faces. Laura Fonovich was asked to create sculptures starting from significantly large cubes on whose 6 faces 6 different images of the Esilio della Luce were printed. The largest of the cubes is composed of 1331 different small cubes.

One of the characteristics of this work is its performative quality, the artist realizes it on the spot and studies it according to the place where it will be arranged. It is a work that, not being transportable except in the compound form of the cube, is, by its own nature, continuously swaying  between its being and non-being. The sculptures made so far represent the concept of light withdrawal in the sense of "making room for the other".

Starting from the shape of the cube, which has been maintaned in respect and in order to continue reading the depicted images, two complementary forms were created, where the emptiness of one transforming into the fullness of the other contributes to creating absolute unity.

These sculptures were presented for the first time, in October 2018, in the Sala Carmi of Casale Monferrato Sinagogue.

For months the artist has been experimenting with three-dimensionality in photography by composing large sculptures of small magnetic cubes that always attract each other and on whose faces 6 different images of the photographic project "Esilio della Luce" are printed. From a photograph that does not exist, because totally created in studio through a complex architecture of lights and prisms, to the pure experimentation of the three-dimensionality of an abstract image.

With "maGnetic INTErMITTENCE", which will be exhibited in the VAGO-EDRA space during the Design Week 2019, Lalike imagines her era as if it was a large puzzle of intermittent images.


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Born in Milan (1970) where, now, she is living.

After completing his artistic studies, she won an Erasmus Scholarship (Tutor Arturo dell'Acqua Bella¬vitis- Design) in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Salamanca where she is constantly followed by Josè Manuel Prada Vega and Rafael Carralero and by the artist world famous Santiago Serrano.

In this period she took part in various competitions and collective exhibitions organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Salamanca. She moved to Madrid  to be followed again by the painter Santiago Serrano, and exhibits her works in individual exhibitions in the most important Spanish galleries and at the same time also in Udine and Milan.

Her activity, in continuous ascent, leads her to exhibit in the principal Italian cities both in Collet  active, flanked by famous painters that Individuals, always obtaining great consents.


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Il punto di visita del critico d’arte e curatore Marco Tagliafierro a proposito dell’opera di Laura Fonovich.

Il dibattito estetico riguardante le arti visive sta vivendo una fase di sintesi tra due condizioni che, nel corso degli ultimi dieci anni, si sono poste come antitetiche: la digitalizzazione a tutti i costi e l’auspicato ritorno ai media classici. Laura Fonovich equilibra con estrema cura queste due polarità.

L’era dell’ineludibile digitalizzazione ha consentito agli artisti di formalizzare visioni che altrimenti sarebbero risultate difficili da rappresentare, soprattutto per ciò che concerne l’ipertesto – ovvero la possibilità di operare contemporaneamente su diverse dimensioni spazio-tempo. Per contro, tutto questo ha tenuto gli artisti lontano da un’azione diretta sulla materia. Infatti la virtualizzazione, talvolta forzata, ha portato come reazione un’adesione totale agli “old media”, in riferimento soprattutto a quei mezzi espressivi che consentono di plasmare direttamente la materia – un esempio tra tutti, la ceramica.

Come sempre, le esperienze maturate segnano un precedente dal quale non si può più prescindere, pertanto la possibilità di sovrapporre e stratificare diverse immagini – facoltà acquisita con più nitore attraverso i programmi di grafica – ha alimentato una soddisfazione divenuta via via irrinunciabile per gli artisti. Niente dieta rispetto al fare concreto, ma anche niente più ritorno indiscriminato a un fare anacronistico.

La strada più plausibilmente da percorrere si è palesata come via della sintesi, ovvero del dialogo tra la storia e ciò che, seppur di recente acquisizione, è ormai altrettanto assimilato. Questa via oggi la rintracciamo nei cosiddetti “new media”. I lavori di Fonovich indagano la possibilità di una percezione diretta delle qualità fisiche della luce, delle qualità materiche di un raggio luminoso, della densità atmosferica di una stanza attraversata da un raggio di sole, anche attraverso mise-en-scène da lei costruite per catturare la luce in composizione plastiche. Alcune lampade posizionate in prossimità di questa accumulazione di oggetti colgono le vibrazioni luminose per restituirle in forma di sculture di luce.

Procedendo nell’indagine teorica e pratica, senza lasciare che l’una prevalga sull’altra, Fonovich ha progressivamente semplificato questi allestimenti, sintetizzandoli in disegni che sono ancore, punti fermi, su cui far agire la luce per poi immortalarla da una camera digitale Leica montata su smartphone. In questo modo, la tecnologia più fredda viene così ricondotta a una dimensione umanistica e sensibile.

Fonovich si pone dunque come uno straordinario esempio di artista che sa collocarsi in spirito di continuità con la storia di maestri quali Giorgio Ciam, Mario Cresci, Paolo Gioli, Sandro Guerzoni, i quali, seppur con ricerche e campi d’interesse differenti, hanno esplicitato la natura plastica della fotografia. Ne hanno estruso i segni più reconditi, esplicitato le qualità criptate, liberato i significati più profondi, rendendo il mezzo fotografico una pittura di luce, una scultura bidimensionale, una performance immortalata in un scatto.


Marco Tagliafierro

Artist EXPERTISE Image 1
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April 8/14, 2019 Milan Design Week. EDRA Showroom. Three-dimensional photography concept. I presented a sculpture, "Magnetica Intermittenza" consisting of 3000 magnetic cubes, sponsored by Geomag (Swiss company of magnetic toys), on which were printed my light paintings. 

October 7 to November 4, 2018. A Non-Existent Photography. Synagogue of Casale Monferrato, Italy. Contemporary art and Jewish culture are closely linked together in a structured international artistic project " Esilio della Luce ". 

September 2/12, 2018. A Non-Existent Photography. Synagogue of Rjieka, Croatia. Contemporary art and Jewish culture are closely linked together in a structured international artistic project " Esilio della Luce ".   

May 13 to June 12, 2018. A Non-Existent Photography. Synagogue of Gorizia Contemporary art and Jewish culture are closely linked together in a structured international artistic project "Esilio della Luce ".

June 25, 2017. Attended with a Light Painting at the event “Confinis”  organized by Marco Tagliafierro with the Association Asilo Bianco In Villa Nigra, Miasino, Italy.

May 12, 2017. Total Work Project “L’Albero della Vita” . Chorus Renato Portelli, Director Andrea Collavino, Writer Angelo Floramo, Painter Laura Fonovich, Cello Andrea Musto, Videomaker Daniele Crosara. I did a pictorial performance during the show L’Albero della Vita. Teatro Bratuz di Gorizia, Italy.

April 2014. Individual exhibition "In Itinere: frammenti di solidarietà" in Palazzo Romano, Case di Manzano, Udine. 

September 8 to November 30, 2013. Collective exhibition in the art project Presenze/Assenze , Gravina in Puglia Italy. 

July 12/20, 2013. Art in video for the show “Salome Reinassance”, rapresented during the  MITTLEFEST “Microcosmi”, Cividale del Friuli, Italy.

August 10 2013. Participation at the start-up of the International Project “ART FOR THE ENVIRONMENT” in Venezia. 

Dicember 10, 2012. Cultural Association  ZeroUno. Collective exhibition 24/7 (Ventiquatrosette), sponsored by Fondazione Giuseppe De Nittis. Barletta, Italy

March 2007. Collective exhibition, Laura Fonovich, Puni, Donatella D’Odorico, the "Quadrivio" presented during the yearly event Calendidonna in Udine, Italy.

Dicember 2006. Cultural Association  I Contemporanei. Collective exhibition "Cava la Cava" in Raveo, Italy.

July 2007. Cultural Association I Contemporanei. Collective exhibition “Contemporaneamente”. On the same day, we artists, inaugurated eight exhibitions in eight different and characteristic spaces made available by the city of Udine. 

March 2003. Individual exhibition in Artemix Gallery of Madrid, Spain. 

March 2002. Individual exhibition sponsored by the C.C. The Caleidoscopio. Nominated "Better Artist of the Year" by the internal commission of the Cultural Centre The Caleidoscopio of Mostolès, Madrid, Spain. 

February 2002. Individual exhibition in the Eclectica Gallery of Madrid, Spain.

October 2000. Individual exhibition in Juan de Villanueva Gallery of Aranjuez, sponsored by the Cultural Centre Isabel de Farnesio of Aranjuez, Spain.








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