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I am a painter of mostly realistic landscapes and still-live form the North of Holand and had my education at the School of Fine Arts 'Minerva' in Groningen, Holland.
Since 2020 I live and work in France.

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permanent: Art Gallery "Beeldkracht", Scheemda (NL)

July/august 2019: Kunstwerk in de Stellingen, Noordwolde (NL)

Sep 2019: Kulturwochen Lindern (Germany)

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How it all started.

As a young boy Laurens Boersma - born in a creative family in a litle village in Friesland in 1957 - won several art prices with drawings and modeling. After a study as teacher he went to the School for Fine Arts “Minerva” in Groningen where he graduated cum laude in 1997.  He has been active as a professional artist for over twenty years. Within the medium of painting he has developed rapidly since then. Skills, making the required flight hours and intense enthusiasm have resulted in his work being convincing. It is personal and mature.

About 2005, Boersma painted the northern landscape in what you could call an impressionist style. Like the Impressionists Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, the artists of the Barbizon School and the Hague School, he painted on location, 'en plein air'. Like these great predecessors, Boersma was biologized by the atmosphere of the landscape under the influence of light.

Display of the light and its refraction in bright colors - visible in the reflection on the water surface - fascinated him. Rain, cold and fierce wind, nothing could withstand the artist. It is the landscape, mostly in the north of the Netherlands, but also in France, where it will be caught seriously from that moment on.

New developments.

About 2010 Boersma changed its approach. In addition to the landscape, the still life regularly received attention. More importantly, however, he changed the way he approached the landscape. He no longer painted on location only. Outside, he continued to search for useful motives. He also kept the atmosphere in scenic locations of different character, as he made photographs, sketches and watercolors. However, he was going to create his paintings in the concentrated rest of his studio. One of the consequences was that his paintings became abstract. They contain fewer anecdotes, less explicit details and references to the place where he had received his inspiration. On average, his fabrics were also larger in size, the process of abstracting led to works with a monumental character.

For the latest development, see the painting 'Waterland I'. The Waterland series that started the artist in 2013 consists of dozens of oil paintings, photographs, watercolors and drawings. The landowners in the Veenkoloniën in the Netherlands are a model for this work. Traces that leave heavy agricultural machines fill with water. In this water the clouds are mirrored and the light reflected. Boersma finds inspiration in these reflections and light reflections in various weather conditions. Water and land come together in these pools and connect to enchanting the artist.

Romantic interpretation, expressionist test

Eventually, Boersma is becoming more and more personally idealizing the landscape, although ever shot on the perception, but then adjusted by his imagination. In addition, he is more likely to experiment with the statues and paintings of each image. The cloth's paint on the micron level gets more and more attention. Boersma's work has influences of romance, expressionism and abstract expressionism. He particularly appreciates artists such as Edvard Munch (see for example the picture 'Remember Ekely), the Russian painters Isaac Levitan and Ivan Shiskin and finally American abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. You could say that he idealizes the perceived and experienced landscape, while the unique world of each painting constitutes the guiding principle for its actions. No longer determines the original starting point of what has been observed outside the final form, but "what the painting needs for completion ... and to get a soul," said Boersma. Painting is a repetitive mix of visual contemplation, pre-study and spontaneous action for Boersma.

From 1998 onwards, Boersma exhibits his paintings of landscapes on a regular basis, in northern Netherlands, but also on the other side of the Netherlands, like at Gallerie T in Middelburg, 2011. Interest for his work continues to increase, for several years abroad. In 2013 and 2018 Boersma exhibited solo at the Art Gallery Lindern in Lindern, Germany. In 2014, he exhibited at the Juozas Art Gallery in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Then another group exhibition took place in Germany in 2017 and 2018.

The artist works closely with Art Gallery ‘Beeldkracht’. Since 2006, his work has been exhibited on a permanent basis at Art Gallery ’Beeldkracht’ and he is a permanent participant in the group exhibitions of the gallery. In 2014, Art Gallery ‘Beeldkracht’ held a first solo exhibition of his work.”

Mr. Sander Kletter, Arthistorian 

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name                          Mr. Laurens Boersma

adress                        Eppinge 7, 9654PL Annerveenschekanaal, The Netherlands

phone                         0031 651 513793


date of birth                13 mei 1957 te Oosterwierum, Baarderadeel, The Netherlands

status                         married, 1 son (1995)




1969-1975      Highschool Atheneum B, ‘Jan Brugman College’ , Bolsward, The Netherlands                (diploma)

1975-1982      Teacher Trainingschool  ‘Ubbo Emmius’, Groningen, The Netherlands

                       (diploma 2edegree Biology/Mathmatics))

  • Fine Art Academy ‘Minerva’, Groningen, The Netherlands (diploma cum laude)




1999- now       independent entrepeneur visual arts: mainly drawing, painting, video


                        various exhibitions in The Netherlands, Germany and Litouwen



                        owner, independent teacher drawing and painting

                        Fine Artschool:


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painting, drawing, graphics, photography, 3D techniques

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2019 Kunstwerk in de Stellingen, Noordwolde (NL)

          Kulturwochen, Lindern (Germany)

2018 Gallery Lindern, Lindern (Germany)

2017 Wettringen (Germany)

2017 Kunsthof, Appingedam (NL)

2016 Jacobuskerk, Rolde (NL)

2015 LIndern (Germany)

2014 Juozas Art, Vilnius (Luthania)

2013 Gallery Lindern, Lindern


Munsterlander Zeitung  (oct 2018)

Promenade, Osnabruck (oct 2018)

Zinnig, Assen (dec 2017)

Noorderbreedte, Groningen  (sep 2016)

Palet, Amsterdam (2011)

Dagblad van het Noorden, Groningen (2010)

Dagblad van het Noorden, Groningen (2009)

Laurens, Landscapepaintings in  Oil (2007)

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