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Liviu transposes his visual research through installation art, ready-made, photography, text and drawing, engaging to bring the feelings, the struggle and the memory of space and people in front of his audience.

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I can be considered “a social practise installation artist”. I recover seemingly useless material fragments that come from precise contexts. The hospital’s wall where I was treated when I had cancer (“About white”), the city’s sidewalk where I had grown up, and pieces of concrete from a mall that was built over a community.
My staging mechanism is very deep and requires further research. The concrete dust covering my hometown is transformed into a painting or sculpture that recalls the trauma of a community deeply affected by post-revolutionary changes in Romania. In Turda, when it rained, the vegetables turned into concrete because of the cement dust expelled in the atmosphere by the nearby factory. I depict the traumatic process into an emotion- making installation that creates unusual attention to some social processes lost in selective memory.


Liviu Bulea is a 30-year-old artist based in Turda, Romania. He exhibited at HOFSTALLUNGEN of the MUMOK, Vienna,Austria; Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek, Graz, Austria; CAC Bukovje, Sweden; Creart Gallery, Bucharest; Bucharest Biennale 8; Iaga Gallery, Cluj-Napoca; Shelter Club, Amsterdam; MORA Gallery, Bucharest; Parallel Vienna, Austria; Make a Point Gallery, Bucharest; Visual Kontakt Gallery, Cluj-Napoca and Oradea; Jurmala City Museum, Latvia; ASP Katowice, Poland; at the 4th edition of the International Student Biennale in Novi Sad, Serbia etc. He took part in the following residencies: Styria-Artist-in-Residence in Graz, Austria; Reactor de Creatie si Experiment, Cluj Napoca, Romania; Kultur Kontakt Austria Residency in Vienna; Visual Kontakt residency in Oradea, Romania. In 2017 he started collaborating with Iaga Art Gallery in Cluj-Napoca.

He studied at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, where for his BA and MA Liviu carried out an investigation in the field of medicine, a research about the memory of spaces and objects in oncology departments. He was awarded an Erasmus scholarship in Poland at ASP Katowice, and in Berlin at Freies Museum. He also collaborated with the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin.





2019 - AIR Urban Nation, Stiftung Berliner Leben, Berlin, Germany 

2018 - Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R.), Graz, Austria

2018 - Residency at Reactor de Creatie si Experiment, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2016 - Residency at Kultur Kontakt Austria, offered by Chancellery of Austria, Vienna, Austria

2013 - Residency at Visual Kontakt Gallery, Oradea, Romania


Personal Exhibitions (selection)


2018 - Under The Grey Dust, Creart Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, curator: Razvan Ion

2018 - #808080 - Pfeiffer Vacuum Romania, Apahida, Cluj, Romania

2018 - Installation/scenography for the theatre play Body of Defiance, Reactor de Creatie si Experiment, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2017 - #808080 - Iaga Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania, curator: Olimpia Bera

2017 - BBTGOGIAWIA - Shelter Club, Amsterdam, Nederlands

2016 - Simulacrum - Parallel Vienna, Vienna Austria

2015 - Crypto 2 - Make A Point Gallery, Bucharest Romania, curator: Catalin Valean

2014 - Crypto 1 - Reactor de Creatie si Experiment, Cluj Napoca, Romania, curator Catalin Valean

2013 - Sold Out - Visual Kontakt, Oradea, Romania, curator: Olimpia Bera

2013 - Cancerilizare - Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania


Group Exhibitions (selection)


2019 - Walter Koschatzky Kunst-Preis - HOFSTALLUNGEN of the MUMOK, Vienna, Austria 

2019 - Künstler*innenbücher von Stipendiat*innen des Landes Steiermark - Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek, Graz, Austria, curator: Christiane Kada 

2018 - BB8 after BB8 - CAC, LANDSKRONA, Sweden, curators: Nina Slejko Vlom & Conny Blom

2018 - BUCHAREST BIENNALE 8 - Bucharest, Romania, curators: Beral Madra and Razvan Ion

2018 - Diversitas - Reactor de Creatie si Experiment, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2018 - WOW - Visual Kontakt, Cluj Napoca, Romania, curator: Eugen Radescu

2017 - Dead Gardens - Visual Kontakt, Cluj Napoca, Romania, curator: Olimpia Lazar

2017 - Habitus - Iaga Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania, curator: Sabina Dragomir

2017 - War of Worlds - Nationa Muzeum of Art, Constanta, Romania, curator Eugen Radescu

2017 - War of Worlds - MORA Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, curator: Eugen Radescu

2017 - Mazipos - Laboratory VK, Oradea Romania, curator: Carlos Carmomedina

2016 - Unnatural Circumstances - Visual Kontakt Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2015 - Local Municipalities - Laboratory VK, curators: Olimpia Bera and Carlos Carmomedina

2015 - Muian - Visual Kontakt Gallery, Oradea, Romania, curator: Alina Staicu

2015 - Genesis - Jurmala City Museum, Jurmala, Latvia, curator Edmunds Lucis

2010 - Poster/Plakat - ASP Katowice, Poland, curator: Roman Kalarus

2010 - 4th edition of the international Student Biennale, Novi Sad, Serbia

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