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Overview of participation in major international exhibitions in 2017 - 2018:


- „INTERNATIONAL SURREALISM NOW“, The Palace of Mafra, Lisbon,                         Portugal

- „FABRIANO in AQUARELLO“, Fabriano,                                                                              IWS Italy

- „Ateliér ART Fest, Praha,                                                                                                          Česká republika

- „Svět akvarelu“ - Mezinárodní výstava akvarelů v Bratislavě                                                    IWS Slovakia

- „The project X and X years Under the Sun“, Městská galerie Týn nad Vltavou                     Česká republika

- „International Surrealism Now", Multimedia P.O.R.O.S. Museum, in Condeixa-a-Nova,      Portugal

- „International Surrealism Now", Organized by Bissaya Barreto Foundation, in Coimbra,      Portugal

- „Bzenecký výtvarný podzim 2017“, XIII. ročník mezinárodní přehlídky současného výtvarného umění, zámek Bzenec,                                                                                                                                                                     Česká republika


  • International Watercolor Society „Urbino in Acquarello“,                   ITALY
  • "The Seven Shoulders of a one Candlestick" – Inter-Art Project, Synagoga Turnov, Czech rep.
  • „Art Plein-air Caorle“, Caorle                                                                            ITALY
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Artist at Work

Petr Lubomír Štícha

                                           Other links to the person authoring can be found here:

1) Dictionary of Czech and Slovak artists 1950-2006., Vyd. 1. XVII. díl. Ostrava: Výtvarné centrum Chagall, 2006, s. 77.

2) In the abART information system available from the address:

3) Surrealism Now has a permanent Gallery at the Palace Ega; Available at address:

4) Link to other web pages here: ;

5) Another link here: (Pictures and text about the author on the site 59 - 62)


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Petr Lubomír Štícha

     He lives and creates in Kolín (Kolín nad Labem, Czech Republic) where he has an atelier. He studied private art near academic painter (prof. h. c.) J. V. Paleček (Art Conservatory of Prague).

      Besides art, he graduated from the History of Arts at the Charles University in Prague with prof. M. Horyny and ing. P. Macek. He also studied Public and Social Policy + Sociology (Prof. M. Potůček) and Politics (Prof. Ján Liďák and Dr. Zdeněk Zbořil).

      At the National Monument Institute in Prague, (Prof. doc. PhDr. Josef Štulc) graduated from a higher professional study of heritage culture care.

    During all those periods his artistical main direction was ”Surrealism“. He let himself guide by drawings and ideas inspired by surrealism and even by visual elements and their composition interfering between fantasy and reality, thus giving the image of individual expression and style.

In 2014  he was granted for one year the honorary membership in the Australian surrealist group "C. A. S. M."

He becoming with membershif surrealist group „INTERNATIONAL SURREALISM NOW“ (leader this group Santiago Ribeiro, Portugal).

 Since 2017 he has been a member of the "International Society Watercolor - Czech Republic".




The author draws his pencil and uses the technique of pen line drawing pen (the painting brush stroke = "laviereding technique" /"wash brush ink water technique"/).

The painting is realized by a painting of a watercolor and technique colored drawings.
Other author painting with oil painting techniques with surface treatment.

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Czech Republic
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