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Why you confuse Happiness with Security

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The Kontaki Design Gallery presents part of the collection of works by the artist's ,Manolis Anastasakos, "Mythos" series.



The: Mythos (Myth) collection


Manolis Anastasakos approached the myths of the world with consistency and in a masterful way on his work. It basically presents the primordial power of the image at the level of abstraction and the spiritual lyricism at the level of pluralism.


 The myth was and is, a general picture of the world and ourselves, but as we analyse it, its special details are those that embellish the original general picture. Man is crafted with stories. We are looking for these stories in their most ancient form in Anastasakos work and at the same time, we recognise a fresh and a modern view of a new vocabulary in the art itself.


It is a bold approach that unites the disparities of the past with the future. The absteact & the minimal with the baroque and the pluralism of the image in a composition of mythological depth. Each of these artworks as an object you organize in the hands of the artist with both freedom and ascetic temperament can transform time and space for the viewer, and for this purpose he continues in this higher vision in the sense of the sanctuary.


 The myth series allows the viewer to redefine the way we read a work of art. Those artworks are bocoming a springboard for archetypes stories that are primitive and at the same time so modern to "work together" harmoniously and masterfully as the instigator for the eyes and the spirit of the viewer into a visual and almost mythical abaton.


Curator  : Dimitra Korombili

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Μanolis Anastasakos is a Greek artist. He was born in Athens in 1977.  He completed his studies in applied arts, fine arts, art therapy and directing through various state scholarships and participations in European programs. Through his participation in numerous workshops, both in Greece and abroad, he gained an insight into the techniques of glassmaking and woodcarving. He also studied photography, scenography and iconography.  He represented Greece in many solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the United States, where he received international acclaim and awards. 


Selected Team Exhibitions:


     2004      The olive tree in Greek engraving. Engraving Museum. (Messini / Greece)

           Paraolympic games .War Museum (Thessalonica / Greece)

                   Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 28th Olympic games,sculpting & painting workshops. (Athens / Greece)

                   Art is in your doorstep! Program sponsored by EEC. Painting & sculpting. (Denizli-Turkey) 

     2005      International art school – Transition-no,it is’n artwith Emir Kusturica (Mokra Gora / Serbia)

                   Young Artists In Teloglion Museum (Thessaloniki / Greece)

                   Contemporary Greek artists . Αrchaeological museum, (Thessaloniki / Greece)

                   Voice your ideas-Change the future.1st price -Category Billboards . Gallery Bios (Greece / Athens)

     2006      Synergeia. State Museum of contemporary art. (Thessaloniki/Greece )  

                   Art in the front page. Benaki Museum (Athens / Greece)

                   Inter art.International Biennale of small Graphics. (Auid / Romania)

                   3rd international drawing competition.(Wroclaw / Poland)

                   Art Festival (Novisad / Serbia)

                   Terminal 00,  (Ljubljana /  Slovenia)

    2007      18th  international biennale of humor & satire. (Gabrovo / Bulgaria)

                   The civilization of the olive tree. Byzantine Museum.(Athens / Greece)

                   Athens video art festival. (Athens / Greece)

                   Printmaking exhibition.Five European Universities ( Talin / Estonia)  

                   2nd International competition of figurative painting and sculpture. (Madrid/Spain)

                   European Photo competition for Diversity-Breaking Stereotypes (Berlin /Germany)

                   1st Biennale Thessalonikis. Public Screen.State museum of contemporary art (Greece)

                   LACDA,(SNAP TO GRID)Los Angeles Center of Digital Art, (LosAngeles/America)

    2008       Art in the front page. Benaki Museum  (Athens / Greece)

                   2nd Biennial  of Small Graphics. 5th Distinction (Aiud/Romania)

                   1st mixed media show. What is White? Ada Street Gallery (London / England)

           Synch Festival New Media.Greek State Museum of contemporary art (Thessalonica / Greece)

           Festival du Vent. Les Amis du Vent  (Calvi / Corsica / France)

           Strange Screen.Macedonia Museum of contemporary art   (Thessalonica / Greece)

           International photo contest –  My world.  (Nikon / Japan)

           Art Tech Media. ( Cordoba / Spain)

    2009       31th international film festival. Media forum, (Moscow / Russia)

                   Museum Katraki. (Aitoliko / Greece)

                   Museum of Contemporary Art. (Florina / Greece )

                   Viva LA Art.  (Los Angeles / U.S.A)

                   Urban Art 2. Technopolis- Konstantinos Kavafis hall. (Athens / Greece)

     2010      Art Athina Fair. (Athens / Greece)

     2011      Crosstalk video art festival . (Budapest / Hungary)

                   Perfection, utopia of woman . MOYA  museum  of young Art. (Vienna / Austria)

                   Athens video art festival. Cultural center “Gazi”. (Athens / Greece)

                   Art in Rock. Archaeological Museum. (Athens / Greece)

     2012      Sony World Photography Awards 2012 - Professional Competition - Arts & Culture Category

                   New engravers . Georgio De Chirico institute.  Volos / Greece

                   Horizons. Drawing, Sculpturing, Engraving. Municipal art gallery Piraeus. Piraeus / Greece

                   Greek exhibition of engraving, Famagusta gate of Nikosia / Cyprus

                   Μuseo Νazionale Romano Terme di Diocleziano -Technohoros gallery, Rome / Italy

                   Salus Patriae. PLOES XVIII . P&M Kydoniefs Foundation , Andros / Greece

      2013     New engravers 2011-2012. Society of fine art A.Tassos & Cyprus Embassy, Athens / Greece

                   Offering. National archaeological museum. Athens

                   Art Athina Fair. Athens

                   13th Cavafia (invisible procession) . Cairo / Egypt

     2014      No country for young man. Palais des Beaux-arts |Center of fine arts. Brussels/Βelgium

                   Arena. "Performative Resistance"  Center of Contemporary Art .Torun/Poland 

                   Art Athina Fair. Athens

     2015      TedX : Beyond the walls : projection mapping on the Venetian Walls of Heraklion - Crete

                   Art-Fair-Hampstead. London

                   Preadexhibition : Fotolio & Typicon ( technohoros gallery) . (Athens / Greece)

     2016      Imago Mundi project , Luciano Benetton Collection, San Giorgio Maggiore /Venice

                   As One: Benaki Museum ,NEON&Marina Abramović Institute, (artistic collaborator for L.Pigounis) , Athens

                   Sacred Acquaintance : Bouziani Museum , Athens

                   Tedx Academy : Re imagine Grecce  : Megaron / The Athens Concert Hall : Athens

      2017     Lost in Transformation – Metamorphosis ( BioArt Laboratories ) Amsterdam / Holland

      2018    Blind Aspects Of A Reality (Orizontas Gegonoton Symposium) National Museum Of Contemporary Art, Athens

                   "The steps spirit"Folklore Museum of Agios Nikolaos, Crete

                    Art Athina Fair.(Athens / Greece)

                   International Art Exhibition "100" (XXVth edition)Aiud / Romania

                    Big See - Center For Creative Economy Of Southeast Europe (Ravnikar Gallery). Ljubljana / Slovenia

Artist BIOGRAPHY Image 1

He works across a wide range of disciplines such as painting, sculpture, illustration, engraving, directing, scenography, art curation. He is the director of the art department of the “ Biomimicry Greece, Research & Ιnnovation Center” and a member of the visual arts institution “A.Tassos”.  He has worked in film and in theatre, in publishing houses and in the TV industry. One of the highlights of his career was working in the department of sculpture, painting and scenography in the 28th closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004). His work is included in contemporary art museums collections in Greece and abroad, as well as in important private collections.


-Personal Exhibitions:

     2008      minimax.  Gallery  Fizz. (Athens / Greece )

     2009      minimax max. Gallery Artforum. (Thessaloniki / Greece )

     2011      personhood, Gallery  Fizz. (Athens / Greece )

      2015      personhood II, Hush gallery , (Istanbul / Turkey)

      2016      cosmos , Blender gallery , (Athens / Greece )

     2016      home , Villa Des Arts , (Chania / Crete / Greece )

     2017      promytheus , Image Gallery / Art expertise . (Athens / Greece )

     2018     mythos , Kontaki Gallery (Athens / Greece )


Anastasakos is also interested in street art, in terms of wall murals and art installations. Several monumental works of his have been displayed in public spaces, through European programs. His work has been presented internationally in press publications, newspaper covers, documentaries, interviews and film productions. One of the main concerns of the artist is why people tend to confuse security with happiness and in which way art can reshape the viewers’ spiritual configuration, depending on their sense of aesthetics and critical thought. The artist claims he has not yet found an answer to this question, but he surely enjoys the pursuit of it.

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