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« I am not looking for the truth, I am looking for the beautiful appearance »

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Between classical and pop art

For the time being, Manzur Kargar deals with classical art, inspired by Greek Hellenism of antiquity. However, since the early 2000s he has increasingly turned to pop culture, which has influenced him since his youth in Berlin. He consistently uses the traditional technique of oil painting. He has also been involved in music projects since the age of sixteen and works as a musician and composer.

Human figure

Manzur Kargar reproduces in his paintings images of the mass media and the contemporary advertising. He draws inspiration from social magazines, television or the Internet. The artist is thus interested in contemporary culture and civilization. For this reason, he puts the human figure at the center of his painterly contemplation. In his hyperrealistic depictions, Kargar uses scenes and objects that he deprives of the familiar surroundings in order to place them in foreign contexts.


-       born in Kabul/Afghanistan

-       studied painting at the "HBK Braunschweig" (University of Fine Arts) and at the  "UdK Berlin" (University of Fine Arts)

-       musician and composer in various bands, recent project ARTISTS ON HORSES

-       since 1996 lives and works frequently in Los Angeles and New York

-       lives and works in Berlin




2017                 IGI FINE ART, Greenwhich, CT/USA

                          CHRISTIAN HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Desert, CA/USA

2016                 BURKHARD EIKELMANN GALLERY,Düsseldorf,

2015                 SIMON BART GALLERY, Sardinia, I

2014                 KUNST & AUKTIONEN AM KETTWIGER TOR, Essen, D

                         GERMAN OPEN, VIP, Bielefeld, D

2013                 SOLO PROJECTS, Basel,CH


                         GREEN MIDDLE EAST, Trade Fair, Dubai, UAE

                         BURKHARD EIKELMANN GALLERY,Düsseldorf, D

2012                 MY WAY, Trade Fair, Bielefeld, D

2011                  QUBIQUE, Trade Fair, Berlin, D

                          BURKHARD EIKELMANN GALLERY,Düsseldorf, D

2010                  CHRISTIAN HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Desert, Cal/USA

2009                  WHITECONCEPTS; Berlin, D

2008                  STADTLADEN BeBerlin, Berlin, D

2007                  BEAT. Galerie, Berlin, D

2006                  BEAT. Galerie, Berlin, D

2005                  MENDO, Amsterdam NL

2003                  MENDO, Amsterdam NL

                          Gallery Kohinoor, Karlsruhe D

                          Plattform 45, Hamburg D

2002                  Galerie Bongartz, Hannover D

2001                  Showroom Galerie Bongartz, Hannover D

2000                  Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf D





2016                   LES MINIATURE, Codex Show Room, Munich,D

                           JOHN ROYCE GALLERY, Cape Town /SA

2015                   GALERIE NOLTE, Münster, D

                           LES MINIATURE, Codex Show Room, Berlin,D

2014                   CHRISTIAN HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Desert CA / USA

                           GALERIE BEST, Bielefeld, D

2013                   EDGE AND SURFACE, Berlin D

                           RENNAISSANCE DER GESICHTER, Berlin D

2011                   CHRISTIAN HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Desert CA / USA

2008                   BS-VISITE, Braunschweig, D 

2007                   1 JAHR BEAT., Berlin, D

2006                   SUMMERBEAT 06; BEAT., Berlin, D

                           5 Years of MENDO; MENDO, Amsterdam, NL        

2005                   SUMMER EXPO; MENDO, Amsterdam, NL

2004                   SUMMER EXPO; MENDO, Amsterdam, NL

                           GERMAN PAINTERS Hart Gallery, Palm Desert, CA  USA

2003                   REPEAT II Künstlerhaus Bergedorf, Hamburg D

                           BLICK ZURÜCK NACH VORN Plattform 45, Hamburg D

2002                   REPEAT I Galerie im Turm, Berlin D

                           GERMAN PAINTERS Hart Gallery, Palm Spring CA

2001                   “…BLÜH’ IM GLANZE…“ Galerie Bongartz, Hannover D

                           TROJA; TRAUM UND WIRKLICHKEIT Landesmuseum

                           Braunschweig und Landesmuseum Bonn D

                           GEGEN-STAND-HIGH-TECH Vienna Art Center, Wien AUS

2000                   LAST SUPPER Galerie Eikelmann, Essen D                   

Participation at art-fairs in Frankfurt, Köln, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Basel, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles


2016        CAPELOUZUS ART MUSEUM group exhibition catalogue

2013        Manzur Kargar, individual catalogue

                SIMON BART GALLERY, group exhibition catalogue

2011        CHRISTIAN HOHMANN FINE ART, group exhibition catalogue 

2010        Manzur Kargar, individual catalogue

2007        Manzur Kargar, large size calender 

2005        Manzur Kargar, individual catalogue 

2000        Manzur Kargar, individual catalogue 

1998        Manzur Kargar, individual catalogue 

1996       "Casus Belli", group exhibition catalogue 

1996       "Herrschaft des Schönen II" (The Power of Beauty ll), group Exhibition catalogue 

1995       "Herrschaft des Schönen I" (The Power of Beauty l), group Exhibition catalogue 


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