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In my work, I try to represent the joy of being alive, despite the many contradictions that exist in it. Art allows us to mix sadness with pleasure, which is a complementary way to find ourselves.

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2018 Cultural Institut Museum Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico

Exhibition from November 2018 until Februar 2019

Current exhibition until 30th August 2019 : SINALOA ART MUSEUM (MASIN) MEXICO

Further exhibition 13th September 2019 : NAIROBI NATIONAL MUSEUM, KENIA


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Text: Wolfgang Heger, art historian and curator

In Margarita Morales' pictorial world we only have to deal with abstractions at first glance, only in a hasty judgement can we understand the works with the label: "retreat to the expressive painting gesture". Because again and again it becomes clear that splinters of "reality" are to be found in her painting gesture. They hide real, visual starting situations, which only slowly begin to open when the viewer enters the picture. Margarita Morales is not simply about the transfer of landscape, of figures, of states of mind to the canvas, to the picture. Rather, it is about the interplay of all these components, it is about connections and relationships between landscape, animal world, mood, poetry in the past, present and future. Margarita Morales plays with reality, where the viewer feels reminded of the seas, depicts color landscapes as (abstract) landscape representations, her pictures tell stories from fairytale times, and open up symbolic, fabulous, fantastic pictorial spaces. Margarita Morales' painting brings non-visual experiences, perceptions, feelings and sounds close to the viewer. All this is initially based on the spontaneous gesture; it is a painting that does not precede the composition of the picture, but rather a painting that repeatedly throws out its nets anew in the process of painting, from the open, from the potentially infinite number of expressive possibilities into the closed form, which, however, is never closed, but opens itself up to the viewer. Reality and content are beyond a conceptually fixable uniqueness. In the end, her pictures are not an image of anything, and yet the result of the picture is clearly there, it is genuine creation. No illustrative content can be found in her work, but a turning to the unknown in art. For Margarita Morales enters a magical zone with her painting, and her painting invites the viewer to constantly gain new experiences in the world of painting.

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2018 Cultural Institut Museum Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico (collective)Mexican Cultural Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo)
Museo de las Siete Regiones, Acapulco, Mexico (collective)
CETYS Universidad, Mexicali, Mexico (solo)

2017 Grupo Milenio, „El Amor visto por el Arte“, Mexico City (collective)CECUT, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tijuana, Mexico (solo)

  • —  Senator house, Mexiko-Stadt (solo)

  • —  Museum of Contemporary Art of the Federal State of Mexico, Toluca (3 artists)

2016 KPMG Consulting AG, Berlin, Germany (solo)

  • —  Traveling Exhibition, Azerbaijan (solo)

  • —  Galeria Flox, Dresden, Germany (2 artists)

2015 National Art Museum of Azerbaijan, Baku (solo)

  • —  ADRA Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan (collective)

  • —  House of Representatives Mexico City, Mexico (solo)

  • —  Embassy of Mexico to Germany „Alas y Raíces“, Berlin (collective)

2014 Parque Cultural Reynosa, Mexico ( 3 artists)
2013 Museum of Contemporary Art in Tamaulipas MACT, Mexiko (3 artists)
— Residence of the American Ambassador in Paramaribo, Suriname (solo)

— Kunsthalle Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany (collective)

2012 House of Representatives Mexico City, Mexico (2 artists)
— UAM Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco, Mexico City (solo)
2011 Consulate of Mexico in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (collective)
2010 Mexican Stock Exchange, Mexico City, Mexico (solo)
— Embassy of Mexico to Germany, Berlin (solo)
2009 Residence of the German Ambassador in Mexico City, Mexico (2 artists)
— Residence of the American Ambassador in Berlin, Germany (solo)
2008 METRO Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, Tampico, Mexico (solo)
— Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico (solo)
2006 State Bank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany (solo)
2005 Embassy of Chile in Germany, Berlin (solo)
— Merck Finck & Co., Private Bankers Berlin, Germany (solo)
2004 Gallery Menache, Mexico City (collective)
2003 Embassy of Mexico to Germany, Berlin (collective)
— Credit Suisse, Berlin, Deutschland (solo)
2002 Gene Byron Museum, XXX Festival Internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato, (collective)— Daimler Chrysler & Regus International, Berlin, Germany (solo)


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Working at the ADRA Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan in the painting "Symphony Colours" acrylic on canvas 2017

English, German, Spanish
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