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ArtistAshland, ORUnited States

Born in Austin, MN (1982) Micah began as an artist asking his parents for the White-Out when he went outside the lines in his coloring books. Though some of that perfectionism is still in Micah's work, he is now creating his own lines to follow.

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   The focus of my work is to invoke an awareness of the complexity and beauty of the world around us, seen and unseen. I do so by incorporating the lesser-known elements of nature and science into my paintings in addition to my creative interpretation of the unseen, mysterious components of life.

   The observable scientific subject matter may include microscopic views of single-cell radiolarians, the facets of a bee's eye, or anatomy right down to the cellular level and beyond. They are the components of biology and science that are still on the edge of exploration, from the neurons in our brains to the fabric of the universe. I believe having a deep awareness of nature gives us an appreciation for life, it makes us wonder, it inspires, and allows us to think beyond the reality that's immediately in front of us.

   To further that concept, I incorporate a surreal element to my work. It represents the mysteries in life: the unseen, the unknown, creativity, the subconscious, untapped possibilities, and so on. It is the balance of concrete, observable reality with the mysteries of life that I explore and expose to others in my paintings.

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Born in Austin, MN in 1982 Micah Ofstedahl now lives in Ashland, OR.

Micah exhibits his work along the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles as well as his home state of Minnesota.

Despite his love for painting, Micah focused on sculpture and ceramics at Minnesota State, Mankato. His work sculpting with clay, wood, and plaster as well as life drawing classes would later inform his painting a great deal.

After earning his BFA in 2006 Micah moved to Santa Cruz, CA as a guitar player in the band Byron Space Circus whose end in 2009 would allow him time to pick up the acrylics again. Looking for inspiration Micah came across a Grey's Anatomy book and the biological illustrations of Ernst Haeckel and began creating surreal landscapes based on the imagery.

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Ashland, OR
United States
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