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My art represents not only my feelings but also the feelings of the people I talk to, the people I love, or simply everyday feelings and random things that have left a lasting impression on me.

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Michaela Lee, born on 29.11.1981 


               Welcome to art by Mušúúú (Moushou). My name is Michaela Lee. I was born in Czech republic and grown up in Slovakia, then  found my second home in Greece. And for the last 2,ť years, I lived in South Korea. Now I am back in Slovakia.

From an early age I was drawing and discovering different types of art, such as acting in theatre, taking dancing classes, singing and playing musical instruments. In the end, however, I always turned back to the fine arts. I haven't attended any art university but I was lucky to meet great artists who became my teachers, shared their skills with me and helped me find my own way.

My big passion is travelling, but not as a tourist. I want to understand the culture, live with natives, learn their language, explore their cuisine and let them inspire me. This is not always easy but the journey of art is colourful and crazy... At the end of the day, whatever you do, there is always the chance of it resulting in a big masterpiece.

Every country I have visited or lived in (such as Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea...) gave me something you will find in my art ... The same applies to my love of Einstein, the universe, Dali, Frida, my beloved family, friends and life itself.  

I love to paint portraits in my own way, which depicts how I see my friends and the people close to me. I love to paint from my imagination and give it form and substance. I love to paint the life of others, their worries, their happiness. My paintings are expressions of everyday life and I believe every person can find their own life, thoughts, wishes or worries in them.

My home was my gallery for a long time. Sharing my work with friends and family was pure joy. Now, however, I feel that it is the right time to share my art with the world – If you feel it do it!

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