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ArtistJohannesburgSouth Africa

My new reduced digital artwork collection consists of some old and some new pieces. Whether one can tell the difference remains to be seen, but I believe that the new pieces are more confident, expressive, textured and creative.

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The digital transformation process perfectly fits my passion for change, in Johannesburg where I live, buildings are demolished and replaced in the blink of an eye - nothing stays the same - the city's intensity permeates everything, keeping us alert and alive. Creating digital art has the same effect. For me the variety and excitement of digital transformation has no equal - the spontaneous appearance of new colour combinations, textures, shapes and a million nuances rapidly transforms ones artworks and value judgements at the same time. An original artwork can be enhanced or transformed beyond recognition in a flash! 

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My working background is one of conceptual activity (mainly art direction and copywriting) with advertising agencies in London, Milan, Rome and Johannesburg where I ran my own agency specialising in Hi-Tech products and Pharmaceuticals. Born in the UK, Harrow Art School provided my art foundation where I took lively lessons with artists like Peter Blake (Sergeant Pepper's album cover) whilst developing an enduring love for the work of Klee, Kandinsky, Bacon and Duchamp. I left Art School dream-world for the rough and tough world of advertising where I was also lucky enough to work with some of London's leading creatives. Later on I emigrated to South Africa to work in some of Johannesburg's best agencies. In those days we were something like the 'Madmen' of Madison Avenue, a dedicated bunch of egotists spending big budgets and winning awards. Nowadays I am more than happy (and challenged) to quietly develop my digital skills and spirit in the creation of new artworks on my Mac.

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My ArtWorks are the result of a creative alliance between awareness, judgement and machine. Like the golfer who is told to "let the club do the work", I will sometimes just allow the digital process to "do the work" with minimum interference from me. If I have a very specific idea or the 'feel' for an outcome I will be completely hands-on and work my way through the myriad possibilities. Quick judgement is necessary while 'live' with the subject. Sometimes the process will produce such unexpected outcomes that a totally new perspective has to be assessed on its own merits. Preconceived ideas can have a place, but spontaneity and chance rules most of the time.

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"Mike creates a visual bridge between traditional and digital art. His work is exciting and inspiring - love it!!!" Wolfgang Grulke. CEO. Futureworld.

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South Africa
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