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Norwegian Sculptor/Visual Artist located in New York City.

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One of my main interests is working with the human figure and form. I can relate more to women and children, and I use them in my own work except when I'm sculpting or drawing from life. I have always had a deep fascination about the background to poses, expressions and looks, and I still like making up stories about the many characters I create. Whenever I work on heads, busts, or full figures I like adding pieces of the presence to reflect upon the time here and now. It could be objects like different headgears, accessories, stuffed animals, clothing or costumes. By using humor and playfulness, and finding the right form and expression of a sculpture, it’s also about capturing that story. To invite the viewer into a glimpse of a memory or a feeling, and make them associate with it.


I grew up in Fredrikstad,  just an hour drive from Oslo, Norway. As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by human expressions, body language and form. From being a child fantasizing with drawing the fascination only grew the older I got. In 2005 I received my Bachelor of Visual Arts and Ceramic Sculpture in 2005 from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. I didn’t feel “done” or like I had found my way with just the bachelor degree, especially when I wanted to work both figuratively and contemporary which was at the time rare at the school. This is why I chose to earn my Masters of Fine Art in the US at the New York Academy of Art. Finally I found a place to work with the figure on a deeper level, learning anatomy and structure and putting it together with a concept. I majored in Sculpture with a Faculty Award of «Excellence of Sculpture» in 2011.  When I first came to New York in 2009 I was a recipient of the Fulbright Grant, which I was granted for two years. The Academy in New York was the perfect match working figuratively with the wish to learn and grow, and I was highly motivated and inspired by the great opportunities of learning from some of the best artist within the contemporary figurative art world.


2011 NBF The Norwegian Association of Sculptors                                                                  2011 NBK Norwegian Visual Artists Association 2012 ØBK Østfold Visual Artists Association


Faculty award for Excellence in Sculpture, New York Academy of Art
Eckbos Foundation, Grant 10 000 NOK
Johan Heimlich Janson & Marcia Jansons Foundation, Grant of 100 000 NOK
Merit based tuition award, 5000 USD. New York Academy of Art
Fulbright Grant of 50 000 NOK U.S. - Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange 2009
LCU Foundation, 5000 USD Housing Grant
Fulbright Grant of 100 000 NOK U.S. - Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange 2005
Government Grant on completion of Art Studies, Art Council Norway


Galleri 19 (Book)
Uncharted, Master Of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition Catalogue, New York Academy of Art

United States
English, Norwegian
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