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Father of 4. 3 girls and 1 boy Pissed off about the censroing of child abuse going on around the world and being swept under the rug as if they dont care CLM childrens lives matter

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Father of 4. 3 girls and 1 boy Pissed off about the censroing of child abuse going on around the world and being swept under the rug as if they dont care CLM childrens lives matter.

Never one to get too much involved in anything that did not concern me. Yet for the past two years it has eaten at me daily. I grew up in a small town and left home the first time at approx 11 or 12 and couldn't remember to be honest. Life has went by so fast that well if i plan to do something and leave my mark then it has got to be done, As I said the past two years has been a test against my own will to stay the heck out of others business,

Uneducated young man raised and running from abuse. I also  know what it is, the signs and knowing people in general, all people. Ive  always went the other way to avoid a fight or trouble,  I cannot do that anymore . I wont do that anylonger,  and you shouldn't either, None of us abused or not should turn our backs on those that need us, Trust me someone always needs you. None of us parents are not can make the time. It's up to you to do so.

I was removed and censored from Facebook and twitter. Twitter I choose to leave when I posted on child abuse and the fact that it was getting pushed under the rug that made me mad. I was really mad., I took them time and the first time of my life I did something that really made sense, It matter to me, I posted on the facts , and I used the UNited States my natice land as and example. Guess I picked the wrong time,

I posted that 700000 children were abused during the lockdowns of the COVID19, Now this for me is not political it is world wide that child abuse had risen 1500% and yet the media news nor social media not one person was speaking of it. Group filled with activists All worried about themselves claiming that their agenda was the most important. I understood that yes there is also important but the only way we can stop this all from happening is at the beginning. I wanted to explain that Yes for once I have the answer to a lot of the world's problems.

700000 children during the year 2020 were abused, 7600 were sexually molested and 1670 had been murdered all by people they knew or family. 1670 dead children during the covid pandemic . I asked if the schools are not safer then the homes right now., Approx 100 children died in the covid pandemis in the USA alone right now, Yet 1670 were killed. All at home. Where does the truth really start and the lies begin. I posted that to facebook and I said CLM children's lives matter . I was restricted from facebook 30 days for posting that. You see it was not the time to be worried about children. Only other activist groups and agendas got media coverage. So it woke me alright. To the core of my soul. I was pissed


Dont really beleive that anyome needs to nor wants to hear about me And I prefer not to speak about myself there are alot moree important things to talk about. But thanks for asking 


Digital art because I cannot afford the famcy material that others have and i love it anyway 


nothing, I am really good at sales and listening to others, I am pretty good at research and finding the truth online using a few programs and technics I have been learning over the past few years


never woin anything in my life but fishing tournatrment one time and now going back for a second one


never sold art at all my friends keep telling me to tru it so i am selling it and the money i wont recieve you will pay a charity thatrevolves around children send me a copy of the reciept and get your piece


nothing other than the stuff i write on google that is censored most the time for the contact info you may contact me here ot at 

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