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ArtistPietermaritzburgSouth Africa

I've overcome drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of my wife, living on the streets, murder attempts on my life, many suicide attempts and near death experiences, and now its time to paint...... Maranatha

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Hi.... Im a south African artist .... impressionism abstract impressionism realistic drawing modern contemporary are my styles I have also decided to focus on Abstract Christian Art

Im also a singer songwriter producer of my own gospel style music

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Studying art at school in Durban, South Africa was awesome. Studying graphic design after I finished school destroyed my creativity, it was not for me back then. 32 years later age 51, and due to the lockdown I decided to relook at fines arts as a means to earn bread. My earlier works when I was a teen I purposely destroyed in a fit of a drunken rage.

You see my entire life everything to touched turned to dust. I failed at everything, from business, to working for a boss, to producing music as a wannabe star .... tried my hands at a million things mastered none. My hope is in my art before I rest in the grave. I want to surround myself with artworks, lots of color in a studio near the mountains somewhere. I've faced many trials in my life from alcoholism, drug addictions, losing my wife very early in life, plagued by demonic angels, being homeless after losing everything, sleeping on the streets as well as on floors of good peoples homes, suicide attempts, attempts on my life ......thats only half the story.

I've reached a stage where I need to paint and do nothing else but paint and create artworks. As my sight weakens and everything is getting more and more blurry these days, color seems to explode in my mind. landscapes both impressionist or abstract fascinates me, however the work of the great Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat intrigues my soul. I sometimes lay primary colors next to each other because of my color blindness but what the heck there are no rules in art and I can express myself however. Accomplishing masterpieces in all genres of art would be a reality not a dream.

Art is the most fulfilling investment, why not invest in the creators of art themselves......... Maranatha Jesus is coming.




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I think its versatile for an artist to explore all styles in art from realism to abstract, Depending on mood the size of the canvas or board my technique varies.

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South Africa
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